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Hunted by Sin (The Gatekeeper Chronicles #2)

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Jasmine Walt

Debbie Cassidy

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Malina’s journey continues in the second book of this epic alternate world fantasy series…

Now that Malina is the Gatekeeper-in-Training of the underworld, her life is a wee bit different. Instead of spending her days killing innocents, she’s protecting them by catching the bad guys who want to drink their blood and steal their souls. Plus, she’s immortal, can eat without gaining an ounce, and is damn near hard to kill. Pretty good, right?

Unfortunately, not everything is going as smoothly as Malina would like. The latest bad guy on her radar, a rogue vampire, is proving impossible to pin. Leaving a string of missing persons in his wake, and showcasing some serious ninja skills, this target isn’t exactly the stop and chat type. And if that wasn’t bad enough, life has also decided to throw in a series of witch blood kidnappings, and an investigation order from the Mayfair Coven’s High Witch.

With people disappearing left right and center, Malina and her friends have to find the perpetrators–fast. But the deeper they dig, the less things add up, and soon they find themselves with far more questions than answers.

If Malina wants to come out on top of this mess, she’s going to have to learn to weed the truth from the lies. But if she’s not careful, the truth just might kill her…

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The Gatekeeper Chronicles Series by Jasmine Walt

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Jasmine Walt Books

Debbie Cassidy Books

Amrit – Ambrosia of the gods. Any who drink it will be granted immortality.

Apsara – Water nymphs who used to grace the god Indra’s court with their beautiful dancing

Garuda – A large, legendary bird created by the gods to hunt and kill naga. He is the only one of his kind.

Ghandava – Winged male nature spirits. Some have the body of a horse. Renowned for their musical ability, they also graced the court of the gods.

Indra – Vedic Deity, God of the first heaven. God of lightning, thunderstorms, rain, and river flows.

Kubera – A sect of supernaturals hell-bent on reopening the gates of the underworld

Naga – Snake shifters who were once hunted by Garuda for the crime of stealing amrit from the gods

Narada – Vedic Sage and messenger god

Narak – Hell

Shaitan – Demon

Varuna – God of the celestial ocean and the underwater world

Yaksha – Wolf people born from the union of Shaitan and man

Yama – Lord of the Underworld


Boots pounding the pavement, heart hammering against my ribcage, I barreled down the alleyway after the bloodsucker. Up ahead was a wall at least eight feet high and easy for me to scale since the change, but there was no way he was getting over it. I decelerated, hand going to my weapons belt where Vindra, my Indian Jambiya dagger, waited eagerly.

“Give it up!” I called out. “It’s over.”

He didn’t stop, didn’t even break stride. The crazy fucker was going to try to vault the barrier. Vamps were strong. Some were even charismatic, taking over the big screen and weaseling their way into politics. They most certainly didn’t go in for the high jump though, but maybe someone had forgotten to send this guy the memo. My target did the impossible—leaping into the air and vaulting effortlessly over the brick wall.

Crap! No way was he getting away. I sailed over the wall, landing lightly on the other side before continuing the chase.

We’d been tracking him for two weeks. He was the last entity to be seen with each of our missing persons, and we’d finally tracked him down to a dirty bar on the outskirts of Camden with the intention of having a little tête-à-tête, but he’d bolted. He was our only link, and his evasiveness screamed guilty.

I came to an intersection and stopped to scan the unlit houses that lined the streets around me—neat red brick affairs with clean-cut gardens and picket fences. Dammit, where did he go? Closing my eyes, I listened for the sound of his footfalls, but the world was as silent as a tomb. But then, what should I expect at three o’clock in the morning in the sleepy little district of Serenity? This was the south side of London, a predominantly human area, with Serenity itself rumored to be pure human territory. Not sure how true that was because pure humans were pretty rare, but whatever.

My earpiece crackled, and Drake’s voice filtered through. “Malina, any luck?”

I tapped the earpiece. “I lost him.”


“Malina,” Ajitah’s voice cut through. “I have him headed down Bute Street.”

“That’s two streets away from you,” Drake said. “Head left, and take the first right. You can cut him off.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. We were catching this bloodsucker if it was the last thing we did. I broke into a sprint, racing down the street, my feet barely touching the ground. The change had made me faster, stronger, but this vamp seemed to be something else.

“Bute is off Vine, next one down,” Drake said.

No point replying. He had Ajitah and me on Tracker. He knew I was mid-run. Garland Street flew by, and I angled my body, ready to barrel down Bute and grab a vamp. The flare of headlights cut through the night, followed closely by the screech of tires on asphalt. Shit! I skidded to a stop, heart crashing against my ribs as the vehicle swerved, kicking up dust as it came to a halt.

What the fuck?

“Malina, why’d you stop? What’s going on?” Drake said in my ear.

The lights died, and the door opened. A petite woman dressed in jeans and running shoes jumped out.

“Get back!” she yelled before turning and sprinting toward Bute Street.

Like hell. This was my case. I took off in pursuit, overtaking her in a matter of seconds. And there he was, slimy bastard—eyes glowing, face as pale as death, his spindly body almost a blur as he headed toward me.

I braced for impact.

“I see you,” Ajitah said on the Bluetooth device.

“Yeah, and I see the target.”

But then the vamp was leaping into the air like a fucking ninja. He sailed over my head, hit the ground behind the woman, and carried on running.

“Malina! Move,” Ajitah urged.

I turned and headed in the opposite direction. The woman I’d left eating my dust was now ahead of me, in pursuit of my target. With a burst of speed, I overtook her again. The vamp was blurring down Vine, and we were losing him. My heart sank. Shit. We couldn’t lose him—not again.

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