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Andre Valinov owns a piece of me.
A piece he refuses to take.
But a deal’s a deal. One I intend to honor.
Even if I made it with the devil.
I thought I was being smart.
Thought I could play a game I’d been watching my whole life.
I was wrong.
Andre is not the kind of man I expected to be taking me home.
I’m nothing more than a pawn to him. A way to prove he holds New York City’s underworld in the palm of his hand.
His power is immense. His control unyielding.
Everything he wants becomes his.
But someone is out to take it all away from him.
The power.
The control.
And me.

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Judgment is a dark romance with themes and depictions some readers might struggle with. Please scroll back for more information about content warnings.

THE BEAT OF the music coming from the floor above us is steady and solid.

Significantly more consistent than the race of my heart.

“Stop breathing so fast. You’re going to pass out before you even make it onto the stage.” Madison holds the strip of lashes destined for my left eyelid between a pair of tweezers. Her deep red lips purse as she blows a steady stream of air across the thin line of adhesive she just squeezed on.

“Passing out probably won’t be the worst thing to happen to me today.” I pick up one of the fashion magazines sitting on the marble countertop in front of me and use it to fan my face. I’m not hot, I’m actually freezing, but I need to do something.

Something besides hyperventilate.

Madison’s gaze moves from the eyelashes to my face. It narrows the tiniest bit. “You don’t have to do this, Pais.”

I wish she was right. I wish I had another option.

But I don’t.

“I’m fine.” I close my eyes. “Put those on so I can hurry up and get this over with.” I hold as still as I can manage, given that I’m ready to crawl out of my skin, as my best friend carefully lines the strip across my lid.

Madison’s voice is low from concentration as she continues our conversation. “I’m sure you could take out a loan or something.”

I snort. It’s not a laugh because there’s nothing to laugh about. Not today and not for as long as I can remember. “Right. I’m sure there’s plenty of banks lined up to loan a hundred thousand dollars to a girl who can barely keep the lights on in her apartment and is late on rent every single month.”

Madison is quiet for a minute. “I didn’t say it would be a legitimate sort of loan.”

“And that would be better than this, how?” I squint my right eye open, peering through the heavy line of synthetic black hairs already glued to it.

“Well you probably wouldn’t have to have sex with them, for starters.”

“Probably being the operative word.” I fight for a deep breath, hoping a little extra oxygen might calm my out-of-control nerves. “And I would have to pay that money back.” I slowly lift my left lid so I can meet Madison’s eyes. “With interest.”

I can’t pay back a hundred-thousand-dollar loan, let alone one that carries the hefty interest a situation like Madison is suggesting would include.

I need this money free and clear.

And I need it fast.

Madison chews her lower lip for a second, the way she did right before she mentioned the opportunity she heard one of her clients at the club discussing.

The same opportunity that brought us here.

“Spit it out.” I’m not sure I’m interested in any more of her great ideas, but maybe hearing what she’s thinking will distract me from the knots twisting their way through my insides.

At least for a few minutes.

“I was just thinking,” Madison’s dark, perfectly sculpted brows slowly lift, “that maybe if you play your cards right, this could turn into more than a once and done situation.”

I blink a few times, trying to control the extra watering my eyeballs are working up because of the added weight of the lashes irritating them. “What do you mean, more than a once and done situation?”

As far as I know, you only lose your virginity once. It’s the primary reason Madison isn’t also currently covered in glitter and sequins, preparing to parade her ass in front of some of the richest men in New York City.

“Deep down all men are cavemen, even the ones with more money than they can count.” Madison glances around the well-lit dressing room scattered with women of all shapes and sizes. “They like knowing they’re the only person you’ve ever been with.” One side of her mouth lifts in a smirk. “That way you don’t know how bad they are at it.”

“So you’re saying whoever I end up with tonight might want to have sex with me more than once?” As unappealing as the thought of having sex with a stranger is, considering having sex with that stranger twice is even worse. “I don’t think I can do that.”