Secret Babies for a Bossy Grump Read Online Ruby Emhart

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Joining the mile high club with a gorgeous stranger felt like perfect revenge.
Until I got pregnant—with his triplets.
After being burnt by my fiancé on our wedding day, I did the unthinkable.
Over shots of tequila, I shamelessly flirted with the hottest stranger at the airport.
And he initiated me into the mile high club.
Never to see him again…or, so I thought.
Until I saw him at my doorsteps.
Brady Wyler may be a rude, grumpy billionaire.
But, he’s the marketing genius I need to save my business.
He says he doesn’t mix business with pleasure.
But when our bodies collide in tight spaces, we break all the rules.
Scorching passion, muscles clenching and toes curling.
Things are about to get a lot more complicated.
When he finds out he’s about to be a daddy to our triplets!




“Hold on, hold on. There’s something shoved up my ass.”

I heard my words, registering the slur in my voice, yet I didn't process what I had just said until my charming stranger leaned back, removing his tongue from my mouth.

A smile spilled across his perfectly tanned face, his skin as smooth as marble. Panting, I lunged for him again, my hands sliding beneath his shirt, my mouth plastering against his soft lips. He slid his leg between mine, and I could feel his cock throbbing against my thigh.

My charming stranger. I’d nicknamed him that since I didn’t remember the one he’d told me. Turns out you didn’t need that kind of information to share an airplane bathroom.

Not when you looked like him.

The metal flap of the trash can jammed up my ass again, and I groaned. “Wait!”

I paused, shifting myself, the hum of the craft hovering along the walls, vibrating the cramped space between us.

He chuckled, removing his hands from my waist, his green eyes soaking me in. “If there’s something in your ass again, I’m about to get jealous,” his voice came deep and husky. He glanced down, and I caught the outline of his hard cock pressed against his pants. “Because it’s definitely not me.”


He licked his rosy lips, and I imagined his tongue lapping my pussy, his fingers sliding inside me. Was there enough room in here for that?

The whiskey on his breath reached me, and I yearned to taste it on his tongue again. I could already tell by his erection that he was bigger than Scott, way bigger. The idea of an unknown, massive cock sliding inside me stirred an excitement in my belly that I’d forgotten.

Not to mention that we could definitely get arrested for fucking in a public place.

I shook Scott’s name out of my mind, refusing to let that scum of the earth interrupt this moment. He’d already ruined what was supposed to be the best day of my life, and I was determined to make up for it. Even if it landed me in jail.

My charming stranger ran a hand through his silky dark brown hair, his chest muscles rippling beneath his white shirt. I vaguely remembered he was wearing a tie when I sat beside him in first class hours earlier.

Now the tie was gone, the top button undone, and all formalities lost.

Golden flecks swarmed in his green eyes, and the butterflies in my stomach plummeted. My panties were so soaked that I was pretty sure they’d melted away.

“No, not you poking my ass,” I whispered.

He grinned, flashing perfectly straight white teeth. “Do you want to change that?”

I tumbled sideways at his question, my elbow landing in the sink. The automatic faucet flickered on, spitting cold water over my arm. I was not sure if I’d tripped because of turbulence, his words, or the fact that I was seeing double, but I didn’t really care.

A startling thought rose in my mind. Was I really about to fuck a stranger on an airplane and join a club I didn’t even know still accepted members?

I never thought my day would have ended here. I smirked as the two words spilled out of my mouth, words I had always planned to say today—but not like this, with a charming stranger in the first class bathroom on a flight from San Francisco to New York.

Holding his gaze, I cupped the bulge in his pants and gave it a firm squeeze.

“I do.”

Ten hours earlier

The vibration of my phone woke me that morning, and I rolled over, my arm stretching across the empty space on the bed beside me.

I grabbed my phone and smiled at the text from him.

Good morning, beautiful. You know what today is?

Hmm, whatever could today be? I typed back.

His response was immediate. The last day I call you my fiancée and the first night I call you my wife.

Grinning, I laid on my side. Scott was sweet, but when we spent time apart, he always made an extra effort with messages like this.

Scott and I only slept apart when he was on business trips, but he had come up with the idea of spending the night before our wedding apart.