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Vengeance (Empire Sin #1)

Author/Writer of Book/Novel:

Isabella Starling

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First came wrath,
Ruining everything in its path.

She lost it all and wound up alone,
And his life turned his heart into stone.

Daddy taught his girl so well,
And now she’ll have her very own cell.
Her new owner thinks he has a pretty pet,
But his little toy is the real threat.

She’ll make him fall in love so fast
He’ll reveal every detail about his sordid past.
She’ll use it all to make him bleed,
But can a girl like her really succeed?

Be careful when you play these games,
Babygirl, your life might just go up in flames…

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Empire Sin Series by Isabella Starling

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Isabella Starling Books



“I promise.”

I stared at the man in front of me. He seemed like a reputable guy, sure. His suit was expensive, custom made and Italian, by the looks of it. He was still handsome, even though he was older than me. He drank expensive scotch – at my expense. And he was offering me a deal I really didn’t want to refuse.

I looked at the photos laid out on the table in front of us one more time.

I’d done this before. I’d done it so many times I’d become well-versed in the process. It was just like any other business transaction, really. You looked for the flaws in the contract, flaws in the product. You pointed them out to lower the price and make the acquisition work in your favor. You knew from the get-go whether this deal was going to be worthwhile. And this one sure as fuck looked like it would be.

The girl was beautiful. Of course she was – were they ever not?

Long brown hair, so long it went almost down to her butt. Pretty eyes that didn’t look quite brown, but not quite green either. Something in between. Her legs were spidery, still had that teenager-y spindliness about them. She was only eighteen after all, not that you could tell by looking at her perfect tits. They were shaped like teardrops, with nipples so pink they almost looked fake. I’d been with a lot of women in my lifetime, and I’d never seen nipples like hers. Not a hint of brown in them. Just the purest, prettiest shade of pink.

My eyes slid over the photograph in front of me. Pretty face, too pretty. Lips so big they were a pout away from overwhelming her face. Her upper lip was bigger, which gave her a doll-like appearance. Full cheeks, no hollow cheekbones in sight. And a small button nose. A long neck, prominent collarbones. Smooth navel and a cute little belly button. Her pussy was waxed so smooth it looked like a hair had never grown between her legs. She was right on the edge between looking sexy or like fucking jailbait.

“I really don’t know whether I believe you,” I told the man, giving him an easy smile. “Something about her, I can’t put my finger on it.”

He fidgeted in his seat uncomfortably. “I assure you, I’m not lying.”

I looked at the photos again. She was sprawled on the floor, on the bed, in innocent little poses, made instantly dirty by the fact that she was completely naked in them. She looked like someone had told her exactly how to stand, how to lie, how to position every limb and every finger to seduce the buyer. And she was doing it well.

Naked, crying in some photos, her eyes wild. And supposedly, untouched.

It was, maybe, the look in her eyes. She looked like she’d been hurt very fucking badly.

I wasn’t a fool. I knew the girls who ended up like this had a past. Some of them fucked up, others were paying debts for someone else. I wondered what her past was.

“Evangeline,” the man muttered as if he was reading my mind. “Her name is Evangeline Love-”

“I don’t give a shit,” I interrupted him. “I don’t let them keep their names. I’m sure you’re aware that’s common practice.”

“Of course,” he said, averting his gaze in embarrassment. “I am sorry, Mr. Knight.”

“So you are honestly claiming this girl is a virgin?” I asked him again, my fingers trailing across the photo on the table between us. She cried such pretty black tears.

“Yes,” he nodded. “Absolutely. She’s untouched.”

“Untouched?” I repeated, drinking in her pretty features. “Not even here…” My fingers slid over her tits in the photograph.

“No,” he choked out.

“Not here?” I touched her neck.JH


“And not here?” I swiped my finger across her lips in the shot.

“No,” he said roughly. “She hasn’t been kissed. Not to my knowledge.”

“Well, that would explain the outrageous price.” I grinned at him, and he laughed nervously. “Come on, Savage. We both know you’re asking for an insane amount here.”

“We do,” he nodded. “I know I’ve sold you girls before.”

“Great girls,” I reminded him. It was true. His slaves were some of my favorites.

“Great girls,” he confirmed. “But not like this one. She’s special.”

I thought about it even though I’d already made up my mind. I could be the first man inside her. Every hole, every first time she would have, would be mine. For a steep price… but a price I was willing to pay to get my hands on her perfect little body. I was going to abuse it. Make it fit my every need. Make her know exactly what I wanted before the thought even popped into my head.

“I’d like to see her,” I said, and Savage nodded, motioning to his goons to bring her in.

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