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His Intern

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Lillie Love

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The press label me the city’s most eligible playboy bachelor. Who am I to disagree?
When my Father tells me I need to clean up my image, the last thing I need is a glorified babysitter.
Hailey Woods, my PR intern, is nothing like the women I’m used to.
Young, innocent and with curves that drive me insane
She’s hired to keep me in check. I’m told to keep it professional.
But the attraction is too strong … and I have to make her mine.
To take her completely and show her who’s really boss.
I want her sweet, tight body underneath me.
I want her soft lips on my neck.
I want her tongue on my … okay, you know where I want her tongue.

But I can’t. My reputation, my entire business is at stake.
I have to keep it in my pants or lose everything.
I have to resist the only thing I could never keep my hands off.
I have to resist temptation.

Authors Note: This is a full length novel of approx 60,000 words, with no cliff-hanger, lots of steam and an awesome HEA. For your enjoyment, I have included a few bonus stories and an EXCLUSIVE, never before published story, My Best Friend’s Brother.

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Chapter 1: Zach

I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling and blinked. Light flooded through curtains that hadn’t been drawn and everything was white with a tinge of beige. The place was so pure it gave me a headache. The alcohol from the night before reared its head in the form of a hangover and I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment. I turned my head and my eyes fell on her face.

Right. The brunette I had seduced last night. Anna? Alice? I wasn’t sure what her name was. Maybe it wasn’t either of those. God knew there had been more than a few women lately and I wasn’t that good with names. She laid curled up on her side, her brown hair fanned out over the pillow, her breasts pressed together sensually. I’d slid my dick through those beauties and watched her suck me off for an hour the night before. If I were the committing type, she’d be in trouble. I studied her a little closer. Shit. She looked a lot younger than she said, too. I hoped she hadn’t lied to me about her age.

“Zach?” Her eyes fluttered open.

She was fucking beautiful for sure. At least it had been a rose-colored glasses sort of night. I had enough of those to remind me to stop after a few beers. Not that I ever did.

“Hey.” I reached over and tucked a long strand of her hair behind her ears. I’d hoped to sneak out before she woke up, but life never was much for giving me a break.

A smile spread across her swollen pink lips. “You leaving so soon?”

“Me? Not a chance.” I forced my thoughts of running like hell and pulled at the cover, moving over the top of her as she rolled onto her back. “I enjoyed dinner last night, but I think someone should pony up and give me dessert.”

“Dessert? For breakfast?” She let out a giggle, and I started to question my damn self again. Fuck. She wasn’t nearly as old as she played off. She was legal, but that was about it. Damn liquor.

“Never know if tomorrow will come.” I pressed myself to the top of her soft, warm body and ran my hand down her side. “Open up and let me in.”

“Yeah,” she whispered sensually and spread her legs wide for me. Like a good girl.

The moan that left her as I pressed my cock deep inside her tight little body caused goose bumps to break out over my skin.

“Fuck,” I moaned and pressed my mouth to the side of her neck, jack-hammering her pussy as she cried out beautifully for me. I ran my hands down between her and the bed, cupping her ass and lifting her a little so I could get the last few inches of a cock inside of her.

“Condom,” she whined as she clawed at my back.

“Hush,” I rolled my hips, fucking her deep and slow as she wrapped herself tightly around me. “I’ll get it when I’m ready.”

She didn’t argue, but the sweet little thing was nearly orgasming. I could feel her body swelling around me, teasing the tip of my cock and milking my shaft. It was all I could do to hang on.

Morning sex was my favorite. The woman beside me was always so tight and warm, sleeping and sweet. There was something almost soft about it, which helped me feel like less of a bastard than I was.

“I’m going to come.”

“Good. Wet the bed.” I bit my tongue as I tried to think of her fucking name again. Nothing came to mind. Not good. She could just be ‘baby’ for the morning. “Fuck me hard, baby.”

I rolled my eyes internally at myself. I had a one-way ticket to hell for my indiscretions no doubt, but I was in too deep to pull out.

She cried out and tightened her taut thighs around my side, pulling me in deeper as she undulated her hips, stroking my dick with her sloppy wet slit.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a breath between clenched teeth. God, I loved fucking. It was the only pleasure that produced a high every time.

“Come for me,” she whispered and pushed at my chest.

“Not without a rubber, Angel.” I lifted up, flexing my arms and chest.

The look in her eyes was one I’d seen before many times, though the shit never got old. Lust. Adoration. Worship.

“Then get one?” She smiled and ran her hands over my chest. “You work out, don’t you?”

No fucking way I was diving into awkward sex conversations that early in the morning. She had the wrong guy.

I moved to my knees and gripped her legs, pulling her up and pressing my swollen shaft back into her as she moaned loudly. “No more talking, baby. Just watch me fuck you, okay?”

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