The Cowboy’s Protective Heart (Riverside Ranch #2) Read Online Sophie Mays

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A former beauty pageant queen being whisked away from the big city to a ranch full of cowboys is surely a recipe for disaster. Luckily, it’s a temporary arrangement. Cole only needs to keep her safe until she can testify for the FBI against a dangerous man who she thought she could trust.

Justice • Integrity • Service. The motto emblazoned on his old badge never left him. Meaning he will do whatever it takes to protect her.

When complications arise, Cole and Charlotte land in a courtyard exchanging “I do’s” faster than either of them can say “How do you do?”
Marrying a woman he just met in order to protect her wasn’t part of the job description, but suddenly Cole is accompanying the apricot-haired beauty back to Riverside Ranch. Horse rides, apple pie baking, and the upcoming Harvest Festival will have to keep her occupied in place of city living. There’s no doubt in Cole’s mind that this will be a complete catastrophe.
…but Charlotte Harris Wyatt may have a few tricks up her sleeve that he never sees coming.

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Charlotte Harris let her head drop onto the desk in front of her. It had been one of the longest days she’d pulled in a while. Rolling her head to the side, she squinted at the clock sitting innocently on her desk. The blurring of the numbers seemed to mock her. Finally, her bleary vision adjusted, and she could read that it was half past midnight. Charlotte groaned, knowing that her boss wouldn’t approve the overtime, even though the extra hours were at his insistence that their most difficult client be kept happy at all costs.

With a tired moan, Charlotte lifted her head off the desk and began shutting down her computer. She was eager to go home and put it all behind her. It had been a day full of futile conversations, endless emails, and technical issues that resulted in constant phone calls asking her if she had unplugged-waited-thirty-seconds-plugged-in-then-restarted her computer.

Normally, the fact that her job was so all-consuming didn’t bother her. She still hadn’t forged much of a bond with her transplant city or made any real friends outside of work, so she’d quickly settled into a routine based on her long hours. But days like today left her wondering how much longer she’d have to keep the job at Leonard Pageant Consulting before she could afford to finish her paused last year of vet school and move forward with her real future.

Luckily, she knew the pageant world well, and in many ways, she was a perfect fit for the job. She tried to remember that different people dealt with the stress of competition in their own unique ways, so she should try to empathize with the pain in the rear that was the current frontrunner representing New York state in the next Miss America Pageant. Just because Charlotte had been a drama-free pageant girl, didn’t mean that everyone was.

Now that she was working on the consulting side rather than competing on the stage, she saw that the two sides weren’t that different. Some clients were easier than others, and some seasons of the year were less stressful, meaning it generally evened out. Normally this would have been a brief lull to recharge before the big upcoming pageant season got into full swing.

Winning the Miss America Pageant would obviously be good publicity for Leonard Pageant Consulting, so it stood to reason that her boss, Victor Leonard, was determined to take home the crown. However, they had plenty of clients in several of the bigger shows who were working their way up. On top of which, Miss New York was prepared enough at this point not to need as much attention as she was demanding.

Charlotte suspected there was more between Victor and Miss New York than a professional consulting relationship, but she had no proof and truly didn’t care one way or the other. If nothing else, her theory should have offered her some relief. After all, Victor had actively chased Charlotte for as long as she’d been working for him. Despite her best efforts, she had started running out of excuses to avoid him. If pressuring her to work late in order to cater to their diva client meant Victor was focused on someone other than Charlotte, she’d happily work all the unpaid overtime in the world.

Pausing as she pushed the power button on her computer, Charlotte thought about her boss’s unwelcome advances and suppressed a shudder. In reality, Victor would probably get off on the thrill of pursuing her right under the nose of another woman. She exiled thoughts of her creepy boss and grabbed her purse.

Digging for her keys in the bottom as she rolled her chair in and turned toward the door. With keyring in hand, she clumsily slung the purse over her shoulder, whacking the keys out from her tired fingers.