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Savage (The Kingwood Duet #1)

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S.L. Scott

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From New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. SCOTT, comes this new and utterly captivating series, The Kingwood Duet. With memorable characters and an unforgettable story, you will want to be a part of this new series launch.

Called “The Best Book of 2017” and “Summer’s MUST READ Sensation” by readers, bloggers, and bestselling authors.

Welcome to the mysterious world of the rich and the damned in this gritty, modern day fairy tale. Two star-crossed lovers will either find their destiny or meet their fate in a world where demons come in the form of familiar faces and pawns aren’t just players, but deadly.

She was my destiny.

I was her downfall.

We were a match made in hell.

But when we were together, that hell was pure heaven.

The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would pay the price for my sins. I wasn’t much older than she was, but old enough to know better. Old enough to know she would be good for me and I was bad for her. But I pursued her anyway. Back then I had hope that maybe she could change my future.

Maybe together we could change our fate . . .

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The Kingwood Duet Series by S.L. Scott

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S.L. Scott Books


The sun shouldn’t be shining

Considering the pain I’m feeling, it’s too bright.

Too happy.

Too blue.

The periwinkle sky reminds me of the only blue I want to see. Brilliant blue eyes, not found in the heavens, but here on earth.

The world dims momentarily. “Where’s your boyfriend?” the man asks.

How did I end up here? Like this?

I know. I just don’t want to admit the truth. Even now.

Closing my eyes to block him out, I search my mind for the answer. “He’ll come for us,” I whisper.


A sharp slap to my face sends my head to the right. I’m too stubborn to scream, to give him any further satisfaction, even as the taste of copper coats my mouth. Curling to the side, I hold my stomach, attempting to protect the only thing that matters. I haven’t told Alexander. I haven’t had the chance. I was going to, but an unforeseen detour brought me here.

Grief begins to envelop me, but I try to hold on, just a little longer. Reaching out, I touch the red pooled in front of me, wondering if that’s someone else’s blood. It can’t be mine. There’s too much to be mine. I’m alive, but now I’m wondering for how long.

“Where’s King?” is shouted, but I’m too tired to answer. Even if I could, I don’t know where he is.

He didn’t answer his phone. I allowed him to ride away, and the memory of his face causes my breath to stutter in my throat. As I cough, and blood splatters my present, I wish I could change the past. I wish I could go back to the beginning and relive our love from the start.

I would do so many things differently. Despite how we ended, I wouldn’t change us. I wouldn’t change our love.

His life is full of lies—the kind he tells and the ones he lives. Lies that have become mine and will haunt me as I learn to live without him. Those lies still haunt me as if they are mine to survive.

He once told me he would give me the life I dreamed about—the ending I deserved—a happy ending—but with rocks cutting into my skin and a stranger kicking the life from me, I start to wonder if all hope is lost.

Until I hear that familiar sound—the distinctive sound of a Harley’s exhaust foreshadowing my knight in leather armor.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen him.

It won’t matter what bad has happened between us.

Our love will never die, even if I do.

“I told you he’d come for us.”

Knowing he’ll be here soon, I close my eyes, and dream of the fairy tale we once had . . .


Alexander Kingwood IV

This is my favorite way to wake up.

Often pretending to be asleep, I spy on her as she climbs out of bed, finding peace watching her day begin. Life is better with her around.



A kiss to my face. Location varies from the tip of my nose to forehead, the occasional closed eyelid before she sneaks out of bed, tiptoeing into the bathroom and then back out. I struggle to stay still this morning, needing her in ways that aren’t quiet. The night clogs my throat, my voice still gruff. “Come back to bed.”

Standing at the dresser, digging through the top drawer where she keeps some of her things, Sara Jane looks back at me with a smile at play on her lips, simultaneously giving me a peek at some side tit. “I thought you were asleep.”

I stretch my arms up and grab hold of the top of the headboard behind me. “I’m up.” Her back is smooth. The curve from her waist to her hips defined more with each year that passes. Her ass sits high and tight above her legs. Her body caught at the other end of transitioning from a girl’s into a woman’s. Giving her a solid once-over, she knows what’s on my mind. “Come back to bed,” I repeat the request without a plea. She’ll come. She always does for me.

Sara Jane is not just good to me. She’s good for me. She’s kept me from burying myself or being buried more than a few times. My pretty firefly has seen me through my highs and lows and now stands by my side as the one constant in my life, the only person I can truly count on.

Her lace panties slide down her thighs and she returns. She knows what I want. She wants it too, so I don’t have to put on a big production or sweet talk her back into bed. Settling on top of me, she slides down over my cock, ready for me, slick with desire. Slow and steady feels like a good idea this morning. I hold her hips, keeping my grip light as she fucks me.

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