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Hot Bastard Next Door

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Rye Hart

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I wanted to go all the way.
But Duncan left town to become a Navy SEAL.
A cruel text was the last I heard from him.
Now he’s back and says he wants what’s his:
My V-card.

He was my HOT next door neighbor.
I remember how he’d watch me undress at night…
How we kept it our dirty little secret.
I wanted to give him all of me.
Then the bastard broke my heart over a text and left town.
Now, years later, I’m working my dream job in Hollywood.
I nearly faint when I see him.
Sexier than ever – but that same cocky grin on his gorgeous face.
Shamelessly undressing me with his ocean blue eyes.
Says this time he’ll take what’s his.
That I’ll be begging for more.
So what if the look in his eyes is making me wet?
So what if I’m still a virgin?

As far as he’s concerned, my legs are SEAL’d

**This is a full-length, standalone boy next door, second chance romance. Rye hates cheating or cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. For a limited time, the Kindle version includes an older man, younger woman bonus story. Snag your copy today.**

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Last night must have been one wild f*cking night.

The woman next to me was growing hotter by the second and not just because of her looks, but because her body heat was more than I could stand. I pulled back the covers and let in some air, exposing her tight little ass in the process. Yes, now I remember. Katherine, I believe, was her name.

Sure, she was hot, but things wouldn’t go any further than the sex we’d had the night before. Her personality left a lot to be desired. I needed a woman that had talent aside from giving good head, and passion for something other than how to best spend my money. I wasn’t in the market for a girl who acted like the only reason she existed was to please me and look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, there was a time when that much would have been appealing, but I’d learned well enough that it only goes so far. At the end of the day, I wanted someone I could stand talking to about nothing; someone who might have an opinion other than what they thought I wanted to hear.

I slid away from her and sat up hoping she’d wake up soon so I could show her the door. I had shit to take care of today and playing host to another one-night-stand wasn’t on the list.

The phone rang and as I went to silence it, she rolled over and opened her eyes. I got up and headed to the bathroom with my phone.

“Hello,” I said as I lifted the toilet seat to take care of my morning duties.

“Do you have to answer the phone while you’re taking a piss, Duncan?” My sister’s tone was as always grating at that time of morning.

“That’s right Shauna. It’s not my fault you called and woke me up.” I told her for years to stop calling when the crickets were still chirping, but she had never gotten the hint. Katherine walked in once I was finished and turned on the shower.

“Want to join me?” she asked with a whisper.

I shook my head, but Shauna was already onto me. “Duncan Kelley, you’ve got company? This time of morning? You’ll never change.”

“What’s so bad about that?” I made my way to the kitchen where I washed my hands at the sink and then started a pot of coffee before grabbing a bagel.

“What’s so bad? Oh, so I suppose I will be meeting the lovely lady? What’s her name, Lexi? Roxie? Vixen? Dancer? Prancer?”

Despite my sister’s accusations, I hadn’t graced a strip club in some time. I had standards at the end of the day.

“No, there won’t be any meeting, and her name is Katherine – I think.” I didn’t like explaining my lifestyle to my sister. I was a bachelor and ex-SEAL, and I’d earned my right to live any damned way I wanted. Besides, it wasn’t like I was going to fall in love. I’d given up my heart years ago and other than amazing sex, I now didn’t have much to offer.

She made a sound of aggravation, and it rattled through the phone. “I just think—”

“I know what you think, Sis, and you swore to me that we wouldn’t talk about that.”

“You mean her.”

I froze, and my coffee turned bitter in my mouth. Not only had my sister promised not to nag me about my social life, but we’d sworn years ago not to talk about my old relationship with her best friend, Rachel Dean – unless I was the one to initiate the conversation.

I cleared my throat in agitation. “Yeah, that and other things, but I suppose since you brought her up there’s no harm in me asking how she is.” I had often wondered what she turned up doing. Had she married, had children? The hollow spot in my chest grew tender.

“You mean you really want to know?” My sister had never forgiven me for leaving things with Rachel the way I had, but I had never taken the time to explain things to her. Rachel was too young to devote her life to me. When I was preparing to leave for the military, she was only a sophomore, and I hadn’t wanted her to put her dreams on hold for mine. She had so much talent and life in her that I knew she’d have a great future ahead. Her father knew it too and had his plans all laid out for her. As much as I regretted to this day what I’d done, the way I’d done it would haunt me to my dying day. She’d deserved so much better.

Rachel’s dad had been the town’s leading attorney; so naturally, he wanted his daughter to follow in his footsteps. But I could never see it, not my Rachel. She had a free spirit about her, that was too powerful to be cooped up in a courtroom. She needed a paintbrush in one hand and a book in the other. She was going to be so much more, so waiting for me to return from the battlefield was never an option. Never mind the uncertainty of how things could have turned out with me while I was on the other side of the earth. I couldn’t put that much pressure on her – when I knew she could do so much better than me anyway.

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