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His Shooting Star - Steamy Standalone Instalove

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Flora Ferrari

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Four years of college. Finished. I’ll be home in a few days. Then what? I don’t really know. I almost quit college a year back. Who needs all those qualifications with no real experience? Let alone the endless sniping from other students and dumb jocks wanting me as the butt of their jokes.
But the offer of a family friend to have me house-sit and look after their dog while they went away for work in my last year changed my mind. Changed my whole life as it turns out.
A sprained ankle and some wounded pride is my small price of admission to meet the very mysterious but very handsome Professor Xander Sexton. He’s head of something on campus, I’ve never heard of him and neither have most others I ask.
The only thing some people do seem to know about him is he’s huge, looks like a god fallen to earth, and has plenty to do with top secret government space research and UFOs or something. I know one thing for sure, he can explore me anytime he likes, but I’m sure he has a whole galaxy of women he can choose from.
What chance would a nerdy, heavyset younger girl like me have with an older guy like that? But a single touch and a cosmic feeling neither of us can deny could spell the end of my own theory of being alone forever.
Is he really from another planet or just out of this world? There are more questions than answers for me so far, that’s for sure, but I can’t wait to find out if he’s into thick, curvy young girls before my dad hears about him.
It was a simple enough assignment. Blend into a new town, study the nearest and newest galaxies, planets, and black holes from my position. Report to the biggest space agency in the country with my take on it before heading home.
Oh, and share the same information plus some added intel with an organization, not even the government knows about. Not exactly rocket science, but not everyone has the same knack for deep space that I do. It’s all rather dull until I see her.
Gillian Parker.
Until I feel the stirring in me that tells me the real reason I’m here. The real reason I’m alive on this planet. A newly graduated student, she’s got just a few days before leaving for home herself. Leaving town for good and leaving someone like me far behind. But I have another idea. A better idea.
My lifelong interest in space, the stars, and other worlds is suddenly replaced with something more singular. More exact. Two things really. Me and her. And a lot easier to touch close up. And when we do touch, worlds collide. I can’t deny it. Everything else falls away, and the only thing that matters now is Gillian.
There are forces at play to keep us apart, some are bigger than me. Some are as small but equally determined, like her father. But the biggest isn’t always the strongest, and now that I know what this truly is, I know that love will conquer all.
****His Shooting Star is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One




Where the hell is he?

Stupid dog. Who am I kidding though? If it wasn’t for him…

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have somewhere to live off campus until I’m done with this year.

I’ve never been much of a dog person, but the deal with the house-sitting gig was that little Orion has to be fed and walked twice a day, regardless. Rain or shine.

It seemed like an easy enough task until I learned his daily walk took me right up into the wooded hills behind campus. Miles and miles, twice a day.

And my dad’s family friend was no slouch when it came to casual proof I was walking her family’s beloved pet. She’s had me take happy snaps and little videos on my phone and in all seasons. All weather.

I guess I don’t really mind, but lately, Orion’s taken to running off which is really unlike him. Like there’s something in these woods he’s drawn to or trying to sniff out.

Either way, I wished he’d find a new hobby, I only have a few days before I head home myself and the last thing I need is to explain to his loving owners I’ve lost him days before they get back.

“Oh it’s so good to be coming home,” Mrs. Patterson gushed, confirming they’d all be home in just three more days.

“And I know Orion is just as glad he’ll have you all home soon enough…” is my standard reply. But two days? I haven’t even cleaned the place for like a year. I’m not exactly the neatest person around.

A maid service and a small loan from my dad is on the cards, I’d say. Ugh, and that pool. I almost forgot about that too.

Truth be told, I’ll miss some of the scenery and the brilliant starlit nights, but I’ve pretty much had it with this campus, the town, and definitely having to hike miles every day just so some little mutt can run off.

It’s really only been the past few times we’ve been up here, just before dark when I get an almost creepy sensation that we’re being watched somehow.

I say almost creepy, only because of how it makes me feel sometimes. Plus the fact I don’t know if there’s anything there at all.

I don’t have a very vivid imagination, and Orion would bark like mad if anyone was within fifty feet of us. It’s the main reason for his walks so far away from anywhere else.

It wears him out and by the time he’s halfway home, he has no energy left to cause any more mischief.

But my gut tells me that someone or something has moved into the woods recently, and at night especially, I feel eyes on us both.

It’s weird because it’s not like a creepy feeling like someone is waiting to jump out, but it doesn’t feel like it’s an animal of any kind either.

“What could it be Orion, watching you sniffin’ around?” I ask him, finding him digging a hole and only after scrambling through a long and thorny arcade of bushes, losing my way in the early gloaming of dusk.

“Is it… Could it be a...” I trail off asking the tiny dog, before scooping him up, but a part of me doesn’t even want to think about what might be out here if it isn’t an animal and it isn’t a person either.

I bury the thought in the same way I heel the sod of earth Orion’s been working on back into place, reminding myself we really do need to get back before it’s much darker.

Leaving my glasses on my desk I remember within a few moments exactly why I need that particular prescription.

I’m blind as a bat in the dark without them. Once we get to some streetlights I should be fine, but on a trail in the woods? Nope.

Carrying Orion back to what I think must be the path, I eventually set him down and he trots beside me, whining after a few minutes which isn’t like him at all.

My keen hearing can sense all the falling notes of dusky woodland sounds, and my instinct is definitely on the alert at the feeling of being watched again.

But there’s another sound.

I almost think it’s an animal at first, it’s certainly growly and wild sounding. But no sound on earth has ever had this effect on me.

Orion whines again and barks, making me want to scold him for revealing our position.

But the other feeling running through me couldn’t care less about Orion, being lost, or anything else right now.

It only gives me a feeling a girl might have when she’s all alone, dreaming about the perfect man and all the things she’d let him do to her.

It’s usually a passing feeling, but out here in the woods, with that sound filling my ears and knowing that whatever is making the sound is also watching me. Well, it’s almost enough to make me fold over.