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T-Bone - Satan's Fury MC - Memphis

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L. Wilder

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L. Wilder brings readers a new installment in the Satan’s Fury MC- Memphis series. Get ready. It’s going to be a wild ride.
Over the years I’d been with my share of women. Hell, I’d had more than I could count, but for one reason or another, it never seemed to last. I’d told myself that I just hadn’t found the one, and I was okay with that. I had the club, and with my brothers at my side, I had everything I needed—or so I thought.
Alyssa was young, smoking hot, and had the world at her fingertips. I knew better than to even give her a second look. I was too old, lived a life that wasn’t suited for a woman like her, and if that wasn’t enough, she was Hyde’s younger sister.
I told myself we were just friends, but in a heated moment, we crossed a line. Sparks flew, and we both knew one night would never be enough. I thought we had what it took to get through anything.
I was wrong. It wasn’t until I lost her that I realized that it wasn’t about finding the one. It was about being the one.
If she’d give me the chance, I’d be that for her and more—even if it meant giving up everything to have her.
****T-bone is book nine of the Satan’s Fury MC- Memphis Chapter. While this book is a continuation of the series, it can be read as a standalone. Be warned. This book has some big surprises and heart strings will be pulled, but in the end, T-Bone finally gets his girl. This is a full-length novel with no cheating and swoon-worthy HEA.
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L. Wilder



The brothers of Fury knew how to throw a hell of a party. It didn’t matter what we were celebrating; there was always plenty of booze, loud music, and hot women. However, nothing compared to the parties when a prospect patched into the club. Those were always the best—not just for our new brother, but for all the club members. For us, it meant Satan’s Fury was growing, prospering the way Gus and the rest of us had always hoped it would, and for a prospect, it meant all his hard work had finally paid off.

Being a prospect was never easy. It was a year or more of busting his ass and doing whatever it took—from a late-night rescue to a clean up after a club party—just to prove himself worthy of wearing the club’s colors on his back. It wasn’t for anyone who lacked courage, especially when prospecting for Satan’s Fury, but just as Gus knew he would, Hyde had proven time and time again that he could handle whatever we threw his way.

I’ll admit, at first I had my doubts that he’d actually pull it off. The kid had been all kinds of green when he first showed up at the clubhouse’s doorstep. Even though his uncle, Viper, was the president of the Ruthless Sinners in Nashville, he didn’t know much about what went into prospecting or working in a garage, but I had to give it to him, he was determined. Hyde never once gave up and even managed to complete his final task as a prospect without so much as a snag.

There was no doubt that he’d get the job done, so we called everyone to the clubhouse to celebrate his success. I was sitting at the bar with Blaze and Riggs, two of my fellow brothers, and we all watched in silence as Gus presented him with his Satan’s Fury cut. As Hyde slipped it on, a proud smile crossed his face. Blaze looked over to me and said, “You remember the day you were patched in?”

“Hell, yeah. Might’ve been twenty-five years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. You?”

“The same. No better feeling than putting on that cut for the first time.”

“No doubt.”

Blaze glanced over at Hyde. “I would’ve given anything to see his face when he walked into his garage and found his bike like that.”

“Had to be one hell of a surprise.” Riggs snickered. “Don’t know what I’d think if I found my Harley completely disassembled like that.”

“Still don’t know how they didn’t hear us, especially with Duchess around.”

Hyde’s dog, Duchess, was a Rottweiler-Great Dane mix that his ol’ lady, Landry, accidentally hit with her car on the way home from work. He and Landry had actually met when Hyde stopped to help her get the dog to the vet. Even though she was normally a well-behaved, easy-going dog, I’d worried about her barking while we were working on Hyde’s bike, so I brought along some preventative measures. I turned to Blaze and smiled. “Like all women, she just needed the right distraction.”

“Yeah.” Blaze chuckled. “Guess you were right about bringing those rib bones along.”

“What can I say?” I shrugged. “I know how to please the ladies.”

“You know how to please a mutt. Not sure I’d say the same for the rest of the female population,” Blaze poked. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here without an ol’ lady by your side.”

“Fuck you, man.” I glanced around the room at the crowd. The place was fucking packed with all the brothers and their women. Even Hyde’s uncle, Viper, and several of his Ruthless Sinners’ brothers were there to join the celebration. “I can get a chick anytime I want.”

“Oh, yeah?” Blaze cocked his eyebrow with skepticism. “Prove it.”

“All right then, I will, and when I do, I won’t be hooking up with some skank twat that’s been passed around more than a bottle of fucking Crown. I’m gonna find me a real classy chick who knows a good man when she sees him.” He didn’t reply. Instead, he just sat there staring at me with that fucking cocked eyebrow. “What?”

“Just wondering what the fuck you’re waiting for.” He motioned his hand out to the crowd. “You know what they say ... there’s no time like the present.”

I knew he was just fucking around, but he’d laid down a challenge and there was no way I could pass it up. I picked up my beer and quickly finished it off before I stood up and said, “Fine, I’ll show your ass what’s what.”

“Mm-hmm, I’m sure you will.”

Ignoring his last jab, I started walking towards the thick of people. I hadn’t gotten far when I noticed Hyde talking to his mom and younger sister, Alyssa. They were both busy congratulating him on getting his cut when I noticed Alyssa looking in my direction. As soon as Hyde noticed that she was looking at me, a menacing look crossed his face. His reaction gave me a thought, and I found myself smiling as I continued walking towards them. Hyde was a good guy, too good at times, and that made it way too easy to fuck with him. I figured there was no better way than to let him believe I was making a play for his sister.