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Snow Job

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Eva Luxe

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I’m stranded with a possessive billionaire,
in an isolated cabin in the woods.
He always gets what he wants,
and he wants to pass the time with me
in very particular ways.

My new, older boss is super handsome and filthy rich.
We’re on a business trip when a blizzard causes an emergency landing.
Now we’re snowed in, and his private jet isn’t the only thing going down.
He wants to own me, claim me, dominate me.
Have his way with every part of me, and not let me leave his sight.
Once we’re back in the real world, things will go back to normal.
I’ll keep working for him so I can take care of my son.
He has a child of his own to worry about, in addition to his business.
I’m just his temporary plaything and I can’t fall for him.

But while I’m loving that he does what he wants with my body,
what if he steals my heart?

Snow Job is a full length standalone romance novel. It features a dominant alpha male and the feisty, curvy lady who wins his heart, plus plenty of steam to keep you warm this holiday season. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.

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Chapter 1 – Kurt

There was a light blanket of snow falling as my personal jet was about to take off for my business trip. The sky looked bleak and gray, and the forecasts were predicting more snow. I began to wonder whether my pilot, James, might call off the flight due to safety concerns.

But then I heard him say, “Are we all set for take off?” right before I saw his head poke out around the open door of the cockpit. I nodded my head at him, and, shifting his gaze from the air traffic controllers frantically running after an escaped luggage cart, he smiled back at me, probably to reassure me that everything was okay, because he knew me so fucking well by now.

I, Kurt Roberts, was a modern day mogul, and therefore I was used to jetsetting around the world. But that didn’t mean my stomach didn’t still churn a little bit with nervousness each time the plane took off, especially when the weather looked questionable, like today. I couldn’t help but worry that the plane would crash and that I would meet my unfortunate demise.

A man like me was used to getting everything I could possibly want, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have a healthy fear of my own mortality, the perpetual extension of which was one thing money still couldn’t buy. At times like these, though, I just told myself to grin and bear it, like any other billionaire would, instead of letting my humble roots get the best of me.

Mine was a true rags to riches story with a twist. At age 43, I had the distinction of being one of the world’s wealthiest men. My corporation was worth billions, with my net worth increasing by the minute. I had access to the finest things that life had to offer and by all outside perceptions, I appeared to have it all.

And I had, at first: a loving wife, a doting daughter, a wildly successful business that I started myself when I was just a teenager, and every creature comfort imaginable. Our family portrait had graced the cover of every prestigious magazine in the country.

Everything was perfect until it wasn’t. I remember vividly that day when everything fell apart. I had been unusually stressed and needed a break, so I decided to book a week long cruise for my ex wife and I to relax. After having my assistant work out the details, I bought a bouquet of roses and chocolates and headed home to surprise my ex wife and start packing for our romantic getaway.

When I got home, I was met with a surprise of my own. Finding the walkway from the front door lit with candles and soft jazz music lilting through the air, I had excitedly begun undressing, making my way to the bedroom. It had been so long since my ex wife and I had done anything romantic or spontaneous and I had begun to worry that our marriage was dying.

But, I loved my wife and was committed to making a wonderful and loving home for her and our daughter, despite whatever distance might have been coming between us. It was one of the reasons for my romantic gestures and trip plans— I had started to worry that I had been neglecting her due to working too much, and wanted to make up for it.

There was no way that I could have anticipated opening the door to our bedroom only to be greeted by the chiseled, clenched glutes of our personal trainer, Steven, as he gutted my screaming wife, while her high heeled feet were dangling over his ripped, muscular shoulders.

Even now, although I told myself I was fucking over it, I found my fists clinched reactively at the memory. Or maybe they were clinched at my fear of this airplane taking off in this weather and then crashing.

The chirping ring of my cell phone broke me from my thoughts and back to reality.

“All phones must be turned off!” James called from the cockpit, as if he didn’t have to tell me this every time we took off.

“Sorry, James. Just let me take this last call and we can be on our way,” I told him.

Seeing “Crestwood Academy” pop up on the screen had made my heart sink a little. I had a nagging feeling that this will not be a good call.

“Hello, this is Kurt Roberts.”

“Mr. Roberts. Yes. Hi,” came a hurried, shrill voice on the other end. “This is Principal Marion from Crestwood Academy. I’m so glad that I could catch you. Your secretary said that you might have been gone already. It’s about Olivia.”

“Oh, my God! Is she okay?” I flew iinto a mild panic.

A dejected sigh responded to me on the other end.

“Oh, she’s perfectly fine. Probably extremely pleased with herself at the moment, by the look of her. Your daughter called her teacher the ‘c’ word. Again , Mr. Roberts. And when told to take a time out, she let out a slew of other vulgar words that I dare not repeat in this or any other company, frankly. She has the look of a saint with the mouth of the Devil. Now, I’m not sure what type of language you or your wife use at home…”

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