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Filthy SEAL

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Amy Brent

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A SEAL’s life is tough.
I’m a single dad now and have to leave the tragedy in the past.
The hot nineteen-year-old next door is just what I need.
I know. It’s wrong. It’s filthy.
But I need filthy.

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Chapter Two: Captain Benjamin Ryder (Retired)

Mosul, Iraq

I dug my fingers into Bonita’s narrow hips and lifted my ass off the bed so my cock would go even deeper into her tight cunt. She gasped, then sucked in several quick breaths, but didn’t slow down. She exhaled slowly as a dreamy smile washed over her face, her dark skin glistening with sweat. She had her eyes closed, riding me like Deborah Winger rode that mechanical bull in that old movie Urban Cowboy. Her fingertips were tangled in my thick chest hair as if she were holding onto the reins as her hips slid back and forth over the length of my cock in a slow and steady rhythm.

Her breathing was heavy and slow, like the warm breeze coming off the ocean on a hot summer day. She sucked in air each time she slid forward and the head of my cock hit her cervix, then moaned out the breath as she slid her hips back, letting her swollen clit slide over the nine inches of my veiny shaft.

“Fuck… Cap… I’m sure gonna miss you when you’re gone…” she sighed without opening her eyes or altering the movement of her hips rolling back and forth, back and forth. Nostrils flaring, her wide mouth curled into a smile. Her teeth were perfect, pearly white. The tip of her tongue pushed through her lips and stayed there for a moment.

I often wondered what a girl like her was doing in a fucking shithole like Mosul, on her third tour with the SEALs. She could have been a thousand other places doing a thousand other things that didn’t threaten her young life on a daily basis. Regardless of the reason, I was glad she was here, right now, with me, in this shitty little hotel room in the armpit of the world. At that moment, I considered myself to be the luckiest man alive.

“That feel good, baby?” I asked as the hot lava in my balls started to flow throughout my body. I was covered in sweat. I blinked it from my eyes and licked it from my top lip. It was fucking hot as hell in the room, but the sweat was being pushed from my pores by the heat of the woman atop me. I could feel Bonita’s presence in every pore, follicle, and cell of my body. My cock was just the receptacle through which her energy flowed.

“Mmmm… You are the only motherfucker in Mosul that knows how to fuck me like I like it, Cap,” she said, her lips still smiling, her hips still sliding, her pussy still sucking me into its delicious vacuum. “I like it nice and slow… nice and slow…”

“Slow and steady is my specialty,” I said with a smile as I peered down between us to watch my cock slowly sliding inside her, then slowly sliding out, her purple pussy lips suctioned to the shaft like an old-timey milking machine. I swallowed hard and held my breath as I watched her, grateful that out of all the assholes in Mosul, Bonita had chosen me to be her fuck buddy while I was in-country.

“The rest of these motherfuckers… are like teenagers on… prom night,” she said, the words coming in bursts of air across her lips. “They’re done before my pussy even gets wet… I like you old school motherfuckers… That know how to please a woman…”

“I’m gonna take that… as a compliment,” I said with a smile, watching the lean muscles beneath her dark skin ripple as she braced her palms on my chest and rocked her ass back and forth. “There are other old school motherfuckers… out there that would love to take my place after I’m gone… You just might have to… lower your standards some, that’s all.”

“Shit, Cap… you were about as low… as I ever planned to go.”

“Glad to know that I set the bar,” I said.

She smiled, still with her eyes closed as if she were locked in her own little world. Her nipples plumped up like little purple thimbles. I leaned up so I could slather them with my tongue. She picked up the pace, sliding her pussy over my cock faster and clenching her glorious ass when I slid all in to tighten her core muscles. I could literally feel the walls of her pussy squeezing my cock as she clenched. Her mouth hung open and she started panting like a dog. I’d been fucking her just about every day for two months now. I knew every move of her body and every sound she made when she was getting ready to cum. Thank God, because I was about to explode.

“You like that, baby?” I asked, sucking in air as every muscle in my body tensed. “You like Cap’s big cock in your tight pussy?”

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