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Ezra Wright is New York’s most eligible bachelor. Thrust into the spotlight after his attempts to bring down the Blanchi family, he’s hoping to leverage his newfound fame into building a political dynasty. He’s determined to bring down the mafia in New York, and if he can’t do that as D.A., he will get it done as mayor.
Annie is on the run from the Bratva. Now that her father has become Pakhan, she’s determined to stay as far away from the family as possible. After all, being with the Bratva had left her broken and bleeding. But Annie isn’t sure how long she can hide, even in a city as big as New York, and when she becomes Ezra Wright’s secretary, she finds her life starting to unravel.
Ezra finds himself intrigued with Annie. There’s something about her that he can’t ignore, and when he needs to fix his image, he convinces her to go along for the ride. Though Annie is skeptical, she finds herself drawn to the handsome D.A. who might ruin her if she lets him too close. After all, Annie’s family stands for everything that Ezra is fighting against.
When the stakes get high, will Ezra and Annie build a dynasty or a house of cards?

Mafia Made is the third book in the Crowned Criminals series. While it is not necessary to read, Mafia Princess first, situations and characters will be referenced in this story. Please note that this is a dark romance not suitable for those under eighteen.



A Year Ago

The cold night air cuts right through my thin dress. “Where are we going?” I ask, my voice shaking from both fear and the chilly evening air. Nikolai hadn’t allowed me to get a coat when he’d forced me out of the warmth of the house where we were staying. He’d been manic and wide-eyed at the time, and I thought it best just to go along with him.

That’s what I’d been doing for the last year. Going along. It was the only way to keep Nikolai calm most days. Well, that and sex. But tonight, I had a feeling that it wasn't going to work.

“Don’t ask so many questions,” he ordered, as he dragged me along. I was trembling with fear. When Nikolai and I had first started dating, I had thought that he was the perfect man. Now, I wasn’t so sure.

“Let’s go back into the house,” I begged. I wrapped my arms around me, trying my best to keep warm. “I can make some dinner.” I was doing my best to try and convince Nikolai to give up whatever plan he had, because I was sure that it wasn’t something good.

Nikolai’s hand tightened around my arm, and I did my best not to wince. “We are almost there,” he said.

I gulped. I didn’t know where ‘there’ was. Nikolai had stopped sharing his plans with me when I’d tried to warn his sister Sasha. He’d been distant with me since then, connecting more and more with his mother.

I frowned as I thought about Katarina Petrov. She’d never liked me much. She’d been obsessed with her son well before he’d nearly died fighting the Blanchi’s, but now, she had a terrifying stranglehold on him. Katarina was an awful woman.

“We’re here,” Nikolai said. His voice was gruff as he spoke.

I looked around. We weren’t too far from the house—just inside the tree line. What gave me pause was the ditch we were standing in front of. It wasn’t deep. The earth was too hard for too much digging. And as I looked at it, I felt my heart come to a stop.

I turned to look at Nikolai. His once handsome face, which had always looked at me with soft eyes, was devoid of any sort of emotion. “Nik?” I asked, my voice quivering.

I didn’t get a chance to say much more. His hand raised, a shot was fired, and I was falling into the icy depths of the snow.

The Present

I woke up with a start, sweat dripping down the back of my neck. Despite the cool breeze coming from my fan, my hair was matted against the back of my neck, and my breath was coming out in short pants.

The sheets were tangled around my legs. Glancing over at my phone, I groaned. It was only 5 AM, and I didn’t technically have to be up until 7. But I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. I never was able to after one of my nightmares.

With a groan, I heaved myself out of bed. My shoulder was throbbing. I pressed my fingers to the scar tissue that had built up over the last year. My wounds had healed. At least, the external ones.

Sighing, I grabbed my robe and made my way to the kitchen. I wasn’t getting any more sleep, so I didn’t see the point in wasting the morning. Walking into the kitchen of my new home, I couldn’t help but shake my head slightly.