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Triplet Trouble - Triplets

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Stephanie Brother

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Kissing the sexy security guard is a bad idea. But Keiran is all muscles, tattoos, and rides a hot as hell motorcycle.
And I can’t get him out of my head. He looks like my stepbrothers, Ian and Jasper. I’ve crushed on them for years.
They’re twins, career cops, and completely over-protective. And they definitely don’t approve.
Now each of them wants to date me too! I’ve saved myself for a man I can trust, and now three men want to please me. They are all strong, protective men who’d do anything for me.
How can I choose? And on top of all that, Keiran trusts me with his secrets:
Secrets that change everything.
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Stephanie Brother


Elisha Thomas

The bouncer stared down at me as if he wondered how I dared to stroll past the short line and straight up to him. I only approached him because he stood in front of the door.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid you’re going to have to stand in line.”

He towered over me, most men did, but he seemed taller than most men, definitely well over six feet.

I glanced up at the glowing neon “The Ugly Duckling” sign above me and back at the entrance blocked by the broad-shouldered figure.

A blush rose to my cheeks as I looked at him. He had that perfect chiseled face you really only find on magazine covers, the lower half of it covered in long stubble that would just about qualify as a beard. He was absolutely gorgeous.

It didn’t hurt that he wore an all-black paramilitary security-guard look. I’m a sucker for a hunky man in a uniform, especially when combined with rebellious long hair and tattoos.

He looked oddly familiar, but if I’d ever met him before, I would have remembered.

“Oh, actually, I work here,” I stuttered out awkwardly.

Up until that point, I’d only worked at the bar through the lunchtime shifts, when there wasn’t any security on the door.

He took a step to the side as if to allow me through. “Sorry, I haven’t seen you here before.”

“It’s my first night shift,” I explained. “I’ve only done daytimes before now.”

“Good luck with that then.” He nodded and smiled warmly in a way that he really shouldn’t because of the way it heated my insides.

“Go right ahead.” He motioned with his hand to let me through, drawing my attention to his forearm, where black tendrils, the ends of tattoos, snaked across his skin and disappeared under his clothing. I’d certainly like to see how far they went.

“Thanks.” My mouth had gone dry. I licked my lips as I stepped forward and hoped he didn’t think it was because of him.

It was totally because of him.

He put a hand on my arm as I was about to pass by him. “What’s your name?”

“Elisha Thomas, Elly,” I replied and continued inside without waiting to find out his.

The unruly hair in need of a barber, the inked skin, the hint of an out-of-town accent all gave me the impression of an untamed man. The sort of guy who’d take me for a wild ride on the back of his motorcycle, and in other places too.

Oh, heavens!

I steeled myself and headed to the bar to clock in and start my shift. I already had tables waiting for me, so I had no time to dream about the burly bodyguard with the broad shoulders and tattoos as I picked up my pad and started taking drink orders.

Nope, I’m not thinking about him at all.


Elisha Thomas

Several hours into the night, there was no letup in the number of customers.

Thankfully, I was handling the hectic night shift quite well. I was impressed with myself and, even more, impressed with the tips.

There was a larger crowd and a different atmosphere at night than what I was used to since I started working there. In the day time, it was mostly older women coming in for coffee, brunch, or a mimosa or two. There was also no food served in the evening, only alcohol.

I didn’t mind coming into work when my college friends would be having fun. I’d expected the place to be busy, which meant two good things for me. The hours of my shift should go by pretty fast, and more drinks would, hopefully, translate into more tips.

Focused on the bright side, I got to work: more business meant more money, and I could definitely use more money as a college student. I didn’t expect Mom and Dad to fully fund me.

The late shift came with some heavy flirting from the male patrons. I didn’t mind. I could handle a little unnecessary extra attention if it earned me decent money.

However, I couldn’t handle seeing my fellow waitress, Carrie, having her ass groped from a customer as she walked by. She was there to do a job and not be harassed.

I watched as she whipped around with a combination of shock and outrage on her face. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Getting in on the action.” The drunk guy laughed at her.

His unapologetic reply was even more infuriating. I was appalled. The look on her face said she felt violated and harassed. I couldn’t just sit back and watch her take this abuse when not one person around them called the man out on his actions.

“Hey, who the hell do you think you are?” I snapped.

The man rolled his eyes. “You mind your damn business, sweetheart.” A smirk covered his face.

Sweetheart! I wasn’t feeling one bit sweet.

The man didn’t take kindly to my wordless, angry glower that accompanied my thoughts of I’m making it my business, dickhead.