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I (Pretend) Do

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Eva Luxe

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I’m fake engaged to a real billionaire.

Brent and I meet at a tour of an expensive wedding venue… where each of us was going to marry someone else.

We were dumped before what was supposed to be the best day of our lives.

So we decide to keep playing along with the wedding preparations. That way we won’t lose out on our deposits or the free cake, and our jealous exes will realize they lost out on us.

But in planning the perfect fake wedding, we weren’t expecting to develop real feelings.

Plus, the chemistry between us is out of this world hot.

From the moment he slips off the wedding dress I was trying on, to the moment he slips inside me, it’s obvious we’re a match made in heaven.

It’s just pretend, though, and I can’t let myself believe in happily ever afters any more.

This dashingly handsome, great in the sack, filthy rich fiance of mine is too good to be true… right?

I Pretend Do is a full length standalone romance featuring a dominant, billionaire alpha male and the curvy, feisty woman who wins his heart. It has no cheating and no cliffhangers, but a very happy ever after and plenty of steam.

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Chapter 1 – Jessica

“Oh, fuck yeah, babe.” Jason’s murmured words send his warm breath across the skin of my neck, and my body responds, hips thrusting harder, pulling him deeper inside me. The bed frame rattles beneath us as I dig my fingernails into the skin of his chest, my body hurtling towards climax with each thrust –

And then Jason is looking me in the eyes, saying, “I have a surprise for you, babe.” The pleasure stops as the door to our bedroom opens and I hear a familiar voice. “Hey, Jessica. Watch this.”

Suddenly I’m standing against the wall, my place atop Jason taken by a different woman – Violet. Her dark hair cascades down her naked back as she turns her head effortlessly to smile at me, and I see the ecstasy in her eyes ripple down through all her muscles as she cums on Jason’s cock –

“God damn it!” For the third night this week, that’s when I open my eyes. I’m in my bed, alone, which has become my new normal.

I can’t seem to sleep a night without having some kind of awful sex dream about Jason. My hands stiffen, realizing that my own juices are dry on my fingers. Great. I guess I was touching myself while I was sleeping again.

Apparently I can’t even touch myself without thinking of Jason the Jagoff and Violet the… bitch. I really need to come up with a more alliterative title for her at some point. Oh well.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that they’re still in my head – I mean, she’s nothing if not eternally selfish and grabby. He dumped me on a Tuesday and was parading around with her on his arm by Friday. Jason always had to have the shiniest tool in the shed. I should have realized it when he got with me after dumping his ex only a week prior. At least he had been single when I met him, though, which is more than Violet can say.

Now they’re off with each other, and somehow I’m still the one getting fucked without any of the fun parts. Sure, she’s gorgeous, but her personality is ugly. She takes great pride in bragging about breaking up our relationship. Whoever can do that is no one with any character and I know it, even if Jason’s doesn’t know it— or care.

I tell myself that what goes around comes around and that he’ll get his in the end. Still, it doesn’t do much to soothe my still aching heart. I’m all for karma coming back to get people, but why the hell does it have to take so long?

I roll over and open my bedside table drawer. Even in the near total darkness, the diamond ring inside still somehow glints at me. Every morning for almost four months, I’ve looked at it and resolved that today is the day I’m going to sell it. But every night, there it still is. Every glint off its surface is like the mocking laughter of the popular middle school girls who pushed me in the mud during recess in the fourth grade.

I used to be under the mistaken impression that life had gotten better since then. I’d grown up, gotten a job and a fiancé and things were going well. Until they weren’t. Now I’m left wondering if I’m destined to repeat my depressing school days forever.

I slam the drawer and flop back down into bed. I think about trying to touch myself again, consciously this time, but I have a bad feeling I won’t be able to stop thinking about Jason no matter which handsome actor’s face I try to conjure up. The last thing I want to do is think about him while pleasuring myself during my waking hours, even if I can’t seem to help doing it while dreaming.

I nearly smother myself with my pillow and will myself to fall back asleep instead. Everything will be better in the morning, I think, even though I know that’s a lie.

Chapter 2 – Jessica

Look in the mirror, Jessica, and realize that you look great. I tell myself this every morning in my ride on the elevator up to my office, and some days, I even do it. I try to speak positively to myself in the hopes that what I say will become reality. It was advice I received from a self help audiobook I listened to once. I’m not sure the advice always works, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to try.

In romance novels, women like me are always curvy, voluptuous, vivacious. In the real world, the phrases used to describe me are usually more along the lines of not my type, heavy, or just plain fat.

Today, these words don’t ring in my ears when I see my reflection in the full length mirror that’s on one side of the elevator. Today’s a good day, wardrobe wise at least. And I always think that dressing well is half the battle when going out into the world of love and war.

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