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One Hella Lucky Goddess

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Marian Tee

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Welcome to another day in the life of a not-so-young and oh-so-stressed goddess.
Just when I thought I could go on a honeymoon with the ever gorgeous Lord of the Underworld, I find out I’m being sued by his ex-wife, aka the world’s pettiest woman.
Pettiest, you hear? Not prettiest. And no, I’m not being petty myself.
Imagine being sued just because someone thinks you’re not goddess material. Petty, right?
But because Persephone has taken her case all the way to the Olympian High Court, I now have only under twenty-four hours to find myself a divine dominion to claim and rule…or risk losing my title as LOTUS.

Honestly, you guys: since when did not being “divine” enough become a crime?
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Marian Tee

In Which We Have Another Recap Masquerading as a Prologue

So...Mt. Olympus, you guys.

I can't say the place has ever made it to my bucket list, and frankly, if I knew anyone who has it in theirs, I'd totally think that person bonkers.

Because duh.

Mt. Olympus isn't real...or so we all humans were supposed to think.

But...I digress.

Mt. Olympus is home to the Twelve Great Olympians, one of which could have been my husband...if he hadn't turned the offer down. He's just chill that way.

And hot.

Like hot literally and figuratively, since my gorgeous-even-when-grumpy Hadrian also happens to be Hades, ergo, the Lord of the Underworld, and hey now...did I just hear you snort?

You're thinking being easily distracted comes naturally to me, aren't you?

But I'm not.


The thing is, my occasionally low attention span is merely a lingering side effect of my previous condition (please refer to Book 3: Hell Becomes Her for more details *wink*), but I'm normally super focused. So enough with those rude snorts and eye rolls, 'kay?

And besides, we have so much more fun things to talk about. Like...oh, right, like what I was talking about earlier.

Mt. Olympus.

Because that place, you guys...

The journey alone to get to it is an adventure in itself.

If there's more than one road that leads to Rome - huh? What's that again? You're saying I'm mixing my metaphors? I honestly wouldn't know...since I think I skipped classes back when my Grade 12 teacher was discussing that.

But whatever.

Metaphors, meteors.

They're not the main point here, so I'd really appreciate it if you could stay focused.

Like me.


Like me.

So anyway.

As I was saying earlier, if there's more than one road that leads to Rome, it only follows that there's also more than one portal that can magically transport you to Mt. Olympus. But if you want to have the time of your life while getting there, the very best way to get to the gods' digs is to have one of the wind gods lasso a synefia for your ride.

A synefia is a creature that only answers to Aeolus (aka the Keeper of the Winds) and his kin. It's cute, puffy, and cloud-like...but it also has the temperament of a raging bull, so be sure to go through the proper channels if you don't want them tossing you off their cotton-candy-ish backs once you're several thousand feet off the ground.

And lastly, do remember to buckle up. Seatbelts exist for a reason, and riding a synefia is like taking a rollercoaster to Mt. Olympus. Expect a wildly exhilarating ride, and expect things to get even more magical once you've made it to the pantheon's legendary residence.

Think Santorini by the sea with its posh whitewashed villas, blue-domed churches (or temples in this case), and cliffside views. Mt. Olympus has all of that and more...since it also happens to be a mega island floating above the great blue skies.

The place is beyond anything I've ever imagined, and that's saying a lot, believe me.

Since I'm a huge fan of Disney's Hercules, there's little I don't know about Greek mythology. My husband might beg to differ, of course, but we need to cut him some slack.

Disney did paint a rather horrible picture of Hadrian in the movie-turned-TV-series, but I promise you, nothing can be further from the truth. My Hades, ergo the real Hades, is the quintessential tall, dark, and handsome Greek, and Hadrian even smolders and broods to perfection. He's practically everything you'd imagine a regular romance novel hero to be...except for one thing.

In the thousands and thousands of years that he's been alive (I'm not actually sure how old he is; the man can be rather touchy about his age), the Lord of the Underworld has apparently failed to receive any memo about alphas often doubling as selfish, insensitive turds.

Like, seriously.

Hadrian and I had the chance to meet as strangers twice (you can know more about this by checking out You Had Me at Boo, hohoho) and in both times my husband always ended up having me move in with him and saying he's in love with me...within days.

That's just how perfect he is, and yes, I know I've ended up rambling off-topic again, but no, this still doesn't prove I'm easily distracted. I may be in my forties, but I'm also a woman in love. Hadrian and I have only been married for weeks, so of course my thoughts still get sidetracked where he's concerned.

I mean, I used to hate mornings when I was alive, and I actually did still hate it a little back when I was a ghost (please refer to Book 1: Mr. Hell, Meet Ms. Haunted for more details *snicker*), but ever since Hadrian and I became an item?

Boy, do I love mornings.

They've even become my favorite time of the day, and it's mainly because of how much I love, love waking up to finding Hadrian doing something wicked to me...or inside of me. We're all adults here, so I'm sure you get what I mean, and...fine, fine, fine, I'm digressing again.