More Than a Wolf (The Wolves of Lupine Falls #3) Read Online Miranda Bailey

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I’m a wolf in hiding. The world isn’t the same place it was over ten years ago when Keziah took over the clan at Lupine Falls. I’m not the same girl I was when I left my clan behind and being all but invisible is something I’ve become highly skilled at. Until another wolf shows up in the hotel I’m bonded to. Until he makes a demand I can’t refuse, not without drawing attention to myself.
From that point on, my life becomes chaos and what I thought I once knew about what I was, what I could be, and what I will be all become different things. First there’s a body on the floor of his penthouse suite and then I’m in a van with him and the other two wolves with him. Mysterious wolves that seem off to me, but I can’t quite figure out why. These are dangerous, rejected wolves and I’m in a whole lot of danger. Can I survive with three such unpredictable people? And how long can I resist the one my wolf claims as her mate?
Figuring out what to do with me was their first problem. What comes next? I’m about to find out.


Chapter One


Charlotte, North Carolina



That was the word that burst into my mind as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I started to look around the hotel lobby. Awareness of something…other.

I looked around the tasteful, but expensively, decorated lobby, trying to find the reason for that awareness. Normally, I knew what it was, what it meant, but this was different. This awareness was powerful and unlike anything I’ve felt in the last 11 years. It was unlike anything I’d felt even before I’d left Lupine Falls to find a better life all those years ago, one without a dictatorial Alpha with a wife that treated our pack like slaves rather than family.

There was another wolf in the hotel, one that my wolf was very aware of. But why?

I found him at the counter, talking with one of the staff members at the check-in desk. She was new and her name was Amber, I think. Blond with engaging brown eyes, she blushed prettily as she spoke to the man that now glanced at me with curiosity in those blue eyes that drilled into me. A flicker in those eyes told me he knew what I was, knew that I didn’t belong here.

But then, neither did the man with curly black hair that was long on top but shaved to the skin on bottom. Oh, his clothes fit in well with the overpriced labels that the other guests in the hotel wore, but something about the way he wore them told me he wasn’t used to such…finery. He looked as if he was used to wearing the rough, cheap clothes from the sectors that used to be cities and states but were now…wastelands.

I pushed the vacuum further out into the lobby, wishing Livia had done her job properly so I wouldn’t have to come down to clean the floors again after I’d spent the entire morning cleaning my assigned rooms. But I decided as I turned the vacuum on and started to push it in neat lines along the red carpet, if she had done her job properly, I wouldn’t be staring at a man that looked like nothing but trouble. The kind of trouble I needed to avoid.

So why couldn’t I keep my eyes off of him? Why did I…feel him?

Because he’s a wolf, you nitwit, my inner wolf replied calmly. She was always calm, even when I felt like screaming my head off.

I managed to keep my eyes down after that or tried to. I heard Amber laugh at something the guy said when I turned off the vacuum to move it to the other side of the lobby, nearer to the plug on that side. Something deep inside of me twitched at the way she laughed and looked at him with wide, delighted eyes. A primal feeling took over and I…hated Amber?

What the hell was that about? Confused, I looked away, not wanting to feel any of this but I knew it had something to do with my wolf. The wolf I’d suppressed for a very long time to hide in this world of pure humans that would kill me or use me as a science experiment if I ever gave myself away to them. It was bad enough the magical wars had spilled over into the human world, destroying vast swathes of the United States, leaving it in sectors as the warlords that managed to retain control shared the spoils of what was left without being revealed for what I was.

“I’ve upgraded you to the penthouse suite sense our system glitched, Mr. Ramirez.” Amber said in a husky voice with a cute little wink to charm the man my wolf wanted me to get much closer to.