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Four Kicks

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I want a man who’s ready to settle down and make babies with me, but I can’t seem to stay away from the bad boys – especially when there are four of them! I’ve always loved men, and I’ve had my fun, but now I’m looking for a commitment.
My four new bosses, Nathan, Ash, Derek, and Landon – each of them sexier than the last – have different ideas. Gorgeous and wildly successful, they’re playboys who love to have a good time – no strings, just for kicks. How can I focus on finding a family man if I’m having meaningless fun with them?
So I resist … until … well, a girl can only take so much temptation.
Surely there could be no harm in agreeing to spend a weekend with the four of them. What could possibly go wrong when whipped cream and blindfolds are involved?
My body has the best time ever, but my heart just might be in danger. Is there any chance I could have my cake and eat it, too?
****FOUR Kicks is a full-length standalone mega menage/reverse harem romance. It involves sizzling MMFMM and MFM scenes guaranteed to fuel your fantasies.
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Stephanie Brother


A dirty screw

In fifth grade, when my friend Madeline Jones got a pony for her birthday, I shared in her excitement and helped her think of a name for it. When Marissa Mathews was chosen to be head cheerleader our senior year, I congratulated her and told her she was the best person to lead the squad. When Dani Brown’s dad gave her a brand new convertible as a graduation gift, I whooped and hollered and enjoyed going for rides with her and our group of friends, even if I ended up in the backseat sometimes.

It’s plain to see that I’m not a jealous person. In general, I wish everyone well, and I believe there’s plenty of happiness to go around for all of us. So why am I sitting by myself at Rusty’s, staring into a fruity orange-hued drink and seeing nothing but green?

“Wasn’t Maddy’s shower today?” the bartender, a rough-around-the-edges forty-something named Christine asks me. I knew she’d be on duty tonight or I wouldn’t have even come out. She’s a great listener.


“How was it?”

“It was fine.”

When I sigh, Christine gives me a look. “What’s bothering you tonight?”

I take a long sip of my drink before answering. “I’m happy for Maddy, I truly am. She deserves the great life she’s got with those four luscious men, but I think I might be jealous.”

“She did take more than her fair share of men, didn’t she?” Christine says with a laugh.

I smile for a second, thinking of how well those four men treat her, how they’d do anything for her, before my mouth curves down into a frown again. “It’s not really the men. I mean, they’re great, and who wouldn’t want what she has, but I think it’s more about the baby. She’s starting a family, and all of a sudden it’s hitting me hard: I want that.”

“Why, Lacy Wright, have you caught baby fever?” There’s a teasing gleam in Christine’s eyes as she lifts my glass and wipes away the condensation that’s accumulated beneath it.

I groan. “I think I have. As soon as Maddy started opening gifts today and pulling out all the cute little pastel-colored blankets and shoes, I felt my ovaries poking me and telling me to get a move on.”

Christine laughs as she scans the crowd behind me. “I’m sure you can find several men here more than willing to knock you up. All you’d have to do is say the word.”

I shake my head. “I want a baby, but it’s not just about the baby. I want the whole thing. I want someone to spend my life with. Someone who loves me, and who’s ready to settle down, start a family, and eventually grow old together.”

From Christine’s expression, she seems more surprised by this than by the baby envy. I spend a lot of time here at Rusty’s, and she’s seen me get together with a lot of men, especially the ones who are vacationing here on Four Points Island. I like men, and I like sex, and I’ve never before felt the need to limit myself or tie myself down. I’ve been in very few committed relationships since my high school boyfriend, and that’s the way I’ve liked it.

But now one-night stands and week-long hookups seem empty and pointless. I let out a long breath.

Something catches Christine’s eye over my shoulder. “Don’t look now, but here comes your first candidate.” As I swivel to look – because, of course, I have to – she leans in and adds in a low tone only I can hear, “Step right up, Bachelor Number One.”

There’s a man approaching, light brown hair, close-trimmed beard, with a very appealing grin on his face. Suddenly, I’m glad I wore a cute skirt tonight, even though my plan was only to sit at the bar and wallow in my jealousy.

Bachelor Number One looks familiar, but I can’t place him. He’s definitely not a regular. He calls out his order as he nears the bar – “Maker's Mark neat, please” – and stands next to my stool as he waits for his drink. When he looks down at me, his features instantly register recognition. He knows me, too, but I still can’t recall who he is.

His eyelids lower partway over his warm brown eyes. “Lacy, right?”