Untamed Hearts (Highland Hearts #2.5) Read Online Heather McCollum

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Will Wyatt has always played the part of pirate, but now he’s a fish out of water in the Highlands of Scotland. With a bounty on his head, he’s laying low by helping his sister and a troop of abandoned children journey to a new home. He didn’t count on a spunky Highland lass stealing his breath after he steals a kiss.
Jonet Montgomery has longed for a chivalrous knight her whole young life. Instead she found herself wed to a cheating scoundrel and left a widow. Giving up on love, Jonet turned to helping the orphaned children of her clan, but when a lusty, silver-tongued rogue opens a crack in Jonet’s routine life, she’s tempted by his offer to taste adventure of the most pleasurable kind.
Will’s heart of gold shines through despite his infamous past, making Jonet risk her reputation once again. But can she possibly be enough woman to keep this sexy pirate from straying? With her past embarrassment haunting her, she risks more than just her reputation this time. She risks her heart.


Chapter One

Scottish Highlands – 1 May 1536

Will Wyatt, dashing pirate, rescuer of stolen children, next in line to captain the ship Queen Siren, sat dismally on the jolting seat of the open wagon as it rolled through another glade of spring flowers and tall grass. He watched Dory, his adopted sister, ride horseback before the Highlander, her new husband, Ewan Brody. The two of them whispering, laughing, and kissing rather turned his stomach.

“Enough, you two!” he groused. “There are children back here who don’t need to see that.” Three of them. Dory made a face at him and continued to laugh at something Ewan said against her ear.

“I think they are sweet,” the twelve-year-old girl named Margery said and scooted a little closer on the wagon seat. It was obvious the child had had a crush on Will ever since she’d boarded the ship with Dory when they escaped from London.

A snort came from the boy, Stephen. He leaned forward to look between them, leaving the four-year-old girl, Charissa, sleeping in the back of the wagon. “I agree with Will,” Stephen said and spit over the side. He’d been surly ever since the slave-trading ship he’d been living on was blown to pieces by Dory’s magical lightning bolts.

Bloody hell, if only I had her skill, Will thought. He’d gather a storm cloud right over the sickeningly kissy couple and drench them.

“They’ve been acting sweet on each other since we left port,” Stephen added.

“That’s what people in love do,” Margery said and looked down her little nose at him as if he were a toddler instead of a boy about her own age.

Will stared out at the never-ending green hills and mountains. He’d never heard so many blasted chirping birds in his whole life. “Bloody racket,” he murmured and watched the brown sparrows fly between the trees. Granted, he’d been at sea for the better part of his twenty-four years, but even at port most were gulls and scavenging ravens. These little swoopers twittered along like they were the happiest damn birds on earth.

Dory pointed one out, seemingly mesmerized by its song. She looked honestly blissful. Aye, she’d be happy here in the Highlands. He frowned and ignored the pang of loss.

Dory had been raised as his sister, and although at one time he’d tried to kiss her, she’d made it painfully clear that she thought of him only as a brother. But losing any family member was hard, and the crew of the Queen Siren was definitely a family, with Captain Bartholomew Wyatt acting as their chief and father. Aye, part of Will’s grumpiness was that he already missed her. He huffed. But she’s damned happy.

He’d rather have said his farewell back at the port along the Scottish coast, but Captain Bart had ordered him to lay low for a few months since there was a substantial bounty on Will’s head. He’d been seen aiding Dory’s escape from London. The two of them and Ewan were all considered enemies of the English crown. So Will would keep quiet with them up here at Druim. With King Henry VIII busy accusing his second queen of adultery and courting Jane Seymour, he wouldn’t care enough about them to send troops to search. On the other hand, if Will stayed with the Queen Siren, he’d have to remain hidden onboard at every port for a long while. Nay, it was best to take a little break from the sea.

He inhaled fully and begrudgingly enjoyed the fragrant breeze. So sweet, free of the human waste and brine smell that infused every port. But still it was hard to relax in such a foreign landscape. Who knew what lurked in the forest? He’d even heard that wolves roamed free in the Highlands. Sharks circling the hull, he’d dealt with before, but wolves on the very ground he road over… He’d have to ask Ewan the best part of the beast to hit to fell it.