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Falling Hard

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C.M. Steele

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Adrian— Erica came into my gym, taking advantage of the free trial we offered, but I was the one itching to take advantage of her for life. I wanted her from the second I saw her, and I’d do anything to make it happen.

Erica— I only signed up for a free trial so I could meet a complete stranger that caught my attention as he walked into the gym. It was crazy and wild, but every day my obsession grew. My free trial was almost done when we finally met. Adrian Greco owned the gym and me and made sure I knew it.

This is a steamy-sweet read. The couple made a brief appearance in Falling for the Boss.
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C.M. Steele

Chapter 1


Sweat dripped down her body, curving down her spine until it slid into the top of her tight black yoga pants. My dick stiffened as I watched her. What the fuck was she doing here in my gym giving everyone a show? She had to be barely legal, and I was ready to stretch her out on the mats, to fuck every one of my babies into that tempting body. Her long, dirty blonde hair was pinned back away from her round face, letting me see the slender neck I wanted my hand around as I kissed those pouty lips.

Shit, she looked sultry and too young for me all at the same time. Although, her ass couldn’t be in here unless she was over eighteen, so I knew that she was mine. And once I had her alone, I’d take and taste every bit of what’s mine.

God, I was a sick bastard. Standing up and clicking the lock on my office door, I pulled my cock from my gym shorts and stroked it from base to tip and back down as I watched her squat in front of her trainer. I wanted that to be me. I wanted her ass squatting down on my cock, taking it deep in her little pussy.

She moaned and grunted as she pushed through another set, and I echoed her cries, getting my own personal workout. I have owned this gym for years and had never stared at a client like this, but there was something about the way she called to me. I watched her reflection in the mirrors, her mouth parted. Our eyes connected in the mirror and I could have sworn she saw me, but I knew that wasn’t the case. Maybe she could feel me already staking my claim on her. My hand ran over my shaft as I pictured her on her knees. Thoughts of sliding my cock between those luscious lips send me over the edge, nutting in my hand and on my fucking shorts. Son of a bitch—I’m going to have to change.

I cleaned up, changing into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, since I’d be going home soon with my future wife and mother of my children. Walking out onto the floor, I looked for my girl to make introductions and ask her if she was interested in a permanent membership, but she was gone.

Damn it. Where the hell could she have gone? I stormed up to the trainer who’d been working with my woman. Rachael had been with me for three years now and was as feminine as you could get. She loved working out and eating super healthy so working here had been a no-brainer, but I was on the verge of firing her ass. “Where is the woman that was training with you?”

“The girl had to go home.”

“I want her contact information. Is she even old enough to be in here?” I asked, trying to pretend my motives were professional.

“She’s old enough to be in here. Besides, you’re too late. She’s getting in shape for her wedding.”

“What? I want her information now.”

“You know you could get sued for that.”

“For what? It’s my fucking company. If I want to make sure all the people here are legally of age, it’s my right.”

“Yeah. I’m sure that’s the only reason you want her number.”

“Mind your business.” I went up to the front desk and looked at Rachael’s calendar. The name Erica F was written in. I looked up her member info and found everything I needed.

I got her information and thought about the address. It’s in my old neighborhood where I grew up. Why would she come all the way out here to work out? Was she trying to get my attention, or did she work in the area? More than likely it was the latter, but I’d be happy if she did come to get me to follow her ass around like a puppy dog.

I went back into my office and finished up my work for the night. Since my gym was located in downtown Chicago, it closed at nine every night. Most of the people who came in were coming before and after work, some even coming during their lunch breaks to relieve some stress. The gym opened again at four in the morning for those who arrived early to work.

Now to find her little ass and figure out how to stop her from ending up with someone else. At twenty-eight, I hadn’t planned on spending my life alone, but at this point, I hadn’t met a woman who did anything for me. Erica Finch changed that. Soon, she’d understand that we belonged together. Life couldn’t be that cruel to bring her to me, only to have her marry someone else.

While I worked, I dropped a message to a friend of mine. I wanted the background information on sexy Erica. He replied back that it could be quickly done. It killed me to wait for the gym to close for the night, so I pumped weights for an hour. By then, almost everyone had cleared out of the building.