Long Ride Home (Lassoed in Love #0) Read Online Kendall Savage

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Brothers Duke and Gunner are known for two things.
Breeding some of the country’s best racehorses.
Being perpetual bachelors.
When their grandmotherly neighbor passes, leaving the brothers her stubborn Paint Horse, a friend recommends Bella Hamilton.
The Horse Behaviorist is their best shot at taming the unruly horse. Except, the moment the brothers meet Bella, the one they really want to tame is her.


Chapter 1


A sharp whistle pierces the air and Cowboy, the farmhand we pilfered from a Montana ranch, sidles up to lean on the pasture fence beside me. I glance at him as he runs a hand down his sweaty, craggy face before jerking his head toward the magazine clutched in my hand.

“Who the hell is that?” he asks, leaning in to eye the picture next to the article, the one I’m clutching like prized-possession. “Is that the horse whisperer you boys keep rambling about?”

“That’s her. Bella Hamilton.” The star of my filthiest fantasies for the past six months ever since Duke’s friend, Ronnie, suggested her to us. Even before that, I admired the horse behaviorist, but working to get her here has taken my interest to a new level.

Cowboy’s eyes move from the picture of the curvy, brunette bombshell to the very reason I want Bella Hamilton here in the first place. The Queen, or Queenie, as our neighbor affectionately called her, bucks for no discernible reason in the center of the pasture.

“She doesn’t look so bad out there, doesn’t she?” Cowboy chuckles.

We’ve all seen Queenie in action. She’s gorgeous—white with dark chestnut patches and a matching mane—and playful in the pasture, a well-bred paint horse among Thoroughbreds. But the second we try to saddle her up?

Forget about it.

Duke is the best rider across six counties and she wouldn’t let him so much as mount up. If we don’t figure something out, the horse left to us when our neighbor Ellen passed away last year will be nothing but an expensive, living piece of artwork taking up barn space.

Ellen would be heartbroken if we got rid of the horse. She was like a mother to my brother and I after ours passed. The least we can do is keep her prized horse here to live out the rest of its life.

Unfortunately, the horse is young. That could be a while yet.

“How’d your brother finally get the hotshot to come? Last I heard, Ronnie wasn’t sure she would take the job.”

“Beats me,” I tell him with a shrug. Duke’s a pain in the ass when he wants to be, and stubborn as hell to boot. It shouldn’t surprise me he’d managed to wrangle the behaviorist. “I’m just glad he did.”

Speak of the devil. Duke stomps out of the barn, boots thudding heavily. A sure sign he’s in a sour mood. The guy desperately needs to get laid and work out some of the tension he’s carrying around, but he’s barely willing to step foot in town for groceries, much less to pick up women.

Much to the women in town’s chagrin. Something about my broody brother apparently does it for them.

I can’t say much. I’m well acquainted with my own two hands these days.

“Can you tone down the attitude before Bella shows up? The last thing we need is to scare her off after we barely got her to agree to come.” I give Duke a pointed look as I turn and fall into step beside him, heading up to the house.

He grunts, running a hand over the dark scruff on his chin as he shakes his head.

“I mean it.” I thrust the magazine article about Bella under his nose. “She doesn’t seem like a woman who’s going to take shit from anybody. Don’t piss her off right out of the gate.”

Duke jerks to a stop and glares at me, hat tipped low over his dark brown eyes. “Would you lay off? It’s your embarrassing obsession that’ll scare her off, not my no-nonsense attitude.”

I snort a laugh and keep walking. No-nonsense barely scrapes the barrel of my brother’s bad moods.

He’s right about the obsession, though. I probably shouldn’t lead with that. I roll up the horse magazine and stick it in my back pocket. Duke and I are almost to the house when a dated truck appears down the gravel road.

I squint as it approaches. The only person we’re expecting today is Bella, but it’s not what I expected her to drive. The way Ronnie talked, she’s flush with cash. Why is she driving a pickup truck that looks older than me? It gets worse as she pulls up in front of the house and I see that half of the driver’s side is rusted.

“What’s she driving that piece of shit for?” Duke grumbles.

“Looks like she’s a farm girl right to her core,” I muse, a rush of appreciation filling me. We tend to drive our trucks to death.