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Stepbrother for Christmas

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Amy Brent

Candy Gray

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Santa knows I have been a naughty little girl,

Touching myself to my stepbrother fantasies.

And now, Santa wants to punish me.

The punishment shouldn’t feel so good, right?

How can the one person I can’t have be the only one I need this Christmas?

My crude, arrogant, filthy rich stepbrother!

Those Greek God looks and that panty melting, devilish smile…

Shhh…you didn’t hear that from me, okay?

He’s teasing me, tormenting me, hurting me…

And I am loving every moment of it.

Then he tells me that he’s going to protect me.

That he’s going to be loyal.

He wants me,

I need him.

The problem?

He’s my boyfriend stepbrother, and I want to please him – in every way possible.

How do I let Santa know that I don’t want forgiveness?

I just want my HOT Stepbrother for Christmas.

This is a 35,000 words novella length, over the top filthy romance that is sure to melt your kindle. No cliffhangers and an HEA you will love!

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Chapter 1


The fall leaves twirl outside and pass by my window. I stand in my small, cramped dorm room. I fold my arms and sit down on the bed. My mom is supposed to be picking me up in a few hours to bring me back home for Thanksgiving, and I haven’t even begun to think about packing. I guess that’s what happens when you are a pre-med major in your senior year of college. You don’t get time to think about anything else but school and maybe sleep. I stare in the mirror across from my bed. It’s one of those thin, flimsy ones you get from Walmart that warps slightly. It’s Andrea’s. Even though it bends in, I can tell I have lost some amount of weight. At least, my tits are still a good C cup. Even with my boobs, I still haven’t been laid in the past two years. I haven’t had any time. The dorm door flies open with a whoosh.

Andrea, my bubbly, roommate stands in front of me. Her dyed black hair is pinned up, and for the first time in a while, she has makeup on. It’s something you don’t bother with when you have finals all week. She is wearing a tight pair of black jeans and a low cut sweater, so her cleavage is hanging out in the open. Andrea was also getting her pre-med undergraduate, but she lived by the Ds to get degrees lifestyle. I envy her ease to relax and party. It’s like my brain doesn’t know how to turn off.

“Hey,” she says, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Two pretty hot guys stand behind. They both look they play football here at Hills University, located right outside of Pittsburgh.

“Hey,” I say, my eyes flicking over to the men. I am suddenly, very self-conscious of the fact I am sitting in my sports bra and cotton shorts. They say hi. Andrea turns around.

“Just give me one sec,” she says to her entourage, before shutting the door. She turns and begins to go through her things.

“Who are they?” I ask.

A wicked smile appears on her bright red lips.

“The linebacker and tight end. Want to come out with us? It’s a lot of dick for me to handle,” she sighs, picking up her purse and throwing her keys into it.

“I would, but my mom is already on her way,” I sigh, glancing back down on her phone.

“Tell her to go slow. They will totally nail us both.”

I chew on my bottom lip. My pussy jerks awake at the idea of sex, like it, suddenly realizes what it needs. But – my logical brain switches on. I am not going to hook up with these two strangers, not right now anyway. Besides neither of them is that hot.

“I’m okay. Have to pack.”

She shrugs and opens the dorm door.

“Have a good time, Crystal,” she says, shutting it with a thud. I roll back on the couch. Maybe I should have gone. But they really weren’t anything special – not like Dylan. I bite my tongue for even having that thought.

Dylan is my incredibly hot stepbrother. He is literally perfect in every way. I can remember the first time I met him a few years ago when I was junior in high school. He is older than me by about three years, so he hardly paid any attention to me at that time. The last time I saw him was at my mother’s wedding. Then he seemed to suddenly disappear to travel the world for his business or something. I look at his Facebook profile on my phone. His profile photo is him standing on the beach somewhere. His shirt unbuttoned to reveal his tanned chest. A tattoo I can’t quite make out covers it. But I can see the v of muscle underneath a six-pack leading down toward his dick.

What if he is at Thanksgiving? The thought jumps into my mind, and my pussy likes this. He hasn’t been to the last several holidays, but what if this year he does? I chew on my lip. I lean back on the couch and begin to flip through his photos. His dark blue eyes stare back at me through the screen. I wonder what he thinks about me…if he is as attracted to me as I am towards him.

Probably not, he is my stepbrother after all. I wish more than anything he wasn’t. I yearn for him to be here next to me on the couch, standing over me, looking at me with those eyes. My hands slide underneath my shorts to my hungry clit. I can’t even remember the last time I touched myself. But it’s not my hand I think I feel, but Dylan’s. His long fingers touch me gently, then all of a sudden fast. He wants this as much as me. He is hungry for me too and wastes no time slipping his head between my legs, licking ferociously. My hips turn up, but he holds me down until waves of pleasure tumble over me, and I cum. My clit is throbbing and thumping, my pussy closing tight. I sit up breathing heavy. Jesus, I really need to get laid. I slowly sit up. Maybe I should have gone with Andrea.

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