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Slow Hands - Makes My Heart Race

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Hope Ford

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She has a broken heart and he wants to fix it.
My ranch was a place for me to relax.
And it was, until I saw her.
Thinking of her, wanting to be with her takes up all my time.
I try to get to know her, but her past makes it hard for her to trust me.
I’m not giving up on her though. I’ll be her man with a slow hand.
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Hope Ford



I overhear the two Bs, as I like to call them, at the end of the aisle, and I know exactly who they’re talking about.

“He’s probably the most good-looking guy I’ve ever seen, Britney. I mean have you seen him?”

I hear Britney respond with a sigh of agreement.

They’re talking about my new neighbor. I know they are. He just moved in a few weeks ago, and he has the whole town on their ear with tongues wagging.

I look down the aisle at Britney and Barbie, hoping they’ll move on so I can grab a loaf of the bread they’re standing in front of. I stare at the specialty breads and bagels in front of me, just biding time, but when they continue talking, finally out of patience and time, I walk their way, determined to get the bread and get out of here.

“Hey, Britney. Hey, Barbie. Excuse me,” I say and gesture to the bread they’re standing in front of.

They move apart, but barely. Barbie looks down her nose at me. “So have you met your new neighbor?”

I shake my head in response and mutter, “No” as I grab the bread off the shelf and put it in my cart. I’m about to walk away, but of course neither one of them are the type to let anyone get in the last word. I swear, what are they even doing here in front of the bread? I doubt either one of them eats it by the way they’re always worried about their weight.

Britney leans over, looking at the contents of my cart before scrunching her nose up. Surely she’s disapproving of my carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream. “You should ask him out… or bake him a cake.” They both snicker and my hands tighten on the bar of the cart. It’s either that or I’m going to slap one of them, maybe both.

The two bitch queens make fun of me and I try to ignore them. We were all in high school together and they did the same thing then. You would think that they would have grown up some by now, but obviously not.

“I’m too busy to be trying to schmooze with a city boy,” I tell them, hoping they’ll realize I have no interest in the new man in town. I mean yeah, I’ve seen him and I’d have to be blind to not see how handsome he is. But besides noticing his looks, that’s about as far as I go.

Barbie looks at me with sympathy—at least that’s what it seems like until she opens her mouth. “I’m sure with your husband leaving you the way he did, well, I’m sure you’re probably still trying to heal from that devastation.”

From anyone else, it might sound like they actually care and are concerned about me. But from Britney and Barbie, it’s just another way to put me down. As if I need to be reminded of the fact that my husband lost interest in me and cheated on me. Trust me, I’m not about to forget it. Even if I could, it doesn’t seem the people of this small town can.

I don’t even acknowledge her rudeness. I walk away, ditching the two Bs in the store, leaving them to carry on with their own twisted thoughts.

I go through the checkout and then load up the groceries in my car, trying to forget any thoughts about my ex. Just thinking about him and what he did to me causes my heart to race. Never mind the fact that it was with my own sister.

Refusing to go down that path, I try to steer my thoughts to something else, something that focuses on happy thoughts instead of all the embarrassment, lies and betrayal of my past. The new neighbor. Of course I’ve allowed myself to admire him from a safe distance, but I have no plans of talking to him.

I saw him just last week on his horse out in the pasture. I’ve seen the hands that work on his ranch plenty of times riding the fence line between our houses, but last week was the first time I’d seen him. He stopped in the middle of the pasture, took his hat off, held it to his chest, and turned his horse in a circle. It was like he was looking at his expanse of land, taking it all in and breathing it in. Him on that horse has to be the most splendid thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And for the life of me, I can’t get that image of him out of my head. I could see the pleasure on his face, even yards away from him. His land is so much bigger than mine and I feel bad that I pretty much get his breathtaking view for nothing. But I have to admit it’s been my savior these past few months. Ever since my husband left me for my sister and our divorce has become final, it has been sitting on my back porch with this perfect backdrop that has brought me peace. It’s through all of my hours sitting here looking out onto the land that I finally figured out that I’m going to be okay. I will survive this. I finally came to terms with the fact that none of this is my fault and I need to move on. And when I’m by myself, able to deal with it on my own, I’m good. It’s when I’m out and run into someone that gives me a pitying look, knowing every detail of the last year of my life, that I want to run and hide. I know how it is living in a small town and I should be used to it. But living through something as traumatic as I did, well it’s a lot to overcome, especially with a town that knows all my business. It’s then that I come back, sit on my porch and look out over the Hewitt Ranch and get some perspective…. And I find myself again.