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Played - Auctioned

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Cara Dee

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The Auctioned Series is a journey packed with action, nail-biting suspense, family, and love. In Gray and Darius’s fight for freedom and a future where they aren’t haunted by the ghosts of their pasts, they’ll make you laugh, cry, possibly yell at your e-reader, and swoon just a little bit.
One last mission. One last operation—and the stakes had never been higher. Truth be told, Darius was exhausted. He didn’t want his past mingling with the life he was building with Gray and the kids, but he had no choice.
They were facing their biggest threat yet, and in order to even stand a chance, Darius had to revert to the man he’d once been. He had to set aside fatherhood and love and be the grunt, the private contractor, the soldier who went deep behind enemy lines.
It was time to rally the troops. With Gray by his side, Darius cashed in the last of his favors and put together a crew that would hopefully help them bring an end to this chaotic year. The desert waited for them. Again. So did Las Vegas.
The problem with Vegas…?
Just when you thought you knew how to play the game, it played you.
****This story takes place in Cara Dee’s Camassia Cove Universe, a fictional town where all books/series’ stand on their own, unless otherwise stated. The Auctioned Series should be read in the following order: Auctioned, Stranded, Deserted, Played, and Finished.
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Cara Dee


All right, he’d stalled long enough. The clucking outside got louder, and it was only a matter of maybe half an hour before Gray woke up.

Darius drew a deep breath, kissed Gray’s neck, then dragged himself out of bed and stepped into his jeans. On the way to the bathroom downstairs, he snatched up a beater and a flannel shirt.

He rotated his shoulders, yawned, and slowly restarted his brain as he relieved himself and washed up. New day. Big day, to boot. They had a lot going on.

In the kitchen, he turned on the oven and checked in on the bread on the island. Both loaves had risen overnight and were ready to bake.

He took a minute to appreciate the newest addition to the kitchen, a narrow wood stove with two burners that stood right next to their regular gas stove.

Gray wanted a microwave…

Darius had won this round, but he was planning to give the knucklehead a microwave for his birthday in a few months. For now, he soaked up his victory and started a fire in the wood stove. Because absolutely nothing could top having breakfast with his family and drinking coffee made on that thing. The stove was just one more step closer to self-reliance. It would work if the power went out, and that was the goal, wasn’t it? Life should go on as usual even if the rest of the world erupted in chaos.

After placing the loaves in the regular oven, Darius crossed the living room area and stuck his feet into his boots in the entryway. He heard the patter of quick feet upstairs and smiled to himself. The first breath of fresh air filled his lungs as soon as he stepped out onto the porch, and he stretched his arms over his head and let the morning invade his senses. The sun was rising between the trees. A blanket of fog rested on the forest floor. Birds chirped. The water in the stream rushed and gurgled.

It was getting chillier each morning. Summer was nearing its end, and soon, they wouldn’t be having all their meals on the porch. Back during the comically brief moment it’d only been Darius and Gray in the cabin, eating in front of the TV had worked just fine. But now they had two more mouths to feed, and kids deserved a proper dinner table.

They’d prioritized sturdy furniture for the porch, because come rain or sunshine, this was the place to eat in the summer. Darius had demanded a wide roof for a reason. From here, he could see most of their property. Here, he sat in the evenings with his last cup of coffee for the day, looked out over their land, and planned future chores and projects.

It was a long list, despite that they’d come far already.

A dining table and four chairs had recently been added to the list—they’d fit fine in the empty space between the kitchen and living room—and as he heard the door creak behind him, he added one more thing. The hinges needed greasing.

He glanced back just as Jayden stepped out, wearing only pajama bottoms, boots, and the cowboy hat Pop had given him.

He grinned sleepily. “I almost forgot my hat.”

Darius smiled back. “You really like that thing, don’t you?” It was cute as fuck, he had to admit.

Jayden nodded and skipped down the steps, landing on the grass with both feet. “It’s cool.”

Darius followed, and the two trailed toward the back of the property. Behind the guest cabin, against the mountain wall, right by the beginning of the stream that gushed out from the cliffside, they’d assembled their new chicken coop.

Gathering the day’s supplies in the morning had become one of Darius’s favorite chores since Jayden started joining him.

The kid snatched up the basket that hung on a hook right outside and opened the netted door to the coop. He’d been a little scared of the rooster the first week, but he’d learned that ignoring the bird and not giving it too wide of a berth was the best trick. Otherwise, the rooster could get cocky.

Darius’s father had once abandoned the farm life he’d been born into to join the Army, and to this day, he claimed he hated everything having to do with farming. Yet, he’d driven up here several times a week lately to share pro tips and “have a look around.”

Darius figured his old man found it peaceful here. After all, the farm life could be charming as fuck if you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Jayden watched Darius collect a couple eggs, then asked, “Why do you knock on the shell?”

“To see if it’s strong enough.” Darius slipped a hand under one of the hens and grabbed another egg. “Come here.” He bent down a little and held the egg to Jayden’s ear. “A strong shell sounds like this.” He knocked it lightly. “And it doesn’t break. See? We don’t want weak shells. That means the hens might not be getting enough calcium—and bacteria spreads easier.”