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The Drift (Preacher Brothers #3)

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Jenika Snow

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I found myself at the wrong place at the wrong time. And because of that, I was now considered collateral damage to the Preacher Brothers.
So I was taken, thrown in the back of a dark SUV, with a bleeding, dying man draped over my lap, and my future uncertain. I didn’t expect to live at the end of this ordeal, not with everything I’d seen, not when I could identify them.
But despite my fear of what my future held, I couldn’t help but feel this connection to the man whose life hung by a thread.
Wilder Preacher.
He’s mysterious as much as he’s dangerous. He’s gorgeous in a severe, almost brutal manner. And although his brothers terrify me, I could see how much they loved him, as their worry for his life was thick.
I could see the lengths they’d go to not lose him, even if that included taking me as a hostage. I’d never known that, never had that familial tie where I mattered that much to someone.
And when Wilder woke up, I felt that connection increase until it threatened to consume me. He looked at me like I was the air he breathed, the blood that rushed through his veins. He told me he’d seen me as he was on the verge of dying, that it was my voice, my touch that made him want to stay.
He said I’m tethered to him now, his lifeline… that he won’t let me go. I should run, should put all this behind me. And maybe I would…
Or maybe I’d been drawn into Wilder’s dark eyes and deep voice until I had no control over my emotions and had no chance of leaving.
It’s all so crazy, but then again, it’s not as insane as the fact that I don’t want to leave him now.
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Preacher Brothers Series by Jenika Snow

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Jenika Snow

Chapter One


There was nothing lonelier in this world than knowing you had no one at your back, no one in your corner.

That was me. The poor little orphan who’d been moved around to so many foster homes before her eighteenth birthday she could have filled up a map with all the places she’d been.

Maybe that was why I considered myself a nomad, never staying in one place for very long. I didn’t have roots anywhere, probably never would. So I bounced around every couple years, working shitty jobs that mainly consisted of bars or nightclubs. That’s all I was qualified for. I didn’t have a college degree, and my high school diploma only got me so far.

And as I stood by the bar waiting for the drink order I placed, waiting to head back and give the fruity, girly mixed drinks to the women celebrating a twenty-first birthday, it was solidified that it was time for me to move on.

I’d worn out my stay in this city. The money I earned over the last two years, and the fact that I was as cheap as they came when it concerned where I lived, what I ate, and how I clothed myself, would allow me to be comfortable until I found something at my next stop.

Normally, I didn’t even give a two-week notice, didn’t let my employers know I was booking it out of town. It wasn’t that I considered myself a shitty person, or that I just didn’t give a damn. The truth of the matter was, I worked at places that were less than legitimate, places with coworkers and employers who didn’t care that sexual harassment was an actual thing, that they couldn’t go around touching and groping their employees.

I worked at sleazy places that were corrupt and dirty, with men who thought women were nothing more than subservient holes to fill. I wish I had more going for me in the employment aspect of it all, but that’s how the cards fell for my life. That’s where the path of life led me.

But I’d given my two-week notice at Hoppers, a bar/nightclub in the heart of the city. It was rundown and dirty, part of an old abandoned building that had been somewhat renovated, so it passed inspection. And I loved working here, enjoyed my coworkers’ company, and freaking loved that a woman was the owner. But still, it was time for me to move on.

I was a wandering soul, and my soul was due time to start over.

Once it was time for me to head out for the night, I was a little surprised I felt a bit of sadness in leaving this behind. I’d been close with the other employees, and I’d never felt attached to one particular place. I didn’t much care for the feelings moving through me, so I pushed them back and headed down the service hallway that lead to the kitchen, the staff breakroom, and the bathroom and made my way toward the back door. It led out to the alley directly behind the bar, where the massive dumpsters were kept and where the smokers took their five minutes.

It probably wasn’t the safest place to leave at night, but I’d always left this way. It was closest to my car, and I just wanted to get out of here.

I pushed the heavy metal open, the cool air wafting over me, the heat lowered now that it was dark, but there were also hints of garbage that clung to the air, enough that it stunk, but not enough it made you gag.

The shadows danced around this part of the alley, and just as I was about to grab my keys from my purse, I heard a man talking followed by another one. I looked to my right and saw three men standing a good ways away. They hadn’t noticed me, clearly hadn’t heard the door closing. I should have left, because it was clear whatever was going on wasn’t anything good. But before I could take my own advice, the next sequence of events played out in slow motion.

The two men who faced me were too far for me to make them out clearly, but it was the man who had his back to me, the one who just produced a gun, who had my heart jumping to my throat.

And then he aimed the gun at one of the other men, pulled the trigger, and all hell broke loose. I heard another shot ring out, my ears buzzing, everything in me screaming to go, to run. I couldn’t go back in the bar, not with the door a one-way-only exit. Two of the men fell to the ground, and I swore I felt the scent of blood fill my nose, making me gag.

I need to run, I thought, yet here I was, cemented to the spot and knowing what a bad idea that was.