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The Run In (Imperfect Love Universe)

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Kelly Elliott

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Becoming the new Marketing Manager at Tate and Cane was a game changer. I was hell bent on proving I deserved this job, and that it wasn’t my cousin Sterling Quinn who had helped me score the new job title. Him being one of the CEO’s best friend—didn’t help the rumors.

Well screw that.

Ten years of sweat and hard work was the reason I was sitting in a large corner office with a killer Manhattan view. More focused than I’d ever been, it was time to take the bull by the horns.

And God help the person who stood in in my way.

Things I left behind in Seattle, Washington: A promising career at a top marking firm, the past I was desperate to escape, and obviously my sense of direction. It was because of all of those reasons I was standing in the middle of New York City lost and cursing at my phone.

If I didn’t get to Tate and Cane soon, I wouldn’t only be late, but also blow the chance to make the good impression on my new boss, Mason Quinn. And I needed that more than anything.

One wrong turn, an unfortunate collision, and an expensive suit drenched in my soy chia tea latte was not how I wanted to start my first day.
Then there was the other little problem I had. The drop dead gorgeous man whose suit I’d ruined was my new boss.

And boy did he look pissed.

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Chapter One


The loud honk of a horn and someone yelling out “Asshole!” caused me to look up from my phone. In that moment I wished I had followed my own advice about going to Tate and Cane a few days earlier, so I didn’t end up getting lost.

Here I was on my first day.


Where in the hell am I?

“Siri, if you don’t tell me where in the hell I am I’m going to throw you!”

“Who, me?” she replied to my threat.

Pulling up my contacts, I dialed the number of my old college friend who currently worked as the accounting manager for Tate and Cane. She originally told me about the job, that they were looking to bring on younger, fresher people to help bring the company into modern times.

“First day jitters?” Mary asked as she answered.

“No. Yes. Hell, I don’t know. I’m lost, and I have ten minutes to get there for my meeting with Mason Quinn.”

“Mmm. Mason-hot-as-hell-Quinn.”

I rolled my eyes. “Mary, focus please. I’m standing in front of Louis Vuitton, and I’m seriously thinking of going in and spending a large amount of money to combat my anxiety.”

She laughed. “Walk to the corner of 5th and East 57th Street.”


“Turn left and keep walking down. We are the large black building on your right.”

“Thank Jesus! I see!” I hit ‘End’ and quickly set off walking. I’d make up for hanging up on her tonight.

Glancing at my watch, I noticed I had five minutes. There was no way I was running. First off, I had my favorite pair of heels on, and there was no way I was running in them. My black Stuart Weitzman pumps were not made for running. And I had my favorite drink from Starbucks in my hand. A girl has to prioritize things, after all.

Weaving in and out of people, I crossed the street and made my way into the building.

Shit. Elevators? Why didn’t I stake all this out a few days ago? Damn it!

A gentleman was walking by, and I put on my best smile and asked, “Excuse me, could you point me to the elevators?”

He glared at me like I had committed a crime by speaking to him. He pointed, huffed, then rushed out the door.

“Thank you!” I called out after him, with a smile on my face because I knew that annoyed the jackass even more.

Adjusting my bag and purse over my shoulder, I turned and headed the way he had told me only to come to a cute little restaurant.

Ugh! Asshole!

Whirling around, I took a right and decided to head the other way. The elevators had to be toward the middle of the lobby. I could go left or right. Which way?

“Shit, why is this stressing me out?” I whispered.

Left. No right. No left.

I went right and immediately ran smack into someone.

“Motherfucker!” he cried out as my precious soy chai tea latte drenched him.

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you!”

“No fucking shit, you didn’t see me!”

Ahh, the people of New York City.

Reaching into my bag, I grabbed a few napkins and attempted to wipe the drink off his expensive as hell looking suit.

“Did you not look where you were going?” he asked in an angry tone.

Not looking up at him, I replied, “Well, were you looking where you were going asshole?”

When in Rome, right?

He grabbed my wrist, and I gasped at the electric shock that ran through my body. Jerking my eyes up at him, I opened my mouth to demand he let me go when I stopped.

Holy. Shit.

The guy standing in front of me was hella good looking. No. He was more than good looking. Could someone be beyond good looking? Handsome wasn’t the right word; he was beyond that too. His warm honey eyes were staring into my hazel, and for a moment, it looked like he was just as stunned as I was.

No. No, I knew that look. He was pissed. There was no way a guy this freaking hot would ever look at me with such intensity in his eyes. I was nothing special. My blonde hair was pulled up, and I had decided to go light on my make-up today. Mascara and a light coat of powder and a hint of blush were all that graced my face.

Yet. He was staring at me with a look I’d never seen before. Then he furrowed his brows.

Oh yeah. He’s pissed.

“Did you call me an asshole?”

Ugh. He’s one of those guys. God forbid a woman speak her mind.

I returned his stare and focused on making my voice strong and clear. “I did, and if you don’t let go of me, my knee is going to be connecting with your dick in less than five seconds.”

His head slowly tilted to the side, and the corners of his mouth rose into the sexiest smile I’d ever seen on a man.

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