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Don Enzo DeLuca is on a rampage.
He’s determined to find out which family member betrayed them. That mission sends Enzo down a dark path of bloodshed and tears. However, there’s a light waiting for him at the end of the tunnel, and her name is Eve. Kidnapping her is the best decision he’s ever made. Having her close calms his inner demons and makes him yearn for a future he never thought possible. Though he promised to release her when the dust settles, he’s changed his mind. What the don wants, the don gets.
And the don wants Eve.
Now and forever.


Chapter One

Finally, this day was almost over.

Don Ermanno DeLuca had been laid to rest earlier today. And hours later, Enzo had ended the life of the person who’d killed him. Yet, he still felt angry as hell and frustrated. Very frustrated. Sighing, he washed his hands and changed clothes in the guest room he used whenever he stayed at Avola Manor, his grandfather’s home.

It was weird being there without his grandfather. Drying his hands, he stared into the bathroom mirror. He stared into the face of the new don. Don Enzo DeLuca. That was what others would call him now. From this day forth, they would look to him for guidance. They would run to him when things went wrong.

He was now the person everyone would turn to when they had an issue. Fuck. Who was he supposed to turn to when he had a problem? His grandfather had always been that person. Now, there was no one. Now, he was truly alone. A knock at the door pulled his attention away from his reflection.

"What?" Enzo called out.

"Peter wants you to meet him in your grandfather's study," Stefano answered.

What did the old consigliere want now?

"Why?" Enzo asked.

"He wouldn't tell me."

So, it was something Stefano couldn't know. Something for the new don’s ears only. Enzo pushed away from the bathroom sink and strode to the door. After opening it, he stepped into the hall. For some reason, his gaze drifted to the brown carpet on the floor. His grandfather had planned to take that carpet up. Enzo stared at the walls.

His grandfather had planned to upgrade from wallpaper to paint. If Enzo did it now, others would say he was trying to change too much. Leave it or change it? Why was he even thinking about that right now? Maybe because that was easier to handle than the other issues he was facing.

"This way," Stefan instructed.

"I know the way." Enzo strode down the hall.

"I can't guard you if you keep storming off."

"Keep up." Enzo slowed his steps some.

Walking side by side down the hall, Stefan said, "You're supposed to walk behind me. Therefore, I can take a bullet for you."

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Of course not, Don."

"Don't call me that."

"That's your new title."

Enzo sighed. "True. That doesn’t mean I have to like it."

"You knew you'd be the don one day. And Don Ermanno was up in age."

"My grandfather was as healthy as an ox. He would've lived for another twenty years."

Stefan chuckled. "As stubborn as he was, he probably would’ve."

Enzo shoved his hands into his pockets. The truth was, he'd noticed some changes in his grandfather lately. Sure, the man was old. But he'd always been full of energy. Recently, his grandfather’s hand would shake when he held his glass of brandy.

Last month, the cook pulled Enzo aside to let him know that his grandfather hadn't been eating much lately. But then his grandfather had started going out more, visiting old friends. Enzo thought that meant he was feeling better. But, look where that had gotten them.

"I wasn't prepared for life without him," Enzo confessed and instantly regretted saying those words out loud. "I sound weak, don't I?"


"Fuck you."

"It’s okay to be weak sometimes. When my grandmother died, I shut everyone out for months."

"Right. You did. Grandfather thought you'd gone crazy."

"Maybe I did go a little crazy."

"I guess that means I'll go a little crazy soon."

"You don't have the luxury of shutting yourself out and going a little crazy. Too many eyes are on you. Appearances, remember?"

Fucking appearances. His grandfather had often said that dons had to go through life wearing many masks. Enzo had asked if he’d meant to say hats. He'd said no. Masks. The people you were with determined the mask you wore. Enzo had asked if that meant he needed to be fake with some people.

His grandfather had replied, no, but sometimes you have to show them what they want to see in order to see the real them. Enzo was still trying to see the real in those around him. Things weren't always what they seemed. He'd have to rely on his gut to steer him in the right direction.

When they reached the study, Stefan told him, "I'll wait out here."