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Rock Hard Prince Charming: A Royal Bad Boy Romance

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Rye Hart

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A Prince’s life is all play and no work.
Until the day I became a single dad.
Or maybe it was when father stepped down from the throne unexpectedly.
Now, I’ve got to just a few months to find the perfect future queen.
And more importantly, the mother to my baby girl.

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Esma, my nine year old angel, was arriving home from private school today, and I was on cloud nine. I’d planned a week of activities– allowing me to selfishly soak in hours of father daughter time.

It’d been too long since she’d left for school. Three months, one week and five days to be exact. The private school my mother insisted we enroll her into kept Esma away for months at a time. Normally, I would openly object, but I knew it was undeniably the best schooling in the country and Esme had to have the best my royal wealth could afford.

As an eligible bachelor, not to mention royal Prince, I had gorgeous women throwing themselves on me like clockwork. No complaints by me of course.

However, I often had to find creative ways to separate my carnal desires from my family duties, and it wasn’t always easy. In this case, I’d spent the last seventy-two hours getting my horn dog tendencies out of my system.

My latest conquest was a sexy brunet by the name of Mina.

Mina was a screamer.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness!” Her chest heaved as she panted, her thighs quivering as she clenched her walls around my cock.

“You like it, don’t you?”

I thrust harder into the brunet as she held on tight to the column at the foot of my bed. The covers were strewn, hanging off onto the floor, and crumpled in a pile around us. By the time I was done with her, they’d be drenched.

I weaved my fingers through her long brown hair and pulled her head back. “Call me Sir.”

“Yes, Sir!” As the words left her mouth, she hugged the column tighter, bringing her head to rest against it as she moaned loudly.

“I’m coming!” she screamed.

“That’s right. Soak it good, Mina, and I’ll give you a nice reward for serving your Prince.”

She was limp against the post and had sagged nearly down to the bed with her tight ass in the air as I held her hips.

“Thank you, Sir. Please, Sir.” She had endured my relentless thrusting for a good half hour, and lucky for her, I was nearly done. I pulled out, and with my fingers still woven through her hair, I led her around to face me.

“On your knees to serve your future King.”

She smiled as she got on her knees and took my cock into her hands.

“It’s so impressive, Sir.”

“Thank you, but it doesn’t get off on compliments.” I pushed my hips forward, and she turned her eyes down with a smile on her face and took me into her mouth. “Eyes up.” She looked up at me on my command.

She was quite impressive herself with her full lips and emerald green eyes, and she stroked my base nice and steady as she took me to the back of her throat and even down it a bit. She kept her tongue out, licking my shaft as her head bobbed and it didn’t take me long to release.

She worked me faster as I released and my eyes rolled back as I spurted hot jets of my royal seed into her mouth. No future kings were wasted as she took every single drop.

She pulled off, but I shook my head, urging her back down. I wanted round two, and she still had one hole I hadn’t explored. But before I could turn her around, there were footsteps echoing through my room. Only one person was bold enough to enter without knocking, and his voice sounded out in the distance.

“You might want to wrap it up, Your Royal Highness.”

“I wouldn’t come any closer, or you’ll see exactly what’s wrapped around it.” His footsteps silenced and I helped Mina, up from her knees. She righted her clothes as I pulled my robe on.

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness it’s been an honor to serve you.” Her eyes were dreamy, and with a smile on her face and my taste on her lips, she scurried out past Lucas.

I walked out to the sitting area where I found him waiting. He gave a nod, standing until I took a seat.

“I hope I didn’t interfere in your royal business – Sir.”

“Oh fuck off!”

“You may also like to know that half the staff heard what was happening behind these walls.”

“Shit! The last thing I need is more gossip. Why are you so formal today, you know it drives me nuts.”

“I do, and normally I’d enjoy breaking your imperial balls even more” He chuckled and lowered himself to the sofa beside my chair. “Unless your mother was on the way.”

“Shit. Is she?” He gave a short nod as I raked my hand through my hair.

“Do I smell like sex?” I lifted my arm smelled myself.

“No, you’re good. Besides, I doubt your mother would recognize it.” He mumbled the last part under his breath, and I let it go. With my mother being the King’s wife, Her Royal Highness was not to be insulted.

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