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(Looking to Score #1) The Rebel

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Kendall Ryan

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I never thought I’d see her again.
We shared one hot night together back in college before our paths took us in different directions.
But now, the most brilliant and beautiful woman I’ve ever met is back in my life. And the chemistry I remember? It’s more combustible than ever.
Except…our fling is forbidden and must exist only in secret. Her rules, not mine.
I can’t be her forever. I’m not that guy, and even she knows it.
But I can’t stay away from her either. I’m determined to claim not just her body but her heart, even if that’s the one thing she’s vowed not to give me.
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Looking to Score Series by Kendall Ryan

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Kendall Ryan


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* * *


“Don’t look now,” my best friend, Gretchen, says with a knowing smirk. “Here comes trouble.”

Don’t I know it?

Alex Braun is six feet of hockey god with a side of naughty trouble. Problem is, I like being a little naughty. When it comes to him, anyway. What good girl doesn’t have a little streak of bad inside them?

But one stolen, perfect kiss aside, I’m still not sure Alex actually even knows who I am.

And who am I these days?

In high school, I was the governor’s daughter. The first daughter of a wealthy, conservative family, I was smart and driven and unflinching in my beliefs.

Now, though? Three years in at Sutton, the small Boston university that has become my new home . . . I’m changing, and so is my family.

My dad is no longer governor. No, that ended horribly with a scandal involving his secretary, and my parents are no longer married. And me? Well, the itch to do something reckless is right there, clawing at me from just below the surface. I want to do something that’s for me and me alone.

And Alex Braun is at the very top of that to-do list.

Gretchen knows this, which is why she’s currently elbowing me in the ribs as Alex steps into the crowded living room.

Parties on frat row aren’t usually our thing, but the hockey team won their game tonight, which meant they’d be out celebrating. Which meant the chances of running into Alex again were excellent. So I dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a cute black tank top, curled my hair, and dragged Gretchen out with me.

Alex lifts the cup to his mouth again, taking a long drink. One of his teammates practically mauls him, and Alex’s perfect mouth breaks into a happy smile.

I’m transfixed by his chiseled jaw. Straight white teeth. Messy dark blond hair. Mischievous nature.

“Tonight’s the night,” Gretchen says, and I nod.

“Yeah,” I mumble, momentarily struck inarticulate. The nerves swimming inside my belly are part excitement and part fear. The fear of rejection is strong, rearing its ugly head whenever I imagine going up to Alex and telling him what I want.

And what I want is him.

Our kiss last weekend at a party similar to this one has replayed through my head all week. Alex is responsible for a lot of crushes all over campus, but I felt something that night, a spark between us. For one brief, shining moment, his eyes met mine, and I was no longer the boring coed with straight As and too many responsibilities. I was someone fun and daring and desirable.

For him, it was nothing more than some stupid dare, but for me, it was much, much more. Goose bumps rose on my skin, and my heart pounded out an uneven rhythm.

Alex’s mouth was shockingly erotic, hot and commanding, and my knees literally trembled. I reached out, pressing one hand into his firm shoulder for balance, needing the support if I had any hope of remaining upright. His tongue touched mine in confident, measured strokes, and I let out a little hum of satisfaction.

Which is really no surprise. Alex has a certain reputation on the hockey team. The guy can score. His room practically has a revolving door of gorgeous girls all looking for one thing—a hot night of fun. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m no different.

Over the past week, I’ve done some digging and learned that Alex is on a full athletic scholarship for hockey, that he’s a top recruit, and is expected to be drafted into the NHL next year instead of finishing his senior year at Sutton.

Which means I need to make my move quickly, before he moves on.

Plus, I’m not the type of girl to sit around and wait for things to happen. I’m more of a grab-life-by-the-balls type. At least, I am lately. After my dad’s fiasco, I learned that nothing lasts forever, and it’s best to take what you can, when you can.

But my window of opportunity is shrinking right before my eyes.

Gretchen and I watch as a perky blond member of Kappa Nu approaches Alex. He smiles at her as she speaks, his gaze lowering from her lips to her ample breasts. Her mouth twists into a smile, and then she takes one of his big hands and tugs, leading him across the living room and up the stairs. And Alex follows like a puppy.

My stomach drops to my knees.

Gretchen meets my eyes with a worried look. “Shit.”

I shrug, trying not to let her see my disappointment. “It’s fine,” I lie.