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First Time with the Major

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Mia Ford

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I think he wants to control me.
My life is comfortable, predictable and boring….
That guy next door walks into my café..
He says he is new in the town.
And I wonder if he is experienced with…..women.
Those hard abs under that crisp shirt make me wonder how HARD I could make him.
Those Greek God like looks make me want to surrender.
And that sexy voice…
My world turns upside down.
As he whispers my name.
But how can I do this?
Should I let go of the fears from my past and try and venture into the unfamiliar future that awaits me?

Should I let this guy control my desires….and my life?

This Older Man Younger Woman Military Romance is a full novel with no cliff-hanger, lots of steam and an awesome HEA.

For your enjoyment, I have included a special bonus “The Billionaire’s Toy” that is exclusive to this book and has never been published before.
Hey, this is very SPICY but only for a limited time!!! YO-YO

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Mia Ford Books

Chapter 1: About this Book

A big thank you for choosing to download my book and read it. I am very grateful to have you on board and will try to bring your reading experience to new heights.

P.S. I have included an EXCLUSIVE STEAMY ROMANCE titled THE BILLIONAIRE’S TOY which can be accessed from the Table of Contents.

This has never been published before and is only available with this book for a limited time!

Also included are some other steamy and explosive bonus content in this book.

Once you are finished reading, I would love to hear back from you! So, if you have any feedback, don’t forget to write back to me @ miafordpublishing@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy my work and help me in my journey to become a leading author in romance.


xoxo Mia.

Mia Ford. Let Loose Your Inner Nymphos.

* * *



I was living in a small, beautiful town. I thought that it would be predictable and comfortable, not life-changing.

Then I saw Robert in the door of my cafe and my world turned upside down.

Was I ready to give in to the intimidating and unfamiliar desire that was heating up my entire body?

Was I ready to face my fears of the past?

Chapter 2: Molly

I laughed as I unlocked the door to the shop, giving my best friend Noel a sharp look. “I can’t believe you told him that. You were on a date and he was being decent. We don’t have a lot of men in this little town, so why run off the ones that are here?”

“I will not have some man ordering for me at a restaurant. I’m capable of making a proper decision for myself.” She leaned down to slide the muffins she’d made into the display case carefully, tossing her red ponytail over her shoulder.

This was our coffee shop, called Mountain Brew. Being that we lived in Mountain Home, it certainly wasn’t original but it fit the theme of our little home. We were surrounded by mountains after all and a lot of our customers made a living from those beautiful peaks. I thought the shop was cute with tables and couches sprinkled around the bright, spacious room. I had the idea of adding some bookshelves and taking in donated used books from people in town to give customers something to do when they were here. There were a lot of poor people living around here that didn’t even have books to begin with, so we could provide that. Noel had agreed to the idea, but I knew that she wasn’t thrilled with it.

I ran the front, and she did all the baking with my assistance. We got up early to be here, darkness settling around the cafe as we danced and sang in the kitchen. We drank too much coffee and laughed while we worked, making me so proud to have done this with Noel.

I went to college at the University of Idaho and got a degree in Literature, so the books were all me. Noel was more business minded and did all the paperwork and numbers for our shop and I filled in the blanks. I picked out the unmatched, used furniture for the room and decorated the walls with a lot of old pictures of the town. I also had some colorful prints to match the vibrant purple walls and cleaned up the old fireplace in the corner. It was cold here a lot of the time and we needed it, and the old brick mantel attracted a lot of attention. It was a beautiful place.

I smiled as Mike walked in. He was always our first customer and grabbed a coffee and a Danish before he went fishing. Mike was a retired hotel owner that opened fifty years ago and because of that, was very successful. He kept it up even to this day, and it did well while he fished several times a week and just enjoyed the beauty that surrounded us. “Good morning,” I told him as I straightened my dark ponytail, watching him walk to the front where Noel was finishing with the case.

“Good morning, my ladies.” He always greeted us with those words and I grinned at Noel as she reached for a coffee mug.

“The usual today?” She asked him as he pulled out his wallet. She got his coffee poured and grabbed his Danish while I turned on the sign that told everybody we were open for the day. I found a radio station that was light and fun and headed back behind the counter to get organized while Mike settled in the corner table with a newspaper. Noel went back to start making some sandwiches for the lunch menu and check on the soup that she started earlier today while I watched the front.

There were enough customers to keep us busy, and I loved seeing them every day. I felt like I was part of the highlight of their day as they came in to greet me like they hadn’t seen me for weeks. There were a few older folks that came in, some freelance writers that worked at our tables and just some readers like myself. I watched the writers, wondering if I should do something like that myself since I did have a degree in Literature.

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