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Prince Player: A Royal Romance

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B.B. Hamel

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I’ll be a good prince if she’ll be my filthy princess.
Hazel’s stuck in my country. Only I can get her home.
But I have a bad reputation, and I need to change my ways.
So we make a deal. She can go home, but first I get a baby.
Then I’ll let her leave. But not before I get a taste.

Yeah, they call me Prince Player, and I’m proud of it. I earned that reputation with a long string of soaking panties and broken hearts.

But it’s time to take what’s rightfully mine. If I want the crown, I need to change my image. My father favors my cousin, so I need to prove I can be the monarch this country needs.

When I see that sweet, sexy, innocent girl working in my castle, I have the perfect idea.

I’m getting Hazel pregnant. And we’re doing it the old fashioned way.

She’s stuck in my country until she can save up enough cash to get home. If she gives me what I want, I’ll let her leave. But not a second before I get my taste.

Her tight little body and those f**kable lips drive me insane. It’s dangerous for her to get involved with a man like me. I never let myself get close, but Hazel makes me want to fix myself.

She’s going to help me become the respectable prince that the king wants me to be.

And I’m going to make her the filthy little princess that I need between the sheets.

Prince Player is a royal romance with steamy scenes and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Prince Player is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA. Includes bonus content!

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Prologue: Hazel

When a royal gives you a command, you have to obey.

The castle is everything I always dreamed it would be. It’s hard to imagine people could actually build a place like this castle, and although I’m just a lowly cleaner, I feel lucky that I get to walk its halls. I feel fortunate to have this job, even if it’s just until I save up enough money to get back home.

That is, until I caught the eye of Prince Nolan.

I don’t know how he even knows who I am. But I can’t say no to him. That’s the first thing they teach you here, no matter what, do as the prince tells you.

The prince commands me to meet him in his private chambers, and so I go. I have no clue what he’s thinking or what he really wants.

But he makes it clear when he tells me to get undressed.

That cocky asshole. Just because he’s a royal, doesn’t mean I’m just going to sleep with him. Sure, he’s handsome as hell, with a delicious smirk that drives me crazy and a rock-hard body that he clearly works on. But I don’t just sleep with someone because they order me to.

Still, he’s a real prince. And he’s so handsome, and staring at me, and I know what he’s thinking.

“What’s wrong?” he whispers in my ear. The room is so beautiful, and he’s so handsome, and I don’t know what I’m doing here. “Are you afraid?”

He grins at me and takes me by the hand. He pulls me toward the bed and gestures at a dress he has draped on the luxurious cloth comforter.

“Put that on,” he says to me. “I want you to wear it for me. I want you to watch me tear it off your body, bit by bit, until you’re begging me to take it all off.”

I take a sharp breath. The dress is gorgeous, a black silky cascade of material. I’ve never seen anything like it. Light seems to get lost in its shimmer.

But I can’t do this. I don’t even know this man. He’s an arrogant bastard if he thinks I’ll actually give in.

“Go ahead, touch it,” he says softly.

I take a sharp breath. Does he mean what I think he means?

He smirks and takes my hand, guiding it downward. My heart beats so fast, I can barely breathe.

I take the dress in my fingers. It’s silky smooth.

“Imagine that on your beautiful body,” he says. “Do you want to be my princess?”

I don’t want it. I need it. I don’t think I’ve ever needed something so badly before.

His lips graze my neck. “Go ahead,” he says. “Undress for me. Give in to what you want. I can see it written all over your body. You want this so badly, you can barely breathe.”

I turn toward him, not sure what to do.

“Give in to me, Princess.” He tips my chin up toward him.

Arrogant bastard. This prince is a total player.

And I’m falling for his game.



“But Nolan,” she says, her voice so whiny that I almost want to throw her out the window, “you promised!”

I didn’t fucking promise. I never, ever make promises to these girls. It’s always one night and they’re done, and I never say there will be more. And yet so many of them wake up from an evening of pure fucking pleasure and crave more so badly that they try to pretend like I offered them more.

I never fall for this shit.

I sigh and toss over her shirt. “Get dressed,” I say.

She pouts at me. Great lips, decent tits, but nothing I haven’t had before. “Are you serious?”

“Serious,” I say. “It was fun. But you knew what you were getting into.”

I can see the expression on her face change in an instant, and I know what’s coming next.

“You asshole,” she says, tossing the covers aside.

I sigh. It always goes like this. At first they try and trick me into giving them more, as if I’m some insipid moron. Sometimes they even try to beg. But always, every single time, they get pissed.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been through this little charade. They call me Prince Player because of all the different women I’ve slept with over the years. I have it down to a fucking science, and I never let a woman leave here without being fully satisfied.

But they always leave. That’s the rule, and I’m up front with them every single time. I don’t even know this one’s name, I think it’s like Cindy or something. But last night, before I brought her home, I said the same thing I always say: it’s just for tonight, babe, and then you’re gone.

They always agree at the time. And they always want more.

She climbs out of bed and doesn’t even bother to hide her body. I should get fucking hard, since she is pretty hot, but my cock doesn’t even stir. I already tasted what she had to offer, and while she was pretty decent, I don’t need another bite.

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