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F*cker Next Door

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Sam Crescent

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Cassie Love cannot stand Slade Coal. He has absolutely no respect for personal boundaries—he’s also her next-door neighbor and her colleague, the smoking hot, oh-so-popular deputy. All the women in town love him, but not her. Nope.

Slade has his eye on his sexy, curvy neighbor. She’s so prim and proper that he just wants to dirty her up a little. He’ll have to settle for teasing her, though, because Slade doesn’t do relationships, or love.

When Slade and Cassie have a do-over, their attitudes change, and they find they actually have a lot in common, so their friendship is born. Without realizing it, Slade helps to heal Cassie’s broken heart, and in doing so, awakens the woman she has kept buried deep.

But what happens when their friendship changes again and they include a little benefit into the mix? Slade loves to get dirty, and Cassie wants to experience something hot. But to go from friends-with-benefits to down the aisle—is that even possible?


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Chapter One

Cassie Love gritted her teeth as her afternoon of sunbathing just got a whole lot more sexual. She held the paperback book in her hand. It was an old-style bodice ripper book, but she liked freaky shit like that. The sun was shining, and it felt like a million degrees outside. It was a random day off from working as a receptionist at the sheriff’s office.

Growing up with a deadbeat dad who was in trouble with the law every single week, had given her a knack for knowing one or two things about the law. Of course Daniel, the sheriff in charge, didn’t mind giving her a job either. She was super organized, and had never caused a problem in her life.

She knew he considered himself a bit of a stepfather figure to her, and she didn’t mind. He’d helped her get a job in the diner, and then the library while she was studying at the local college. When his receptionist had retired, he’d given the job to her.

For Cassie it had been an amazing vote of confidence. The sheriff had been on first name terms with her for some time. She hadn’t been able to escape that. Her father’s drunkenness had meant he was thrown in jail every week.

“Oh yeah, Slade, oh fuck, yeah. That feels so good.”

Being drawn out of her pity party, Cassie rolled her eyes. Slade Coal was the thorn in her side at home and at work, as he was the deputy working beneath Daniel. He lived right next door to her. They were the only houses at the bottom of the street. She had wished her other neighbors were closer, but on either side of their houses was an abundance of trees dividing them from the rest of the houses. If she walked outside her front door, she could see the entire street, and wave at her neighbors. The trees had been one of the reasons she’d bought the house. She also loved the space, the kitchen, and it was so completely different from the trailer she had grown up in.

This was her own domain, and she loved it.

What she hadn’t known was that at the same time she’d moved in, so did Slade. They lived side by side, and she saw him every single day at work. It was like she couldn’t catch a break. Then when she’d bought this place, the previous owner had told her to keep an eye out for the guy next door. Being the curious woman that she was, she’d asked why. It would seem these two houses had a fifty-year history of the single occupants getting together.

“That’s the freaky curse that I was told about, and you know what? I’m happy about that. We’re married, and we’re expecting a baby.”

Cassie didn’t believe in stuff like that. Clearly, the couples before had started out with an attraction to each other, which evolved over time. The way she felt about Slade was not attraction.

The guy was fucking another woman in his backyard. She had asked him repeatedly and nicely, if he’d keep that business inside. Each time he’d give her a smirk and tell her to grow up. Fucking outside was the best. He also owned a pool.

Her afternoon of reading and catching a few rays had gone. There was no way she was sitting out here listening to this.

“Oh, Slade, you’re the biggest I’ve ever had. Give it to me. Please, please.”

Getting up from her seat, she went inside, opening the fridge to grab the peach iced tea that she had made. Pouring herself a generous glass, she took a sip. Her body was hot. Her were nipples tight, and her pussy was slick. She refused to be affected by the sounds that had been coming over the fence, or the way he’d chuckled.

Slade Coal was a horrible human being. He never fucked the same woman twice. In fact, she’d been at the desk when women he’d been with had been waiting. Every time he broke up with a woman, Cassie had a front row seat to that disaster, and she hated it. The women all acted as if he was this mega brilliant, hot guy. They didn’t see that he was an asshole that used them to get what he wanted. Besides, Cassie was a much better woman than that.

When her telephone rang, she welcomed the reprieve.

“Hello,” she said, wondering who’d call her.

“Hey, Cassie, it’s me, Jessica.”

Cassie laughed. “Hey, honey. It’s great to hear from you. What’s up?”

“Can I bring the kids over? They’re wanting to spread out, and it’s hot as hell in here.”

Biting her lip, Cassie looked out toward her garden. Yet another thing she loved about her home was that even though it was a modest, two-bedroom house, it came with a lot of land, which she loved to tend to.

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