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Illicit (Sin City Outlaws #4)

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M.N. Forgy

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I’m an animal, a member of the Sin City Outlaws motorcycle club that isn’t capable of human compassion. So I’ve been told anyway.
Raven is my club’s prisoner. I’ve been ordered to break her. It should be easy given my violent history. But being this close to a woman—this woman—for the first time in a long time, is like sharing company with the demon Lilith herself.
She’s my perfect toy. Filled with a dark rage. Blessed with perfected beauty. Sinfully sweet and wickedly divine. Everything about her solicits the demons inside me
I want to hear her screams. I want those big, dark eyes looking up at me—silently begging me for mercy. I want to be her heaven…and her hell.
My desire for her is forbidden. My infatuation is illicit. I’m betraying my club.
And if the wage of my sin is death, then this woman is going to get me killed.

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Sin City Outlaws Series by M.N. Forgy

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M.N. Forgy Books

Love binds you to a realm of insanity.

Though my passion faded, I never stopped being crazy.


STANDING AGAINST THE hospital wall I wait for Alessandra to exit the birthing room. Alessandra is my partner and my target. Her best friend Jillian is who just had the babies. That is why Alessandra dragged me here. The name Jillian sets heavy on my shoulders, that’s the woman my boss, Cross, is after. Word has it he wants those babies. That’s what Cross does, he kidnaps kids and turns them into the best Outlaws law enforcement has ever seen, then uses them to do his dirty work. I know because I was one of those kids, and so was Alessandra. She just doesn’t remember. She probably won’t remember me as Raven, but as Black A. Just as she was called Brown 5 when we were kids and not Alessandra. She didn’t know her name back then, she didn’t know anything.

She used to be as dark as me, a soul lost to the underground of survival. I’m here to make her remember, and that time is coming very soon.

My story isn’t a simple one. I was kidnapped as a kid, and put into an underground ring run by a man known as Cross. He would condition kids to fight each other, and we had to learn to endure the worst conditions if we wanted basic essentials. Like water, food, or bathing. It was all to do his dirty work when we came of age. My opponent was always a girl that went by the name of Brown 5, also known as Alessandra and is now a Sin City Outlaws ol’ lady. Practically untouchable.

Sure we were all rescued from the underground kidnapping ring at some point, but I was too far gone by then. My violent upbringing ingrained in my soul and my grudge for Alessandra too great for me to let go. I was angry and needed to release my demons on someone, I thought that someone was Alessandra.

When Cross came for me a little over a year ago and told me I could have the opportunity to retaliate against Alessandra if I helped him take down the Sin City Outlaws MC club… I went for it with more than excitement. She would see what it was like for me, and I would be free of my past. Cross had contacts to push me through the police academy so I could get close to her as she was a deputy on the Vegas Police Department. I passed everything with flying colors as I’ve been trained to be a lethal weapon rather than a normal person after all. But when the chance came to reign my revenge on Alessandra- when I looked her in her scared eyes, I saw something I didn’t like… I saw myself. I fucking let her go. I realized she was not my enemy, but Cross was. Realization was too late because I was soon caught by Machete and caged in darkness once again.

A man with red hair and intimidating eyes steps across from me. He’s a member of the Sin City Outlaws MC and is here because Jillian’s boyfriend is the president of said club. His shoulders are broad, and his chest and arms are thick with muscle. His eyes rake me up and down, and my cheeks flush from the intrusiveness. Hands behind my back I look up at him through thick lashes. My focus on fucking terrorizing Alessandra almost fading as he’s so handsome to look at. Almost.

“What’s your name?” he asks, his voice low and rough. You can hear it in your bones.

“Raven,” I tell him with a lift of my chin. He points to a patch on his black cut.

“I’m Machete,” he winks and I feel that wink all the way in my gut. He’s bad, you can tell by the way he holds himself.

“You Alessandra’s partner?” he asks, observing my Police uniform. I look down forgetting I’m even a cop. It’s all for show, none of it real. All a ploy to get to the bitch that made my life hell.

“Um, yeah,” I smirk.

Alessandra walks out of the room, her eyes bouncing from me to Machete.

“Let’s go,” she barks, and I give a tight-lipped smile to Machete. The way Alessandra is always talking down to me, it’s going to stop.

“How are the babies? Are they okay? Did she have twins?” I ask, knowing Cross is going to demand these answers when I see him again. Whenever that is, the man just shows up out of nowhere. Like the reaper. Nobody can stop, nor avoid him.

During passing Machete grabs my elbow discreetly, his green eyes heated and looking right at me. My stomach knots, my mouth watering as my eyes fall on his lips.

“You like something I could have some fun with.” He smiles wolfishly, his crazy eyes sexy but insane looking all at the same time. If only his crew knew he was flirting with a rookie cop. I bet they’d cut his fingers off. Then again, flirting with the enemy seems to be something his club is very much into these days. I mean, their president just had children with a fucking sheriff after all.

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