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My Best Friend’s Dad

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Bella Winters

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Why does something so wrong feel so right?
And would this mean, I lose my daughter forever?
I can’t let that happen!

Boyce ~
I was a broken man, trying to heal.
She was my daughter’s best friend.
Strictly off limits…
Until that one night, when she looked… all grown up.

Vivian ~
The day I lost my parents changed everything.
Thankfully, I found a soft place to land.
But when I grew up and moved away,
I couldn’t get him out of my head.
Now, I’m all grown up, he’s single, and we’re both willing.

Author’s Note: If you love taboo / extremely forbidden romance, Bad Boys & Billionaires, then this Older Man Younger Woman romance is a MUST READ.
You’ll LOVE the HEA!!!

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I watched her blonde hair swaying above me as she moved easily, smiling easily. It was late and dark in my room, but the moon was shining through the open window that overlooked the Chesapeake Bay just outside of the window. The breeze was cool as Nora moved and slipped me deeper inside of her.

Nothing felt like Nora. No woman ever felt like Nora and I remembered when we met at a dance club when we were both in our twenties. I’d dated before then and so had she, but we connected immediately. Her pale blonde hair and dark green eyes struck me immediately, and we spent the entire night together as well as the following six months before I proposed to her.

I played back the past as I gripped her hips and rose to thrust into her slowly, memorizing the feeling of her body wrapped tightly around me. I’d never stop loving this woman, and I closed my eyes as she moaned my name and scraped her nails down my bare chest. Nora came first, and I followed, filling her with my seed as we both moaned. I rose up, burying my cock inside of her as she draped her body over me, her full breasts pressing against my damp skin as I stroked her back.

“I love you,” I told her as she sighed happily and rolled beside me, keeping an arm securely around me.

“I love you.” Her voice was soft and sweet, and she pressed her lips to my shoulder.

I drifted back to sleep, holding her close and letting the sound of the wind and water lull me back to sleep.

I woke up alone, reaching for Nora as I looked around. She was gone and the reality that she had been for four years now hit me like a train. I sighed and closed my eyes as I listened to the sounds of giggling girls downstairs in the kitchen, talking to my chef, Anne.

Bella was my ten-year-old daughter with Nora and Viv was her best friend. They were the same age, but Vivian lost her parents in a tragic car accident six months ago and had no remaining family to take her in. I knew how Bella would have felt leaving her home after her mom died at six, so I stepped in with a team of lawyers and ultimately adopted Vivian within a few months of the accident. It was easy when you were the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in Maryland and you had a staff to take care of every need the kids had. We lived on the bay in the same house that I bought with Nora after we were married for a few years and my business was taking off.

The house was a sprawling five-bedroom ranch style home with a large living room, a screened in porch and a lot of grass outside to run around on. It was a perfect place to grow up in and the girls seemed happy most of the time. Vivian had her days where she missed her family, but Bella was great with her and they kept each other going.

I rose and went into the master bathroom, brightly lit from all the windows, and rubbed my eyes. I looked tired. I’d felt tired since losing Nora to breast cancer, realizing that I was a single father from now on. Thank God for the staff that I had to help me out as I kept my business going. I brushed my teeth and pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt to go downstairs, feeling years older than my thirty-seven years.

I walked down the side stairs and smelled bacon and coffee, inhaling deeply. Anne made a great breakfast and it was the weekend, so I was going to enjoy it. I walked into the large kitchen to see the woman standing at the breakfast nook where the girls were eating, laughing with them.

“Good morning,” I greeted the three of them as Anne turned to smile at me, her face wrinkled with the warmth of it.

“Good morning, Boyce. Would you like some coffee?” She was already walking towards the pot and I nodded as she poured a cup and slid it across the marble counter to me. I loved the coffee that she bought at the little shop in town and sipped it gratefully as I glanced at Bella and Viv. My daughter was blonde like her mother though she had my light green eyes and beautiful just like Nora. Viv was a redhead with mischievous blue eyes and a bright smile when she wasn’t feeling sad. They were talking closely as they ate the bacon and eggs that Anne cooked, making me realize just how close they were. Bella met Viv in Kindergarten and they had been inseparable ever since then.

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