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Returning to Love - Welcome to Cupids Cove

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ChaShiree M

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The girl of my dreams left me six months ago with no word or warning. I didn’t see it coming and didn’t know where to start to find her. You’d think with our small town someone would know something, but I am left in the dark, heartbroken, still preparing for the day she returns, praying and hoping it happens. She was my everything. But why would she leave when I was planning on forever?
Then one day she returns as suddenly as she left only this time, she comes back with a surprise and the knife in my chest is twisted and cemented. How could she do this? How can I get over what she did? I figure out quickly the answer is yes because I love her more than life and one way or another, we will have our happily ever after.
I am going to prove to her that what we had was real, and is forever. She is not only returning to her family, but she is returning to love.
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“He is so weird,” my friend, Linda says, frowning at the boys behind her as we walk home from school. I don’t answer her. What is the use? All it will do is cause her to go on and on and all I want her to do is walk faster before he comes over here and I make a fool of myself. “Don’t you think he is weird?” she asks me, talking about Mark Bishop.

“What do I know?” My go to answer when I don’t want to answer something.

“Oh, right,” she says, smirking. My forehead breaks out in a sweat, my feet picking up speed because I know what is coming out of her mouth next. “You loooove him.” She makes the kissing noise, and I put my head down trying to ignore her. She starts singing the annoying song and of course he shows up right at that moment. Could this get any more mortifying?

“Hi Linda.” He speaks to her in his dismissive voice, and it makes me smile even slightly before I hide it. Rolling her eyes at him, she turns to me.

“Whatever. Are you coming over still, Tiff?” I don’t want to. She is becoming more and more unbearable, and I would rather be home.

“Actually, I was hoping I could walk you home.” Mark turns and looks at me. I know my cheeks are the color of the Valentine decorations hanging around town, but I manage to nod my head. “Sweet,” he says, walking beside me.

“Fine then. Whatever.” She stomps away and he mumbles.

“Good riddance.” This makes me giggle and this becomes a long line of walks home and other things.

Seven Years Ago

Mmm. I love the feeling his mouth on mine produces from deep inside of me. It happens every time and every single time we start, I am ready to go to the next step and he stops. If it weren’t for the growly reaction he has anytime another boy speaks to me, I would be seriously insecure and unsure if he really liked me. “Damn it, Tiff. Stop trying to take your clothes off,” he reprimands me and my body shakes.

The first day he offered to walk me home, I was nervous, but excited. We didn’t say much to one another but when we made it to my door, he leaned in, kissed me on the cheek and told me to wait for him in the morning so he can walk me to school.

For the next three years we went from walks only, to actual dates once I turned sixteen, to parking at Sweetheart's Lane when Mark got his license. Once word got out that we weren't just a fling, everyone seemed to take interest in me, and Mark hated it. Who am I kidding? He still doesn’t like it. He said to me one day that the interest from other boys brings out feelings in him he can’t name or control. The naming part is easy. He is plain old bossy. Not like a girl. No. He is bossy like a possessive man. Like those Harlequin books I read when my mom is not looking. Just like right now. His hands are all over me and even though he won’t let me take my clothes off, the grip he has on me is tight enough to ensure I can’t be ripped from his grasp.

“Why? I want you,” I tell him like I always do when his fingers twist and pull at my nipples through my shirt. It’s a lightning bolt straight from my tits to my clit and I can feel the pulsing.

“I want you too, baby. Believe me, I do. Feel me, Tiff.” My hand goes to his zipper, and I feel his hard mass. “I want to slide inside of you and claim you once and for all, stripping your cherry from you and watching it drip all over my cock, baby. But I won’t do it a second sooner than prom night. Now, fix your clothes, baby. Your dad is going to shoot me if you are late.”

Six Months Ago

“You are going to fucking marry me, Tiff,” he grunts into my ear as his cock moves in and out of me, cementing more of himself in my heart and body. Not that he needs help in that department, especially since I am already pregnant. Did I mention that? No. Well, it is true. I found out yesterday and even though my first reaction was to be happy, I cried.

For the past month I have been fighting my need and love for Mark, against what is best for the both of us. If you would have asked a year ago, there was no doubt in my mind that we would be married, starting a family and in our careers, surrounded by our families. I was shrouded in a love bubble and then it popped.