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Mr. Perfect O: A Single Dad Romance

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Amy Brent

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She’s depriving me, and I’ll teach her a lesson.
I am going to make her scream my name, beg for more…

They call me Mr. Perfect O for a reason.
I specialize in delivering the wettest, mind blowing ‘O’s’ ever.
Call me a manwhore,
But as a single dad with responsibilities, I don’t have much choice.
Until, I see her.

Tori is forbidden fruit, my six year old’s school teacher.
I don’t do relationships.
I never get with younger women.
But one look at those luscious eyes and that perfect a$$,
And I wanna break all rules.

When she calls me to discuss the progress of my daughter,
The only thing progressing is my d*ck.
It’s growing tall and hard,
And it’s so ready to claim the virgin.
But then she finds out what I do for a living.

Guess, who’s the one begging now?

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Chapter 1


“Thank you, sir. We’ll be in touch.” The young man stood, and as his chair made an awful sound against the hard, tiled floor, he extended his hand. Calling me sir grated my nerves. He could have addressed me Ross, but being half my age, I assumed he was showing respect for his elders. Too bad he held my fate in his hands, or I might have told him off.

I grabbed his hand and met his eyes, gripping tight. “Thank you.”

Every interview I’d been to over the past month had been with managers half my age, and they would no doubt give the jobs to other men half my age as well.

Since losing my job, it had been a struggle, and if it were just me, I’d find something with mediocre pay and any available hours. But with my six-year-old, Katie, to raise, I had to find something that would do more than pay the bills and still allow me a little time to see her grow up.

Her mother, Sarah had passed away three years ago when Katie was only three. She’d suffered a long battle those three years after having our daughter and then going through dialysis and every experimental drug and procedure we could find. She’d wanted more than anything to be around to see Katie grow up to, but that wasn’t in the cards. Her kidneys had failed, and after a long, hard battle, she passed away.

It took a lot of time, but I’d come through the worse of my mourning period with some of my sanity intact. Watching Katie grow up had been the biggest blessing of my life, although it was bittersweet without her mother to share it with. She barely remembered her mother, and to keep a bit of stability, I’d tried to keep the same babysitter as long as possible. As it turned out, in three years, we’d been through four.

I checked my watch as I left the office and shook my head at the time. I hated late interviews, and thankfully my sitter was able to grab my daughter when needed. I rushed right home, lucky enough to miss the rush hour traffic and found Katie and Mia, the latest babysitter who had been with us for almost a year now, playing cards in the middle of the living room floor.

“Daddy!” Katie was on her feet and giving me a big hug within seconds of hitting the door. Mia turned over on her side, propping herself up on one elbow as the hem of her shirt hiked up to expose the soft skin of her midriff, and the little turquoise belly ring that always caught my attention.

“Any luck, Mr. Reed?” She asked as she sat up, revealing a low-cut neckline that showed more of the black bra beneath it than it should. I couldn’t remember a time ever seeing her in clothes that weren’t full of rips, intricately tied knots, or cut off in some way to expose more than a grown man like me should see from a girl who was barely eighteen.

I’d asked her many times not to dress in such inappropriate clothes, and since today’s outfit was much less revealing than some of the short shorts and tank tops she usually wore over, I decided not to scold her for it. With her living just down the street, I’d made her go home many times and change. I didn’t want Katie thinking it was okay to wear such things.

“We’ll see. They said they’d be in touch, but that’s usually a no.” I pulled out my wallet and hated that every time I had done so lately, I cringed knowing money was growing tighter and tighter. Thankfully my date would be cheap.

Melanie had never wanted to do more than fuck, and after the week I’d had looking for work, she was just what I needed.

“Here’s some money for dinner tonight. Order out whatever like.”

“For twenty bucks? It looks like it’s pizza again. And I’ll just keep the change.” Mia smiled, and I let out a long breath and patted her back as she walked into the kitchen ahead of me.

“Look, Mia, I know you’ve wanting to help out, but here, take your check.” I pulled it from the fridge and handed it to her. She’d held it there a week in case I needed it for groceries, but I assured her things weren’t that bad yet.

“Are you sure? I mean, it’s not that big of a deal.” She was a good kid, despite her slutty clothes and shook my head and touched her arm. If I thought it appropriate, I would have pulled her in for a hug, but I didn’t think I could handle it with that bare waistline she was sporting in her short tee.

“You’re a good kid, but really. It’s okay. I’m going to talk my friend tonight and see if she has any leads on a job and hopefully, things start to pick up.”

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