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The Alpha’s Master (Venetian Hills Book 1)

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Ezra Dawn

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(This story ties directly into the Asphalt Bay Series and it is recommended that you at least read books 1-4 before starting this one.)

Joel McCray is the Alpha of the newly formed Venetian Hills Pack. After being forced from his old territory because of issues with another pack and a coven in the area he’s brought the pack back to the area he came from. When new issues arise it’s going to take the help of his ex-boyfriend and the local coven to get them sorted.

Alistair Vonderheide is the Master of the Venetian Hills Coven and an extremely old vampire although he doesn’t look it. He’s spent centuries waiting for his beloved so when he catches the man’s scent he’s more than excited. Until his second in command crushes that happiness with a single sentence. Refusing to be ‘that guy’ Alistair resigns himself to starvation.

Will Joel be able to solve his problems in time? Will Alistair die without ever knowing the love of a fated mate? Or will Fate decide to intervene before it’s too late?

(Warning: Contains sexual content, Man on Man action, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)

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Venetian Hills Series by Ezra Dawn

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Ezra Dawn Books



Have you ever made a decision you thought was right at the time only to find out later it was a mistake? I have. At the time, I thought leaving my hometown to start my own pack was a good idea but lately I’ve come to regret that decision. According to pack law when an Alpha takes his place as the head of the pack he must choose an Alpha mate to lead by his side. At the urging of my parents I took a female mate. Their explanation for it seemed logical at the time. Most people are still old fashioned and may not look to a gay Alpha. While, I’m not entirely gay and have bedded women before I still prefer the company of men.

Even though I have a wife, and a five year old son, I’m not happy. I love my son. He means the world to me and I have love for my wife as well but it isn’t the right kind of love. No matter how hard I try to make it work with her I still miss the attentions of a man. She’s not stupid. I know she can tell something’s off and I wish I had the courage to tell her the truth. To dissolve this mating so she can have a chance at real happiness. But I won’t, because I’m an old fashioned coward and without a legitimate reason, I’ll stay in this relationship for my son’s sake. He needs both parents in his life and I won’t destroy that for a one night stand. No matter how unhappy I am.

Chapter One


Shit has officially hit the fan. Scientists, drugs, labs. It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it. I’ve teamed up with the wolves of Asphalt Bay to try and clear up this mess. We managed to take out one lab but according to the tiger who led us to it there are more facilities. Since the guys from Asphalt Bay are leaving the recon to us I’ve sent some of my best guys out across the country and further to look for these labs so we can shut them down. So far we’ve had no luck but I have faith.

This scientist guy spares no one when it comes to his experiments. Which is why I find myself in a meeting with the local vampire coven’s second in command. Apparently, their master had an important meeting with the leader of another coven and couldn’t make it so I get to deal with his second instead. What fun. I hope these guys aren’t total assholes like the last group I had to deal with. The last coven I dealt with tried to move in on my territory and since my pack is mostly former lone wolves, women, and children; I brought us here to avoid annihilation.

I have some strong shifters in my inner circle but my pack is small and a war with vampires would’ve wiped us out. However, the pack is steadily growing and I have hopes that we’ll be larger and better able to protect ourselves in time.

Negan, my beta, walks into my office and says, “The vampire second is here.”

“Send him in.”

“I’ll be right outside.” Negan exits and seconds later another man walks in. The man is imposing to say the least. Over six feet tall with cold grey eyes, a square jaw, and dressed like he walked off the set of Terminator.

He walks right up to my desk and says, “My name is Vikan Shade. Master Alastair sends his regrets that he could not attend.”

Wow. I didn’t expect this. A bit of assholishness maybe but nothing so polite and formal. I take his hand and say, “Joel McCray. Please have a seat.”

He sits down and says, “So, what is this meeting about? The Master said you were vague on the details.”

I have to take a moment before I explain. Him mentioning the phone conversation I had with the master vampire has me remembering how sexy the man’s voice was. Made me chastise myself for being so hard up that I’d get hard from hearing a man’s voice. Okay, so the voice by itself wasn’t what did me in. It was the fantasies I conjured around that voice and dirty talk that did me in. Alastair’s voice is like velvet and there goes my mind running off again.

Shaking my head to clear the thoughts I lean forward on my elbows and say, “Recently there was an attack on a nightclub by a rogue shifter. When that shifter was located, it was discovered that he’d been drugged by an escaped prisoner of the paranormal council. Said prisoner is a vicious scientist that likes to experiment on fellow shifters and other paranormals. We took down one of his many labs and discovered a few vampires in the facility. This meeting is to ask if you would give them sanctuary in your coven until they are well enough to return to their own covens or decide to stay permanently. I’m sure you need to discuss this with your master before making any decisions.”

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