The Final Salvation (Four Packs #3) Read Online B.L. Maxwell

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Luca Bassani enjoyed a quiet, ordinary life. As an IT guru, most of his time was spent engrossed in technology and away from people. Now all that’s changed. As the one man who is a compatible donor, he’s suddenly essential to keeping his alpha healthy and preventing him from succumbing to The Slow Death. But serving his alpha, Zander Kingston, is something Luca is proud to do.
Diesel Jones is an enforcer. Following in his father’s footsteps, he has big boots to fill. But he’s focused and dedicated to the East Territory pack and avoids anything that distracts him from his duty. His dedication, together with his brawn and brains, ensure his reputation as being the best at his job.
When a possible threat on Alpha Zander Kingston’s life is uncovered, tensions rise within the pack. Security is increased and Diesel is assigned as the personal bodyguard for Luca. They find themselves paired against the enemy while battling their growing attraction.
Diesel must keep Luca safe and ensure his alpha’s life by doing so. But pack rivalry is strong and when threats become actions, suddenly Diesel is in the race of his life to ensure the future of the pack and to save the person who has come to mean everything to him.

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Chapter One

It was now a known fact that the West Territory had indeed been plotting against the East. And they’d stooped so low as to threaten to withhold treatment for Grady by demanding Max return to the West. But they underestimated the bond between Max and Grady. Max had stood up to his own pack and stayed by his mate’s side. Luca still couldn’t wrap his mind around all that had happened, and what more could happen if the tension between the two packs didn’t ease.

“Luca, thank you for coming, I’d like to talk to you about a project,” Marrok, the alpha’s mate said, when Luca walked into the council chambers where the pack had their offices.

“Hey, Marrok. What did you have in mind?” These past months Luca had spent more time with the alpha, Alexander Kingston than he had in all the years he’d known him. Now he’d become close to both the men.

“I know you’ve heard me talk about the need to compile an inter-pack registry of potential donors, and TSD cases. There’re only two ways we’ll defeat this disease; either we find a cure, which so far has not been successful, or we find a way to match every patient with a donor. I was hoping you’d have time to use your tech skills to help. Would you be able to commit to the project?” The passion and urgency in Marrok’s voice and expression was clear. After his best friend Grady had nearly died, he’d stepped up his research, and was in constant contact with his grandfather, alpha of the North Territory, who also worked to find the cure.

Marrok didn’t know it, but Luca was already committed. “Tell me what you need, and I’ll do all I can to help,” Luca said, his mind already turning to how he could put his technical skills to good use.

“I’ve been thinking that maybe we need a website, or an app. Someway to know who needs a donor by making it easy for people to register and tell their stories. It might encourage more pack members to come forward and be tested if they know how many need help. Make it accessible, and personal, you know?”

One thing Luca was good at was tech. He’d spent most of his life working on or with computers. From writing his own programs to combing through pages of code to work out solutions when things went wrong. That had led him to establish his own consulting firm. Most of his work was done remotely, something he was thankful for. As far back as Luca could remember, he’d always been considered shy and introverted. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable around people, it was more that he preferred the quiet of his own mind to the ramblings of polite conversation. However, since he’d become the alpha’s donor, his life had changed. Most days, instead of being holed up in his office, he’d come down to the pack headquarters just to see if there was anything needed of him.

“I like that idea. The more we can register the better. I’m hoping we can persuade the packs to work together on this. We’ve been working against each other for far too long.” Marrok had a faraway look in his eye.

Luca wondered what he was thinking but didn’t feel confident enough to ask directly.

“Do you expect more trouble from the West?” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Grady’s friends were all concerned about the West, especially Grady’s mate, Max.

“I’m not sure,” Marrok said. “All we can do is prepare ourselves for anything. We have surveillance on the area they wanted to mine, so if anything changes, we’ll know and we’ll shut it down.”