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The Beauty’s Beast

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Eddie Cleveland

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In Hollywood everyone dreams about the fairytale ending.
But I’m not promising her happily ever after.
Just one night with the beast.


You know what’s f*@#ing ironic? They used to call me Gabe the Babe.
Of course, that was before an IED blew half my face off.
Now my scars are all anyone can see. Unless I’m prowling the floors of an LA sex club.
When I walk in there, barely dressed, women aren’t looking at my face. Not when I’m packing a python like this.
I thought I had it all figured out. Meaningless sex, no strings, no pitying looks…
But then I saw her. With her innocent doe eyes, her plump lips and her breakneck curves… I know one night could never be enough. Hell, one lifetime seems too short.


I can’t believe I just landed the role of a lifetime. Every actress dreams of her big break and my star is on the rise. It’s a dream come true.
I’ll be playing a nymphomaniac in the blockbuster of the year. There’s only one problem: I’ve never had an orgasm.
Not even one.
So now I’m in a sex club trying to research my role when I run into the sexiest beast I’ve ever seen.
All of a sudden I’m thinking of doing a different kind of research.
With him. Between the sheets. Naked.

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I know a lot of guys like to get pumped up before they come to places like this, and I don’t mean they give themselves a pep talk in the mirror. I mean, what do I know? They could be jerking their cocks in the mirror, that might be their thing.

I’m not judging.

When they come to a sex club, they want the goods to look as big, as eye-catching, and hopefully as mouth-watering as possible. After all, if we’re going to be walking around in our tighty-whities, they want to make sure they have something to fill them up with.

That’s not my game. I don’t need to give myself a painful set of blue balls before I show up. My confidence might have been shaken when they pieced me back together after our Humvee hit an improvised explosive device overseas, but no one is looking at my sewn together face when they see what I’m packing.

I walk past the familiar faces crowding the different parts of the club. As I strut by, I glaze over the usual bunch of women out tonight. My white, almost translucent, underwear reflects the lighting in each area as I walk through. They glow an eerie purple and the ridge of my cock’s helmet and all the veins seem to pop as I make my way through the seated section under black light where women are taking things slow, engaging in the art of seduction, dragging it all out. The walls flash in erratic shades of gray and white as I look like I’m choppily hopping over the floor under the strobe lights on the edge of the dance floor where some women are already completely naked and having their bodies sucked, licked, squeezed and teased by more than one guy.

I take a look as I pass them, but seeing them exposed like that, it just doesn’t have the same effect. I’ve been doing this circuit for over half a year now, and I’ve met all the women who come here. I’m not sure what I’m looking for anymore. When I first showed up, it was obvious, I just wanted to feel wanted again. I wanted someone to look at my body, at my fat cock, and give me a chance for the night. No conversations about the military. No pitying glances at my scars. No discussions about how many surgeries it took to put me back together. Just pure passion. It gave me nights where I could feel normal again. It took stripping off almost all of my clothes to feel less naked and less vulnerable than my deep scars down the side of my eye make me feel in the day.

I stop at the bar and Mitch nods at me. He finishes mixing some girly cocktails and hands them off to a couple of ladies wearing leather bodysuits with holes for their tits to peek out. They wrap their arms around each other and hold their pink drinks in their free hands, walking off toward the dance floor. I’ve met that duo before, they’re broken.

All the women I’ve met in places like this are. They might not have the same physical scars I do, but when I’ve gotten to know them, when they’ve spent the night here drinking and getting fucked, I’ve heard the sad stories. Sure, I’ve seen the girls who come out just because they’re in Los Angeles and they want to have a crazy story to tell their friends back in Wisconsin when they get back from their vacation. But the regulars, the ones I see every single time I’ve been here, they’re just as damaged as I am.

Mitch walks to my end of the bar, his eyes shamelessly travel over my body, just like he always does. I don’t mind that he flirts with me or checks me out. He knows that I’m here for the women and he’s always respected that. I’m putting my cock out on display, if he wants to soak it in, I don’t really care. Besides, he always mixes me doubles, on the house. It must be how chicks feel when they go out for the night and just have to suggestively smile and have ten guys falling all over themselves to buy their drinks.

“Hey sailor,” Mitch smiles, he loves calling me that. He started when he found out I was in the SEALs. “Rum and cock? Oh, I mean Coke,” he smirks and gives me a wink. I can’t help but laugh. I was starting to feel too jaded being here tonight. It’s nice to have him lighten the mood.

“I will take the latter,” I lean against the bar and relax as he mixes my drink. Mitch doesn’t overdo it on the ice like some of these bartenders do, so that when it melts, you have a tall glass of rum flavored water. Instead he only plinks a couple of cubes into the glass and then liberally coats them with expensive rum. After a dash of Coke is sprayed on top, he hands it to me, making sure our fingers touch when he does.

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