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More Than Me

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Watching my best friend find her HEA, showed me just how much I have sacrificed, trying to take care of my family. He came into my life, like a tornado with a definite destination. My heart. Boy does he accomplish his goal.
The problem is; It is about more than me. I come with a lot of baggage and the potential for more. How can I free myself, to follow my heart….when I can’t admit what’s holding me back?

She has been running from me, since the moment I told her, she was mine. She thinks she can get away…not a chance. I am a man used to getting what I want and I want her more than I have ever wanted anything before.
She is the lightest part of my day. The oxygen keeping me alive. If only I can convince her and get her to say YES! I don’t know what is holding her back from me, but I will find out. Once I do, nothing will stop me from claiming my heart’s desire.
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ChaShiree M



“Jesus. I need this to be over so I can take her.” I say to myself as I sit in my car and watch a niece, I didn’t know I had and her best friend, who will soon be my wife though she doesn’t know it, have coffee and laugh. God she is beautiful when she laughs. Her face lights up when she smiles. Radiating life and joy. Her skin shines like gold. Which is perfect given she will be my richest treasure yet.

“Hola, hermano.” I say answering the phone. My brother is calling to get an update and though I know I should be paying attention to his words; my eyes can’t leave my Crystal. “Que?” I have to ask him what he said.

“What are you doing Hector? It is obvious you haven’t been listening to me.” Shit. I have to turn my head to get my mind right.

“I am sitting outside watching your daughter and her friend.”

“I still can’t believe it. After all the years I spent looking for my Olivia, it never occurred to me she took something that belonged to me and with me when she left.” I nod my head even though he can’t see me. For the past 20 years, my brother has been searching for the love of his life. Never able to wrap his mind around a reason she would leave him, with no word. I had my suspicions, especially when my mother practically threw a party for him, parading all of the women in our society in front of him mere days after she left.

I tried to tell Mando once, but he has always placed my mother on a pedestal, and it was no use. He never married, fell in love or had a family. Work has been his life. Hell, it's mine as well. I have never found a woman that has set my Spanish blood ablaze until I laid eyes on Crystal. My diamond in the rough. So, imagine our surprise a little over two weeks ago when the new P.I. came back with a picture and name of a woman he believed to be her. Not only that, but he had proof that the woman gave birth exactly six months after leaving my brother. “I think it's time brother. I am going to be on a flight out tonight. Didn’t you say they had a dinner planned with Olivia for tomorrow?”

“Si.” I tell him yes. I overheard on one of my spy missions while they were in a coffee shop, that AraLynn and her boyfriend had dinner set for tomorrow with her mom.

“Very good, Hector. It’s time to go get my family back.”

Yea. I agree. Time for me to go and get mine too.


Four Weeks Later

“HECTOR!” I love hearing her scream my name when my mouth is covering her sweet, fat pussy. I continue to lick my ice cream sundae, her syrup sticky around my mouth. I moan as my face is buried in her sweetness, knowing the vibration from my mouth sends her crazy. “Oh God! Fuck me Papi.” She says moving against my face holding my head against her.

“You know what I want to hear, Corazon.” I say my eyes looking over the present in front of me. I have been asking this beautiful flower since the night of the dinner at Olivia’s where my brother met his daughter and found the love of his life. This was also the night I came face to face with mine. We left the dinner that night, together, since she had no other choice. She sat beside me, not a word spoken but I could feel the tension between us. That night I took her home, much to her shock. She looked at me, unsure of who I was or how I knew where her apartment was. Not giving her a chance to question me, I helped her out the car, walked her up to her door, kissed her and told her I would be here in the morning to pick her up for work.

That first day, when I picked her up from work, I took her to dinner. Over lobster and garlic pasta, we talked, laughed and exchanged sexy innuendos. She told me all about her simple childhood being the daughter of a preschool teacher and a carpenter. She grew up in a small town in Iowa and as soon as she turned eighteen, she moved to Chicago. She goes home and visits twice a week.

On one of our dates, I told her all about Mando and my upbringing being the children of Mexican diplomats. It was hard, daunting and tons of pressure, but it gave my brother and I the backbone to survive in the bows of the business world. When I dropped her off, she looked me in my eyes and in them, I saw the same passion I was harboring inside of me. Though I didn't take her cherry that night, I drank it down my throat with the cream she released. Against the wall she stood as I went to my knees to please the woman that will be my Reina. My Queen. That was the first night I asked her to marry me. My face covered in her very essence, kissing her mouth as she tasted herself on me, moaning and rubbing against me. I looked her in her eyes and asked her. “Marry me, Reina. Belong to me.”