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Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy #1)

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S.R. Watson

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Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California. She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side. As the countdown to graduation begins, her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her. Her past has shown that love is volatile, but she had hoped that this time would be different. Siobhan becomes a cynic – doubting the existence of love. She vows to never give her heart to another.

In walks Professor Michaels. He is a sexy billionaire playboy who limits his encounters to one night, maybe two. His jaded past and multitude of secrets shapes his aversion to love and relationships. He makes no promises of forever. Offers no apologies for his preference for variety. When he first meets Siobhan, the attraction is mutually instantaneous. He knows she is supposed to be off limits, but he has never denied himself of something he wanted.

Siobhan and Professor Michaels share the same sardonic outlook on love. What happens when these two paths cross? If they give into this forbidden attraction, can they both come out on the other side unscathed?

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Forbidden Trilogy Series by S.R. Watson

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S.R. Watson Books

My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled.

~ Carly Fiorina

“WAKE UP, SHIV! You are going to be late for class.”

My roommate’s high-decibel amplified warning springs me into action. Jordan Daniels, my best friend since middle school, is always the early riser, regardless of the time she goes to bed. I, on the other hand, prefer to sleep in, but I have learned not to schedule my classes late—it makes for a long day. I turn to look at my alarm clock that has yet to go off and see that it is already after seven o’clock. I have forty-five minutes to get to class. Today is the first day of my senior year—the countdown to graduation begins. I jump out of bed and run to brush my teeth. I don’t have time to investigate the stupidity of my alarm clock. Thank God I took a shower last night. This is the quickest I have ever gotten ready. I throw my thick waist-length red tresses in a messy bun before putting on a pair of low-rise skinny jeans, halter top, and flip-flops. After a quick swipe of deodorant and application of lip gloss, I am ready to go. I grab my brown leather messenger bag and head towards the kitchen.

“I put some coffee in your travel mug,” Jordan states.

She doesn’t have her first class until nine, but she likes having plenty of time for her beautifying ritual as well as having enough time to select clothes according to her mood. Jordan is currently a journalism major.

She chose this major to appease her parents’ wishes for a “dependable” degree, but her passion is fashion. She recently confided in me that she is planning to finish her degree since this is our last year, but then she is looking to apply to Parsons for fashion design. In the meantime, she is building her portfolio with anything fashion related such as personal design sketches and a lookbook of both fashion she has designed and purchased. Her closet is an explosion of various designers, which comes in handy when I need that special something to wear, despite our height difference. In my opinion, I think she could model on the runway rather than create fashion and I have told her as much. She is not interested in modeling though. She doesn’t think her look is unique enough. Her natural blonde hair and blue eyes are the epitome of natural beauty, yet she is not conceited.

“You are the best. I hope Liam saved me a seat,” I reply. “We have marketing together this morning.”

Liam Wilkins and I have been together since our junior year of high school. He is a business major like me, but is here at the University of Southern California on scholarship to play quarterback. Jordan and I had applied for several colleges together, opting for those that were looking to recruit him. We are from Houston, Texas so the chance to move to Los Angeles was both liberating and scary.

I had never been that far from home, but had looked forward to the independence the distance would provide. Jordan’s family was very supportive of the move and gives her anything she wants. She has an older brother named Roman, but she is their baby girl who they love to spoil. It is because of them that we have been able to live in a condo off campus this past year. Her parents are like my surrogate family. They refuse to accept any payments toward the condo and are just happy that Jordan and I are living together. My parents send me money monthly to help with other living expenses so I only have to consider tuition and fees, which are covered by my academic scholarship. Jordan wanted to live in the dorms for our first two years of college, even though we were only required to stay on campus for our freshman year. She wanted to indulge in the experience of campus life, but last June, we finally took the plunge into total independence. Liam lives in the Tau Kappa Epsilon house with his fraternity brothers, but spends most nights with me.

AS I WALK into class, I immediately see Liam sitting toward the front of the class and he has a seat reserved next to him. He gives me a half smile as I sit down. I can sense his apprehension and I wonder what is bothering him. He has been like this for the past two weeks.

I have asked him about it, but he just keeps putting it off on the stress of football. I am starting to worry, but I am pulled from my thoughts when our professor walks in. Holy cow. We have hit the professor lotto. I have never seen a professor who looks like he could be a GQ model.

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