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Major O: A Bad Boy Military Romance

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R.R. Banks

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She’s never had an orgasm and I’ve never failed a mission.
I spent 12 years going through hell as a major in the marines.
But hell itself wasn’t enough to make me forget Abby Greenwood.
I said I’d never set foot in this town again.
Yet here I am… and there she is…
With her perfect body and alluring eyes, begging me to take her.
I never got to taste her before I left.
But now I’ve got a second chance.
My new mission? Deliver her first “O”.
My weapon? Ten inches of all-American muscle.

I’m the only one who can give her what she needs,
even if it takes me all night.

Major O is a full-length standalone romance with steamy extras included! R.R. Banks loves happy ever afters and hates cliffhangers just as much as you do!

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Chapter One

I admit it – I’m not very good at my job. I let myself get easily distracted. But then, most guys in my place would be easily distracted too. Having a woman face down in your lap, blowing you in the front seat of your car can be more than a little distracting.

In my defense though, when you’re sitting on a long, boring-ass stakeout for hours on end, you need to find ways to distract yourself. At least, I do. Maybe I’ve got that ADHD or some shit like that.

Fortunately for me, I’ve gotten smarter about how I do things. That’s my deal – working smarter so I can enjoy a few of the perks that go along with the job. Perks like Sarah here, who is working my shaft like an absolute pro. Although she pretended to be this shy, demure, inexperienced little thing when we met, I can tell by the way she’s sucking my cock that this is most definitely not her first rodeo.

I have my hands in her hair, pulling on it gently as she slides her tongue up and down my shaft. She has a firm grip on my cock and is stroking me at the same time. I let out a small gasp as she takes all of me into her mouth, tightening her lips around me and starts bobbing her head up and down fast and hard, using her hand to cup and squeeze my balls.

I throw my head back against the headrest of the driver’s seat and moan. It feels damn good.

“Jesus, Sarah,” I groan.

She immediately stops and looks up at me, a flash of anger in her eyes. “It’s Sabrina,” she scowls.

I give her a dry chuckle and a lopsided smile. “Right. Sorry,” I say. “You’re so good that you’re obviously scrambling my brain a bit.”

She gives me a small smile, accepting what I said as truth. Probably only because she wants it to be true – doesn’t want to think she’s that disposable or faceless to me. But the truth of the matter, she is. I’ve got no plans to see her again after we finish up here. What is the point? I’m not looking for a relationship and even if I was, I don’t really think I exactly qualify as “boyfriend material.”

All I want is a little fun to pass some time while I wait for my target to make his move. Well – that and to get laid, I suppose.

Apparently, she’s satisfied so Sarah or Sabrina – or whatever the hell her name is – goes back to work, sucking and stroking me like she’s auditioning for a porn. She’s a nice enough girl, I suppose – early twenties, body that won’t quit, sexy as hell. She’s toned, tight, and best of all, eager to screw. As far as qualifications go, she’s checked off every box on my list.

We met at the bar across the street from my target’s office. I figured I’d have a drink while I kept an eye on things. I honestly hadn’t intended to hook up with Sarah – I actually only wanted a beer while I waited. But she struck up a conversation, one thing led to another, and the next thing I know, we’re out in my car and I’ve got my cock in her mouth.

Yeah, it’s times like these when I enjoy being a PI the most.

I let myself get so caught up in Sarah’s blow job though, that I didn’t realize my target was on the move. Not until I hear the soft beep coming from my laptop, anyway.

“Shit,” I murmur.

Sarah looks up at me with a curious and concerned expression on her face. “You okay? Did I –”

“No, you’re fine,” I say. “Sorry, it’s work.”

I can tell by her expression that she’s disappointed, thinking that we aren’t going to be able to finish our little tryst. But I know the device I’d planted on my target’s car has a GPS device, so I’d be able to pick him up again later – like I said, I’m working smarter.

But it’s a small transmitter with a limited range, so I need to finish up with Sarah pretty quick if I’m going to finish this job up tonight. And I really want to finish this job up tonight. Sarah though, is looking at me like I’d just kicked her puppy and stole her candy. I give her a soft smile.

I know I can be an asshole sometimes, but I’m not that big of an asshole. I’ll make sure she has a good time. Besides, I really need to get off now too.

“Let me guess,” she pouts, “you have to go.”

I shrug. “I do, but I still have a few minutes.”

I jump out of the car and hurry around to the passenger side – glad I’d had the foresight to park in a dark, secluded corner of the parking lot. Pulling open the door, I get her to her feet and give her a long, passionate kiss. The girl melts in my arms and kisses me back, taking my cock in her hand and give it a good, hard squeeze.

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