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Hunter (The Bad Disciples MC #2)

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Savannah Rylan

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She bends all the right ways.
I’m a hunter, I shoot to kill. That’s what the military taught me, and now I protect my brothers in the Bad Disciples MC.
But when I meet Kylie, a physical therapist at the VA, I don’t need protection.
Her beautiful body curves in every direction, she knows how to stretch herself to meet my needs.
Kylie has her own demons though, an ex with a tendency for hitting women.
And there is no way in hell I’m gonna let that mother fucker put his hands on her again.
Or her son Carter.
I’ll protect them both with my life.
Because they’re my family now.

Hunter (The Bad Disciples MC) is a full length STANDALONE bad boy MC HEIST romance. The next in the series, Tank (The Bad Disciples MC) will release on September 13, 2017.

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The Bad Disciples MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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Savannah Rylan Books



I slammed my finished pint glass on the bar top of the Rusty Pelican. I was about to take a break from drinking when I felt Glock’s strong arm wrap around my shoulder. He placed bottle of beer in front of me and I let out a laugh.

“Fuck!” Glock said, raising his glass for the tenth time that night. None of us joined him for this one.

“Fuck the Dragon Knights,” Glock slobbered and a low cheer rang out in the group. We’d been toasting to our victory over the Dragon Knights for the past six nights, and there was no end in sight.

At least for the five of us, since we were the youngest members of the Bad Disciples; this one had been the first major war we were involved in and we had come out victorious. The Dragon Knights had been running a prostitution ring and we had put a stop to it. We didn’t tolerate treating women that way. They were also running weapons too. On our fucking territory, which was our main fucking business. The show had to stop and we made sure that it did. They didn’t stand a chance.

“And you got a sweet deal out of it too,” Sniper said, directing the comment towards Gunner, who was grinning now. The reference was Brooklyn Jenson. The girl who Gunner had recently started dating. Her family had belonged to the Dragon Knights, till her father and brother died and the MC turned against her. Gunner had managed to rescue her from the verge of being swallowed up into the prostitution trade. And now they were together and they looked genuinely happy.

Not that I knew how he did it. How do you fuck the same woman every night and not want some other piece of ass from time to time? Gunner hadn’t looked at another woman since he got together with Brooklyn and it boggled my mind.

Brooklyn was welcomed into our MC now. She was a part of the Bad Disciples and was well liked, just like Gunner was.

“I got lucky,” Gunner said and Glock thumped his back and a few of us clinked our glasses together.

“To the Dragon Knights and Gunner and Brooklyn!” Glock’s voice boomed and this time we cheered with him. The war had made us blood thirsty. Now we had nothing else to do other than drink ourselves silly every night. We deserved it. Most of us had come very close to losing our lives to the cause. Something each of us would have happily done.

I felt someone else’s hands on my shoulders then and I looked up lazily to find Jessica standing over me. Her face was stretched in a beaming smile, her dark eyes sparkling in the dim light of the bar. Ever since our victory over the Dragon Knights, she hadn’t been able to keep her hands off me.

Jessica, like all the other groupies, was a chick the members of our MC passed around amongst us. These girls looked up to us, were always available for a quick fuck but unlike the Dragon Knights we would never use them for the flesh trade.

Jessica lowered her face right up to my ears.

“You can collect your prize now, Hunter,” she breathed seductively and I arched my brows at her. Even though these women knew that we didn’t form attachments and none of us were interested in full-fledged commitments, it didn’t stop them from having favorites. And I was clearly hers.

With her cleavage spilling out over her Glock top and her daisy dukes high up her thighs, revealing a chunky ass that I would have liked to sink my teeth into…she was a good lay. I knew because I’d been fucking her every night since our victory over the Dragon Knights, but I was bored now.

“You have a giving nature, Jessica. You are very kind,” I said with a laugh and slapped her ass hard, to which she giggled and bounced.

“You know it’s not charity, Hunter…come with me,” she said, leaning towards me again, making sure that I had seen her cleavage on display. I grinned at her, my mind swimming with all the beers and whiskies I had drunk over the course of the night. I wasn’t in the mood to fuck.

“I have something else to do,” I said flatly and turned away from her, and back to the boys. As sexy as Jessica was, if I wasn’t firm with her, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I could sense her burning a hole at the back of my skull with her stare, but I knew she would eventually walk away. She knew her place. She was here to please me and not the other fucking way around.

Sniper met my eyes, while he cradled the bottle of beer in his hands.

“Her pussy is still tight. What does that say about you?” he said and then laughed at his own joke. I threw the bottle of beer in my hand at his head and he ducked just in time and missed. The bottle crashed to the floor and a few more cheers rang out in the bar. The others laughed and I laughed with them. Sniper looked like he was relieved he’d managed to steer clear.

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