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Natalie’s Choice

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Sam Crescent

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Natalie Pritchard doesn’t want to come between the men of Chaos Bleeds. So when Slash and Butler both try to compete for her, she’s not having any of it, and steps away from them.

Slash is pissed. He’s wanted Natalie from the first moment he saw her, and he knows that Butler only wants her because he can’t have someone else. There’s no way Slash is going to lose the only woman he’s ever loved, especially when he’s not even gotten her yet.

When Natalie goes on a date with an old friend, Slash is tempted to follow her, but decides against it. When they get a call to say Natalie’s been badly beaten, Slash knows he’s wasted enough time. He should have been there.

Waking up to see Slash there, Natalie is brought back to the first time she saw him, how he made her heart flutter, and the crush that thrived before her father died.

Will Slash finally be able to woo his woman, and to have the family he’s been craving? Will they get their happily ever after?

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Sam Crescent Books

Chapter One

“Do you know what I realized every time I’m here?” Lacey asked.

“I have no idea.” Natalie Pritchard smiled at Lacey in the mirror as she continued to run a brush through her hair.

“That you girls always get me to color your hair. I’m like the hair fairy or something.”

She burst out laughing. “I was sitting outside and you dragged me in here.”

“For a good cause,” Lexie said. “Your hair was starting to look really unkempt and kind of, you know …”

“Gross,” Lola said. “When was the last time you brushed it?”

Natalie stared at the old ladies of The Skulls MC that had decided to visit Piston County, along with the ladies who were her best friends of the Chaos Bleeds MC. She never thought she’d actually be friends with a bunch of bikers’ chicks, but here she was, getting her hair done while some of the women enjoyed some bubbly. Holding her cup, she’d not even taken a sip.

She never drank.

Most of the time she was the driver, seeing as Devil had helped her to pass her test in the past few months. She’d never had the time in high school. Between studying, her art, and the ranch, driving seemed pointless.

Of course, now that she was all alone, she didn’t have much choice in the matter. Devil had been amazingly patient with her, taking his time to guide her. Out of all of the Chaos Bleeds men, he’d been the only one willing to give her a chance. All of the others had been terrified.

Poor Devil. During the first few lessons she nearly killed him.

“Remember you’re carrying a father right now, and imagine that not only do my kids need me, but also the whole of the club needs me as well.”

He’d often repeat those words, or some variation of those words. After the first few hiccups. everything was fine. Devil was alive and would be happy with his children—who she happened to babysit, or at least work as their live-in nanny.

“Your hair is perfect. Ignore them. You only had a couple of knots. Nothing I couldn’t handle,” Lacey said, patting her shoulder.

She liked Lacey. The woman was kickass, smart, and she didn’t take any shit from anyone. Completely the opposite of her. She had a tendency to run and hide, or to accept the gibes that always came her way. High school had been the worst years of her life.

Still, she’d go through it all again if it meant she’d get to be sitting here, talking with these amazing ladies.

All of them had curves, and all of them had men who were completely devoted to them, and she … no, she didn’t crave it. She thought of both Butler and Slash, and she closed up, refusing to wish for something she’d never have.

“So, I hear you’ve not only got one man panting after you, but two,” Lacey said.

“You should see Slash and Butler around her. Seriously, they’re like two dogs chasing after their bone,” Judi said.

Judi was married to Ripper and they had three beautiful babies. She was also Devil’s adopted daughter, but she didn’t know all the details related to Judi’s adoption, only that she’d been a lot older than most kids, and had a really rough time of it.

“I bet they consider you a very tasty bone,” Lacey said.

She chuckled. Slash and Butler.

Both men were gorgeous in their own way. Slash was … rock-hard, solid. He’d been to hell and back, and still managed to have a cheeky smile that was infectious. Butler was a different matter. He’d been an addict—his vice being drugs—but in recent years he’d also stopped drinking. There were many times she’d see him holding a bottle or a glass, but it always turned out to be a soda of some kind. He simply held it in a way that made it look like alcohol, just to fit in.

Slash had kissed her.

Butler didn’t make her feel weird. He made her laugh by his blaringly obvious statements that were never designed to hurt. After her father’s passing, she needed someone to say something like, “I know you’re going through shit right now, but even though I sound like an asshole for saying it, it’ll get better.” Butler had been the one to say it. He’d not coddled her either.

Working on a ranch nearly every single hour of the day, being coddled or told everything was going to be all right, wasn’t something she was used to. When Slash did it, she always felt like something was about to go wrong. Then there were times that she loved his optimism and she enjoyed his company. The kiss they shared had also been … amazing. Her first kiss. Her only kiss.

Being a little older than Lola, she was still a virgin.

Yeah, in this day and age, she still held her precious V-card, and hadn’t let it go. She took a sip of her drink.

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