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The one and only rule: Nothing affects our roommate agreement.
Being a single mom, my life revolves around rules.
But…some rules are meant to be broken.
And my new roommate is the temptation I can’t afford.
Asher Hart, the handsome, tattooed hockey player who’s doing everything he can to penetrate the walls around my heart.
I should have known that he would be trouble… but maybe a little trouble is exactly what I need.
He tells me I’m his good girl. That he’s proud of me. And shows me a side of myself I never knew existed until he walked into my life.
No matter how addicted I am to the way he makes me feel, I know it’s only temporary.
And now I just have to find a way to protect my heart from being the penalty.

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Bad For Me (feat. Teddy Swims)- Meghan Trainor

We Danced- Brad Paisley

Don’t Blame Me- Taylor Swift

Lover- First Dance Remix- Taylor Swift

Wrecked- Imagine Dragons

Lovely- Billie Eilish, Khalid

Under The Influence- Chris Brown

I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys

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Heat Waves- Glass Animals

Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys

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Chapter One


"Oh, harder, right there…uggghhhh yes. Oh Daddy, I’m your little slut.”

Generally speaking, most guys would love to start their day with a girl writhing on their cock moaning in the throes of passion.

In my case, not so much, seeing as how this godawful noise is penetrating my bedroom wall, when all I want to do is fucking sleep. Shit, I might even be a little into it if the girl didn’t sound like she was an injured animal or recording a low-budget porno. There’s a one-hundred-percent chance that she’s faking it, and I’d bet my own cock on it. There is absolutely no way a girl having an actual soul-shattering orgasm could possibly sound like that.

Groaning, I sit up and beat my fist on the wall, once, twice, then a third time for good measure.


For the first time in months, I’m not up at five a.m., before the sun rises, and on to a grueling practice. So forgive me for being annoyed that my neighbors like to fuck like bunnies as soon as daylight hits.

I flop back on the bed, pulling the plush feather-down pillow over my head in an attempt to fall back asleep, which doesn’t seem to be working. Although the noise has died down and my amateur porn-star neighbors across the wall have quieted, I can’t seem to get comfortable and apparently, I’m up for the day. Fucking wonderful.

Getting up from the bed, I snag a pair of sweats, pull them over my hips, and head for the kitchen. While walking down the hallway, I notice that there are double the boxes that were there last night, meaning Hudson’s had a busy night.

Part of me still can’t wrap my head around him moving out. I mean, yeah, I get it, but it still sucks. Everyone’s moving out, getting married, having kids. Shit’s changing, more and more every day. I mean Hudson’s just moving out, not getting married, but still…Everyone’s going their separate ways.

“You’re up early,” Hudson says, gripping a protein shake in one hand with a wet towel hanging around his neck. He looks like he dunked himself in the pool, but I know that just means he’s been in the gym. For someone as carefree and laid back as Hudson is, he sure as fuck has a thing for routine. One he never deviates from if he can help it. Even during the off season, he’s working out.

I shrug, offering a surly grunt, dragging a hand down my face as I try to fully wake-up. “Neighbor Girl and her man were at it bright and early again this morning, and I couldn’t go back to sleep after I hit the wall.”

Hudson laughs, shaking his wet hair out of his face. “I almost feel guilty leaving you behind to deal with that, but seeing as how I know you want to be the one making her sound like a dying cat…It lessens the guilt a little.”

“Fuck off. All I want is some peace and quiet, not to listen to that shit every morning. She’s not that hot. Not enough to sacrifice sleep.”

I put my favorite Marvel mug under the coffeemaker, one of the few things left remaining on the counter, and press start. I’m desperate for the strongest fucking coffee I can brew after staying up so late last night working on a sketch. My eyes are dry and feel like sandpaper from lack of sleep, and this morning has put me in a foul mood.

“Whatever you say, but don’t forget, I see how you eye her door on the way to the gym each morning.”