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Several years after the Temorshian-Earth War, the Galaxy is at peace. La’Mursians, Temorshians, and Humans have started working together alongside the Galactic Court to bring stability and prosperity to citizens of their three worlds. Although harmony begins to blossom, a rebellious faction emerges and tests the newly formed bonds between the three planets. As discontent grows, Layla Aves and Glaklin Lerd are asked to step in and help facilitate a truce.
Layla Aves has finally achieved her dreams, and as she eagerly awaits her assignment for her next mission, she pushes away her growing terror that someone will find out she’s not fit for her new role. As she tries to navigate her inner turmoil, she quickly realizes that her dearest friend, Glaklin Lerd, might be able to help her in more ways than one.
Glaklin Lerd has always held a special place in his heart for Layla Aves. He would never let it get in the way of their close friendship, but part of him wonders what could be if he was brave enough to voice his true feelings.
As alliances are tested, can love conquer all or will it unravel everything they’ve all worked so hard for?



To Kayla, who never wavered in her support of me or my work. May you see your love, friendship, and courage reflected within these pages.

My belly twisted in knots. Normally, my nerves were subtle and easily ignored. Today they screamed for attention.

My eyes crossed as I stared straight ahead at the board flashing different data points for each student. Fidgeting was frowned upon on Selucia, but I couldn’t resist the urge. It was the only way I could stay focused and alert enough for my turn to speak at the front of the hall before everyone in attendance.

My entire graduating Galiania class knew what to expect from this moment in our training. It was our time to showcase what we’d learned about the Galaxy over the last several years. We’d practiced presenting together, testing our various specialties and knowledge about the Galaxy against each other. We were ready, but it didn’t stop the nervous energy from clouding the room.

I’d worked hard to get to this point in my new career alongside my classmates. I felt prepared and capable. Tired from the rigorous days and nights of training, sure, but excited to get started doing what I set out to do: rebuild relations between Earth and the Temorshians, an alien race who, in the past, was determined to take Earth for themselves. Though the new allyship between the two planets was strained, we’d all come a long way after the war. Now, as I wrapped up three years of schooling, a Galiania position would allow me to creep out from under my older sister Kayin’s shadow and find my own way.

Kayin was my role model for all things. Being the eldest she always seemed wise and otherworldly, knowing what to do in any situation. With her big green eyes and inspirational confidence, I loved her to pieces but always felt small next to her––even though I was at least two inches taller. She was everything I wanted to be. I just couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.

“Layla Aves,” the proctor cried over the applause for the student ahead of me.

Taking a breath and swallowing my reservations, I stood, slowly making my way to the front of the hall.

Plastering a smile on my face, I glanced out into the audience. I knew Kayin would be out there, sending me all the positive energy she could muster. My parents, on the other hand, were watching virtually since neither liked to travel off planet. Heck, they barely left the state of Michigan, so expecting them to travel across the Universe was asking a lot. I might be a little disappointed, but what could I do?

Inwardly giving myself a shake, I refocused my attention. Thinking about things that saddened me would do nothing to help me pass this exam.

“Layla, when you are ready, please tell us about your plan to bring Temorshia and Earth together,” the proctor instructed in English once I arrived on stage. “In your dissertation, you outlined several key areas of focus to make this a smooth and easy transition for the two planets. Could you please explain a few of these areas?”

“I would be happy to, Sorg Zendona,” I answered in La’Mursian. Though I was proficient in the language, under stress, I tended to mix up Spanish, my first language, and the La’Mursian language. I’d asked to be tested in English, where I was most comfortable. “Over the last several years, both planets were able to settle and reemerge onto the Galactic stage. Having reestablished themselves as resource-based planets that will be able to give back to the Galactic Court, both have submitted proper documentation to the Court to enter into its protection. They both await approval for different reasons.