Rescuing Me (The Rescue #1) Read Online Summer Rose

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For one daring Fire Captain life is about to kick into overdrive when he lays eyes on the curvy girl of his dreams.

Chris Hangar
I’ve dedicated my life and career to being the best at what I do. A professional firefighter who’s willing to stare down danger and put my life on the line for the good of others.
Then she stepped into my life.
I never imagined how great being in love felt. There was never any time.
Now I can’t shake her from my head and that leaves me open to mistakes.
Mistakes get people killed.
How am I supposed to balance the dangers of work with the feelings in my heart?

Sara Jennings
Life has never been kind to me. Maybe that’s why I worked my way into the fire department.
It offered me a chance at proving my worth and showing the doubters I had what it takes.
I never expected to find myself developing feelings for my boss.
Chris is everything I need and want in life. Just being near him arouses desires I didn’t know I had.
But my feelings for him just might be the end of my career.
What’s a girl to do?
Things are just starting to heat up as sparks fly between Chris and Sara.
Together they will share an incredible series of trials and life threatening situations that will either bring them closer together or drive them apart forever.


Chapter 1


I didn’t want to be there. The Annual Children’s Charity Auction. Every year it was the same old boring crap—a bunch of people dressed up in monkey suits and pretty dresses. I wouldn’t say I liked events like this. Don’t get me wrong, raising money for the children was great, but surely there was a better way to get donations.

Every year at this event, the firefighters, police, EMTs, and paramedics come together with local businesses to raise money for the local children’s hospital.

It was the only one of its kind in three counties and saved the lives of countless children. So, every year, I got dressed up in a tux and was sold like a slab of meat to the highest bidder for a night out.

It was degrading, but my brothers and I were legacies, so we had no choice. Our father was Michael Hanger. He had been the Fire Chief before I was Fire Chief.

He was made famous when he saved his family from a horrific house fire. The smoke detectors had failed and my younger brothers were unconscious in their beds. He had picked them up and started carrying them out.

I helped him. We saved them and my dad became a legend. I was the oldest of my five brothers and had worked my way up to Fire Chief. My brothers were in the same line of work. David was thirty-eight and a Captain, Mark was thirty-six and a firefighter/EMT, Jake was thirty-four and a firefighter/paramedic, and then Sam, my youngest brother, was twenty-eight and a probe.

We were also legends in another way. Our father had been known for his reputation with the ladies. My brothers and I were all tall and were blessed with warm, welcoming brown eyes that lured women to us. I’d been told on more than one occasion that we were poster boys for porn movies because we were all so hot, but I’d leave that to the ladies to judge. I went back to scanning the room. My brothers were all talking to different women, drinking, dancing, and having a great time.

As I scanned, the room, I saw the same old people, until I saw her. She was new —someone I’d never seen before, or at least I didn’t remember at the time. She had on a tight, green dress that matched her eyes. This lady was sex on a stick. That dress showed off all of her curves and hugged her body in all the right places. Cleavage was pouring out the top of her dress and made a nice place for her diamond necklace to rest and draw some attention. At that moment, she also looked like a woman in need of rescuing.

The man that she was talking to, was drunk. He was slurring his words and starting to get handsy. His hands were dropping below this lady’s waist, feeling her plump backside. The lady was trying to step away from him and he was just not letting her. Seeing her in such distress angered me. As soon as I’d seen her I felt very protective of her. I couldn’t explain it, but all I wanted to do was to keep her safe and love her. First, I had to take care of this jerk. I walked over to them and tried to put myself between the two of them.

I look at her. “Hi. I’m so sorry I was late, beautiful. I got caught up at work. I’m here now and ready to dance the night away with you.” I turned to the douchebag. “You need to let the lady go now or I’m going to have to have you arrested for being drunk and disorderly.” The man started to get mouthy with me. “I’m giving you one more chance before this turns physical.”