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Sticky Situations - American Heroes

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Tory Baker

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Retired Navy SEAL, Travis Daniels had enough. He finished his deployment and decided to return home to Virginia. He wanted to spend time with his family and live quietly.
He never imagined that the road home would lead him to a brand-new beginning.
Raelynn Smith owned a bakery and she was as sweet as the treats she had for sale. She captured Travis’s attention from the beginning. She’s vibrant, happy and something he has missed in his life.
Travis made a career out of getting in and out of sticky situations. The one he’s about to get in with Raelynn will definitely be the sweetest.
Tory is back and this time she’s giving you a sugary-sweet treat that’s rated H for hot. Find out what happens with this growl-worthy alpha meets his match in a vivacious baker who definitely enjoys keeping him on his toes. As always each Tory story is a standalone romance, safe and full of moments to make you believe in Happily Ever After.
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Tory Baker

“As sure as the vine

Twines 'round the stump

You're my darling sugar lump.”

― Miska Petersham



I didn’t think I’d be rolling into town this soon. Who am I kidding? There were days, months, and even years when all I wanted to do was retire as a Navy Seal, but something about finishing out this last deployment had me thinking, what if I want to find what my baby sister found? But I couldn’t because I was busy working on a career. The dollar-bill signs were all I could see. Truth be told, I was blinded until I came back to help rescue my sister with her now boyfriend—and one of my only friends.

It’s also why I didn’t let anyone know I was coming home. My sister and I are still on rocky ground, and I’m man enough to admit that I fucked up. It didn’t mean our relationship was back to normal right away. Though, that’s probably why, when I was driving down the road, my car drove on autopilot to “Sweet Treats”. If I’m going to show up on Taylor and Slade’s doorstep unannounced, I at least better not come empty handed. Taylor’s sweet tooth runs in the family. From an early age, anytime we could afford something with that taste of sweetness, she and I would split it in half, devouring it whole.

I park my rented SUV in the designated parking spot for Cake ‘n’ Bake, stretching my body after I get out. I came into town yesterday, but debriefing sure took its time. It seemed longer than usual. Though that could be because I’m not re-upping my contract. The long flight, the even longer meeting, it’s taken its toll on my body. Hell, I’m still in the clothes I came home in. After I get something for Taylor and say my hello’s, I’m going to find some place to crash for a solid twenty-four hours.

When I open the door to walk into the bakery, I’m taken aback. There appears to be six or seven children all sitting at the counter, chattering away while each of them seems to be mixing or frosting the concoction they have in front of them. I wonder if there’s a class here, or maybe they’re the owner’s children. With this being summertime, maybe this is how he or she entertains their children.

I step further inside. My eyes take in the bubblegum-colored walls and the fifties-style table and chairs made of chrome with white accents. The black and white checkered floors help tie it together. The whole shop is reminiscent of that era. There’s even a refrigerator that matches the décor perfectly.

“Miss. Rae-Rae, there’s someone here,” a little kid squeals out, announcing my presence. He turns around. His toothy smile, messy hair, and frosting on his cheek have my own lips turning upward. I guess that tells me these aren’t the shop owner’s children.

“I’ll be right out, Jayden,” I hear a voice that sounds like a melody on a summer night when there’s a bonfire going while someone is playing a guitar and singing sweetly.

“No rush,” I let all of them know. I’m still standing in the entryway, soaking it all in. The kids look over their shoulders every once in a while, but for the most part they are entrenched in their baking and decorating.

“Sorry about that,” I hear from what I’m assuming is the owner of the bakery says as she’s walking towards me. Her strawberry-blonde hair is up and out of her face, a blue bandana thing holding it back—except for the pieces of hair that are like bangs but swept to the side. Her smile is bright, and it shows that it’s genuine when her crystal-blue eyes sparkle. Damn, they’re so blue it’s like looking into the waters off of Puerto Rico. The place that is my one solace when I do get a vacation once every few years. She is wearing a dress that’s form fitting on top, accentuating her figure. I bet her breasts are more than a handful. I find my mouth watering at the thought of having them in my hands while I lick, nip, and kiss every inch of them, teasing her until my lips close around her nipples. Her trim waist that flows out to hips that were meant for hands to grab and squeeze give way to her shapely legs. Too bad her dress isn’t shorter. I’d really get to see how they look, and then I could fantasize what they’d feel like wrapped around me. My gaze moves down to her feet, and fuck, I’m completely fucked with those shoes she has on. All they do is elongate her legs, which makes me want to see her naked wearing nothing but those shoes. Though I’m not sure how she bakes wearing them.

“No problem. I’m Travis.” I hold my hand out, waiting for her to place hers in my own.