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Jay’s Lucky Baby – A Secret Baby Romance

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Layla Valentine

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Jay lives by his luck
Well I’m gonna deal him a wildcard.
I’m carrying his baby.

He’s a rags to riches story.
Bad boy, turned world-class poker player.
And of course, he’s irresistible;
Ocean-blue eyes, and rugged good looks,
Filthy-rich and filthy-minded.
He’s cocky as the King of Spades,
Mine, if only for a night.

But he left me something to remember him by,
He put an ace in the hole.
I’m going to up the ante,
I’m gonna tell him he’s got a lucky baby on the way.

This is a full-length romance, with steamy love scenes, a beautiful HEA and utterly no cliffhangers.

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Chapter One


I tighten my hold on the railing and press myself against the hard metal. Hong Kong’s skyscrapers glint under the sun, seeming as if they were made out of fire themselves. A warm breeze hits my face and I close my eyes. With the cruise ship gaining speed under my feet, I’m flying.

“Enjoying yourself?” an unfamiliar voice asks.

I start and turn to see a middle-aged woman wearing a baseball cap and holding some kind of fruity cocktail. I feel my cheeks redden. Was my enjoyment of the moment that obvious?

“Sure.” I grin sheepishly.

She smiles knowingly. “Get it, girl. Live it up, while you can. One day you’ll be my age, wondering where all the good times went.” She gives me a wink and ceremoniously sips her drink.

I try not to laugh. “You’re American.”

“So are you.”

“Yeah, but…did you know that before you talked to me? How did you know I would speak English?”

With my black hair and pale skin, people have been coming up to me and speaking in Cantonese all week long.

“I didn’t, hon. I just hoped you would.”

I glance back at the shrinking city. With the sun getting lower in the sky, the blinding light seems to be getting even brighter. I blink and turn away from the railing.

“I’m Lauren.”

“Donna. From Florida. Nice to meet you.” She extends a tanned hand and I shake it.

“You’re not here all by yourself, are you?” Donna asks. “Where’s your boyfriend?”

I suppress a laugh. “I’m here with my parents.”

“No boyfriend?”

“No boyfriend,” I confirm.

“But you’re so pretty.”

“Thanks,” I say uncertainly.

“You have a northern accent. Let me guess where you’re from…New York?”

“Right on the first try,” I admit with a grin.

“Are you here looking for a boyfriend? Because, you know, they call Macau the Vegas of Asia. You could get yourself a rich boyfriend there.”

“My parents would love that,” I reply sarcastically.

Donna chuckles and swats at my arm.


I turn at the sound of my mother’s voice. Still yards away, she’s striding down the deck with her scarf billowing around her neck and her hips swaying. She could have been a supermodel, but instead, she went to school and became an accountant. Still, regardless of her job, she has gorgeous skin. We look more like sisters than we do mother and daughter.

Mom places her hand on my shoulder. “Who’s your new friend?”

“Donna Tuttle. Nice to meet you.”

They lightly shake hands and I can see Mom studying Donna, trying to figure out whether she’s appropriate company for me or not.

I suck in my lower lip and hold back a sigh. I’ve been out of school for only two weeks, and already, I feel like I’m ten years old again. My parents are always there, waiting to pass judgment, waiting to make decisions for me. Waiting to decide my destiny.

Mom turns back to me. “It’s almost dinner time.”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.”

Donna looks confused. “Oh, goodness. I thought they weren’t serving for another hour.”

Mom coolly smiles. “We like to freshen up beforehand.”

She may not have ended up walking runways, but Mom always treats every event like we keep company with royalty. To her, this isn’t a little cruise between Hong Kong and Macau. It’s the Titanic, and we’re about to have dinner at the captain’s table. Retiring to our rooms and tying on our best pearls and diamonds pre-caviar is of utmost importance.

I say goodbye to Donna, telling her I hope to see her again, and follow my mother to our cabins. It’s a short cruise—just overnight—but my parents managed to book us two separate cabins. I get dressed in the flowered cocktail dress and nude heels that I know Mom and Dad want me to wear, and freshen up my makeup.

When I come out of my room, both my parents are in the hall, the perfect picture of a happy, middle-aged couple. They both look me up and down and give nods of approval.

Mom beams in my direction. “I knew that dress would suit you perfectly.”

I smooth down the pleats of the brightly colored dress and give her a smile. She bought it for me before I got home from college, and while I don’t know how much it cost, I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. I don’t follow fashion at all, but even I would be a doofus to not know the designer whose name is sewn into the collar.

We make our way to the dining room, where dozens of white tablecloth-clad, circular tables are placed around the room. A string quartet plays on a small stage, and waiters in bowties scurry around with bottles of wine. I settle into my seat and lay my napkin across my lap. The number of utensils laid out next to my plate hints at a five-course dinner.

I stay silent while my parents peruse the wine list and discuss the pros and cons of vintage bottles. I left my phone in my cabin, and I desperately wish I hadn’t. It’s only been a little over a week since I’ve seen my best friend, Willow, but I already miss her desperately. Just a quick ‘hey’ from her would be well appreciated.

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