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Flash - Iron Thunder MC

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Savannah Rylan

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She's sweet and innocent.
Allegra is perfect. Sweet, innocent, everything I need. While out on a mission for the club, I meet Allegra.
She's serving coffee, And a cute little smile.
I can't take my eyes off of her. But she's got a past.
A bad ex-boyfriend that I'd like to end. I'll keep her at the club with me, Until a war breaks out,
That endangers the MC. Allegra most of all.
I won't let those f*ckers touch her. Because she's mine.
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Savannah Rylan



I was alone in the common room. Well, Sophie was around somewhere, fixing me a drink apparently, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I could hear her humming a tune in the background, she always did that when she worked. Tonight, it just annoyed me; I had too much on my mind.

The maps and plans were spread out in front of me on the table; I needed to come up with a new route for our Club Run. This was getting on my nerves, as I’d had it all planned for the last run. It would have gone smoothly and we would have followed a carefully charted-out route—if it wasn’t for those Silver Knights fuckers who fucked up everything.

I growled under my breath as I poured over another map, tracing a possible route with my finger.

“You look distressed.” I heard Sophie behind me. She was carrying a tray on her hip, just one glass of whisky on it. She didn’t need to carry it like that, but I had a feeling Sophie was under the assumption that it added sex appeal.

“Yeah, this thing is fucking ridiculous. We don’t have the time to plan out a new route. I don’t even know most of these places,” I said.

Sophie set down the tray with the glass in front of me and stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders. I straightened up in my seat when I felt them.

“What you need is someone to help you relax,” she said in a low seductive voice. Her small hands kneaded my shoulder blades in a circular motion. I had to admit she sure knew what to do.

But I clenched my jaws and stiffened my shoulders in protest.

“I’m trying to get some work done here,” I snapped and yanked myself away from her.

If she was offended, she didn’t show it, not yet anyway.

“Why do you need a new route for the run?” she asked, standing beside me with one hand hooked on her protruding hip. I glared at the maps.

“Because our last one’s been compromised. Everything’s been compromised since they turned that idiot Chip,” I growled, running a hand through my short-cropped hair.

I could sense Sophie watching me closely. I didn’t want to be watched right now. I just wanted to complain and grunt and work—alone.

“But I thought all he did was turn over that shipment to them. That was it, right?” she continued.

I looked at her now. When she saw the expression on my face, she retreated a little. Maybe, finally, she could see how pissed off I was.

“That boy compromised everything for us. Not only did he give away our shipment to them, but he betrayed us. We can’t be sure what else he told them. What other information he gave them. Now that we got our shipment back, it’s very likely that those fuckers are going to lie in wait to attack us.”

Sophie took in a deep breath and came toward me again.

“Maybe you’re looking too much into this. Cassie…she said she knows her brother, she said Chip promised he didn’t give any other information away.”

Cursing under my breath, I looked up at Sophie with rage.

“Cassie is Bolt’s girl now. I’m fuckin’ happy for him, but that doesn’t mean I have to take her word as the Gospel truth. Maybe she doesn’t know her brother as well as she thinks she does.” My voice was a growl, dripping with anger. I tried hard…very hard, to accept the fact that Bolt was a one-man woman now.

I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

How had he willingly agreed to fuck just one woman for the rest of his life? How could he be that stupid? We were brothers-in-arms. I thought I knew him. I thought he was the last person, just like me, to fall for all that romantic bullshit. And now he’d set up a home with this chick!

The sister of the Prospect who betrayed us to the Silver Knights. What the fuck was that about?

“You lost in thought?” Sophie asked. When I looked at her now, I saw a soft smile on her face. “You know, you’re a worrier. An over-thinker. You just need to relax and take it easy sometimes, Flash. I know just the cure for it.”

She was touching her neck with her long manicured red fingernails. Her mouth was large, the red lipstick bright and sexy. I imagined what that mouth would look like around my hard, thrusting cock.

But I looked away.

I didn’t want to fuck Sophie.

Well, I guess I wanted to fuck her. Who wouldn’t? But I knew if I did it once, she’d start expecting it every time we were alone. And who knew what else she’d start expecting? The last thing I needed right now was that sort of complication in my life.

“I need you to leave me alone so I can finish this up,” I said, turning my gaze back to the maps again. Sophie remained standing there for a few extra moments, watching me, probably in shock that I still didn’t respond to her advances.